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STAYING FOCUSED First Baptist Orange Park September 16, 2007.

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1 STAYING FOCUSED First Baptist Orange Park September 16, 2007




5 VISION Vision brings your world into focus. Vision brings order to chaos. A clear vision enables you to see everything differently. - Andy Stanley

6 LIFE IS A JOURNEY Every journey has a destination. We’re not just along for the ride. We are on a mission. Our vision keeps us focused on the mission and allows us to adjust as needed to make sure we reach our destination.

7 Remember the Purpose First Baptist Church is REAL! We exist to... Reach our world for Christ Enable people to grow, and be Active in ministry, and to Love God and others.

8 VISION BUILDS 1.A vision begins as a concern. 2.A vision does not necessarily require immediate action. 3.Pray for opportunities and plan as if you expect God to answer your prayers. 4.God is using your circumstances to position and prepare you to accomplish His vision for your life. 5.What God originates, He orchestrates.

9 VISION BUILDS 6.Walk before you talk; investigate before you initiate. 7.Communicate your vision as a solution to a problem that must be addressed immediately. 8.Cast your vision to the appropriate people at the appropriate time. 9.Don’t expect others to take greater risks or make greater sacrifices that you have. 10.Don’t confuse your plans with God’s vision.

10 VISION BUILDS 11.Visions are refined – they don’t change; plans are revised – they rarely stay the same. 12.Respond to criticism with prayer, remembrance, and if necessary a revision of the plan. 13.Visions thrive in an environment of unity; they die in an environment of division. 14.Abandon the vision before you abandon your moral authority. 15.Don’t get distracted.

11 VISION BUILDS 16.There is divine potential in all you envision to do. 17.The end of a God-ordained vision is God. 18.Maintaining a vision requires adherence to a set of core beliefs and behaviors. 19.Visions require constant attention. 20.Maintaining a vision requires bold leadership.

12 THE OPPORTUNITY God has given our church a great opportunity. Of all the churches in our city, I believe God has selected ours to move forward in very unique ways to reach and grow people as fully devoted followers of Christ.

13 GOD ORCHESTRATING THE PLAN “40 Days of Purpose” helps us solidify our purpose on the Great Commission & Great Commandment as well as show us the validity of home Bible studies. Upward Sports moves us into the community like never before. School adoption of Grove Park Elem. Partnership with YMCA. Leadership attends “The Present Future” conference. Ed Stetzer speaks at FBCOP on becoming missional. Fall Festival moves off campus to Grove Park Elem. Participation in OP Town Fall Festival becomes missional.

14 GOD ORCHESTRATING THE PLAN Satellite Campus Ministry - church agrees early in 2006 to pursue this. Josh Dryer, Community Missions Pastor, called to coordinate and lead this effort. Bellair Campus opens Easter weekend 2006 at Orange Park Junior High with Josh Dryer preaching and Brian Beach leading worship.

15 GOD ORCHESTRATING THE PLAN Slight growth occurs, but more importantly, ministry occurs in Orange Park Junior High and surrounding area: Super Bowl Outreach, Upward Flag Football, Upward Basketball, F3 Student Outreaches, School Faculty Ministry, etc. Saturday service moves to Sunday morning with intent of reaching more people.

16 GOD ORCHESTRATING THE PLAN Josh Dryer was asked to coach basketball at Junior High. Community Bible studies and small groups develop: Starbucks on Blanding, Starbucks at Fleming Island, Beef O’Brady’s, Orion Fitness Center, home groups, etc. Core Group relations strengthen as team serves and worships together.

17 CHALLENGES Worship Leader moves back to Texas. New Worship Leader brought in and stays a month. No Worship Leader since Spring 2007. Sunday worship time at Orange Park Junior High not seeing significant, continued growth outside core group.

18 GOD ORCHESTRATING THE PLAN Shared with the church in Spring 2007 to be praying and seeking a location near Fleming Island or other area where growth is happening to place another satellite campus. Josh Dryer meets with me (David) and shares his belief that if we truly want to be one church at multiple campuses that I need to be preaching the same messages at all campuses.

19 GOD ORCHESTRATING THE PLAN Receive phone call from church member with connections at Swimming Pen Creek Elementary School. The church meeting there is pulling out. Josh meets with Assistant Principal and signs us up for using Swimming Pen Creek Elementary for a satellite campus.

20 CHANGE NEEDED 1.Agreed that first step on this journey needs to be to move our Bellair Campus from OPJH to Swimming Pen Creek. Growth potential Those attending Bellair, for the most part, do not live in the community. Those who do will be consulted. Equipment, resources and work plan already in place.

21 CHANGE NEEDED 2.The next step was to determine how the same messages will be preached at both locations. Options: One of our Associate Pastors preach at satellite location. DVD shown of previous week’s sermon from Main Campus. Pastor David preach at both locations.

22 CHANGE NEEDED 3.Next, we must determine how I can be at two locations on Sunday morning, in that Sunday is going to be the best time to offer for a new campus.

