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Vocabulary, Idioms & Phrases Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms & Phrases.

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1 Vocabulary, Idioms & Phrases Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms & Phrases

2 1. location [ lo`keS1n ] n. [C] 地點,場所 This store has very good business because its location is next to the MRT station.  locate locate next Text

3 2. probably [ `prAb1blI ] adv. 可能,大概 Frank shouted at everyone in the room. He was probably very angry. backnext Text

4 3. area [ `ErI1 ] n. [C] 地區,區域 Many offices are located in this area of Taichung City. backnext Text

5 4. main [ men ] adj. 主要的 Can you use one sentence to tell me the main idea of this story? backnext  mainly mainly Text

6 5. reason [ `rizN ] n. [C] 理由,原因 Can you give me a reason why you were late for school again this morning? backnext Text

7 6. visitor [ `vIzIt2 ] n. [C] 遊客,觀光客 Taipei Zoo is always full of visitors on weekends. backnext Text

8 7. continue [ k1n`tInj5 ] vt.; vi. 繼續;持續 After dinner, Maggie continued to do her homework. We couldn’t go on a picnic because the heavy rain continued all day long. backnext Text

9 8. prefer [ prI`f3 ] vt. 較喜歡,偏好 In my free time, I prefer listening to music to watching TV. backnext Text

10 9. surely [ `S5rlI ] adv. 一定,確實 The sky is getting dark. It will surely rain soon. backnext  sure sure Text

11 10. satisfy [`s8tIs&faI ] vt. 使 … 滿意 The cook thinks it is difficult to satisfy everyone’s taste. backnext  satisfied satisfied Text

12 11. variety [ v1`raI1tI ] n. [C] (usu. sing.) 各式各樣 You can find a variety of fruit in the market, like bananas, apples, and oranges. backnext  various various Text

13 12. available [ 1`vel1bL ] adj. 可得到的 In winter, oranges are available in the market. backnext Text

14 13. through [ Tru ] prep. 遍及;穿過;在 … 整個期間 This summer, Tom traveled through Kenting National Park on his bicycle. The Keelung River ( 基隆河 ) runs through Taipei City. We have to go to school from Monday through Friday. back Text Back to Menu

15 locate [ lo`ket ] vt. 位於,坐落於 This famous café is located near the foot of the mountain. back

16 mainly [ `menlI ] adv. 主要地 The article is about the Shilin Night Market. It mainly talks about the snacks there. back

17 sure [ S5r ] adj. 確定的 Tony may come to the party, but I am not very sure about this. back

18 satisfied [`s8tIs&faId ] adj. 感到滿意的 If you are not satisfied with your grades, you should study harder. back

19 various [ `vErI1s ] adj. 各式各樣的 Johnson has various interests, such as writing, singing and dancing. back

20 1.Chuanchou [ `tSuen`tSo ] n. 泉州 next Text

21 2. produce [ `prAdjus ] n. [U] 農產品 backnext Text

22 3. large-pancake-enfolding-small-pancake [lArdZ `p8n&kek In`foldI9 smOl `p8n&kek ] n. [C] 大餅包小餅 backnext Text

23 4. sausage [ `sOsIdZ ] n. [C] 香腸 backnext Text

24 backnext 5. hallmark [`hOl&mArk ] n. [C] 特徵,特點 Text

25 6. fried bun [`fraId `b^n ] n. [C] 生煎包 backnext Text

26 backnext Text 7. pearl milk tea [`p3l `mIlk ti ] n. [U] 珍珠奶茶

27 8. thick squid soup [`TIk `skwId sup ] n. [U] 生炒花枝羹 backnext Text

28 9. oyster omelet [`OIst2 `AmlIt ] n. [C] 蚵仔煎 backnext Text

29 10. Bon appétit! [`bOn `ApEtI ] ( 法文 ) 祝用餐愉快! back Text Back to Menu

30 1. come to life 變得活躍 In spring, the world comes to life because of the warm weather. next Text

31 2. more than … 以上,超過 This street is famous for beef noodles. You can find more than ten beef noodle restaurants here. backnext Text

32 3. take one’s place 坐某人的位子;取代,代替 I took the woman’s place after she finished eating in the small café. Miss Robinson took her boss’s place at the meeting because he was sick at home. backnext Text

33 4. millions of 上百萬的,好幾百萬的 Mr. Lee made millions of dollars by selling cars. back Text 結束放映 Back to Menu

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