23 HERE’S WHERE IT AFFECTS EVERYONE ANSWER New Sunday schedule... 8:00am – Worship at the Main Campus 9:00am – Worship at the South Campus 10:30am – Worship at the Main Campus

24 QUESTION “Why put a church at Swimming Pen Creek Elementary School? Aren’t there enough churches in that area?”

25 First Baptist Main Campus South Campus SPC Elementary

26 South Campus SPC Elementary Numerous churches on Fleming Island Fewer churches west of Swimming Pen

27 ANSWER What God originate, He orchestrates. He opened the door at Swimming Pen Creek and we believe He is giving us an opportunity to trust Him.

28 QUESTION “Why have an 8:00am service at the Main Campus?”

29 ANSWER We believe there are some who would rather attend worship service before Sunday School. Also, this allows those who work on Sunday or have other scheduled events to attend worship service.

30 QUESTION “Will all three services be identical?”

31 ANSWER Yes and No. Yes – the sermons will be identical at each service. No – the music will differ.

32 ANSWER 8:00am – Less music because the service will be shorter. Singing will be led by the Worship Pastor and Praise Team with instruments, but not a full orchestra. There will be no choir at 8:00am.

33 ANSWER 9:00am – The South Campus will be a casual setting with more upbeat or modern music. This will be led by a band and worship leader. There will be no choir at the South Campus.

34 ANSWER 10:30am – This service will be like what we currently offer on Sunday mornings: Worship Pastor, orchestra, full choir, praise team, soloists, groups, etc.

35 QUESTION “How are you (David) going to get to each service, safely and on time?”

36 ANSWER One of our ushers will be designated to drive me to the South Campus and back each Sunday. The 9am and 10:30am services will begin before I arrive.

37 QUESTION “What about Josh? Is he going to preach anymore?”

38 ANSWER You need to remember that it was Josh who said “David, you need to preach at both places,” so we are not pushing him out. In fact, his role will increase.

39 ANSWER Josh will be coordinating all that occurs at the South Campus. Josh will also have opportunities to preach on Sunday mornings in the future. He will also be our Teaching Pastor at the Main Campus for our Sunday evening Bible study.

40 QUESTION “What about Bellair? Are we just leaving them?”

41 ANSWER Absolutely not. The only thing we are stopping at Bellair is the weekly worship service on Sunday mornings. Our partnership with the school and special events and Upward sports will continue.

42 QUESTION “What happens to the Sunday School at the Main Campus?”

43 ANSWER We are going to offer Sunday Morning Bible Study (Sunday School) at 9:00am for all ages at the Main Campus. There will no longer be a 10:30am Sunday Bible Study.

44 QUESTION “I thought we didn’t have room to do all our Sunday Morning Bible Study at one hour?”

45 ANSWER We didn’t used to, but the Spanish church has moved their Bible Study time to another day during the week (before we knew about this new schedule). Now, there’s room, but the reality is that some of you will be meeting in different classrooms.

46 QUESTION “What type of Bible Study will be offered at the South Campus?”

47 ANSWER We plan to have a full preschool and children’s program for Sunday mornings. For adults, we plan to offer home groups and other options for small groups.

48 QUESTION “What campus is going to get the most emphasis?”

49 ANSWER Simple – BOTH. Here’s the reality: We cannot allow the ministries at the Main Campus to suffer at all. We cannot afford to do anything but our best at both locations.

50 QUESTION “I normally attend Worship and then serve in our Preschool. Now, I don’t want to do that, because I want to be in worship. How can I do this?”

51 ANSWER We need our dedicated preschool leaders for Bible Study at 9am. Parents must step up and serve in ETC in their child’s class. If all parents did this, it would only be once every two months or so that you’d miss worship.

52 QUESTION “Who’s going to lead worship at the South Campus?”

53 ANSWER I believe we must hire a man called in this area. I’ve already talked to our Personnel Committee about this. We’re praying for options.

54 ANSWER I believe so strongly in this that I will not be taking any raise this year, neither will Stanley, to allow our budget to remain the same and allow us to hire this man. I believe this person will also serve our College & Single Adults. Therefore, he will be the Worship Associate/College & Singles Pastor. Of course, the church has to agree to this.

55 QUESTION “When will we begin the South Campus?”

56 ANSWER The plan is to have the first public service on Easter 2008.

57 QUESTION “Why wait so long?”

58 ANSWER We are not going to “rush the fields” and wish we had planned better. This allows us time to pray and prepare ourselves as well as promote to the community.


60 QUESTION “How is this new ministry going to affect me?”

61 ANSWER Every First Baptist member and attender will be affected. Our schedule will change. Our focus will be refined. Our plan will be clearer.

62 QUESTION “Why do we need to do this?”

63 ANSWER The Great Commission The Great Commandment

64 QUESTION “What if I don’t like change?”

65 ANSWER You run the risk of being left behind. God did not place First Baptist Orange Park here all those years ago just to see it come to a point of going through the motions. This is our calling. We cannot miss this.

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