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Link Interoperability Data Analysis With MANDRIL

2 Problem Many Units with many Data Links – Interoperability problems hidden in the large volumes of data

3 Solution: MANDRIL MANDRIL - Message ANalysis and Data Reduction for the Integration of Links Integrated Suite of Software Programs for Analysing Link Data Recordings Essential Tool to uncover Interoperability Problems Key component of iSMART process De Facto International Standard for IO Data Analysis Used by more customers than any comparable tool

MULTIPLE LINKS Link 16, Link 11, IJMS VMF, Link 22 IP and XML Enabled MULTIPLE TERMINALS and PLATFORMS MIDS LVT, JTIDS Class 2, URC-138 All MIDS Hosts: EF2000, F-16, Rafale, etc. E-3A/D/F Nimrod MRA4, SKW Navy, MCE

5 MULTIPLE FILE FORMATS MANDRIL decodes more format types than other analysis tools Open Systems Architecture Easy to integrate with user’s data Some 50 different format types can be decoded Terminal Recordings Host Recordings Real-time Bus Capture Files More are added with each release

6 TRACK RECORD MANDRIL has an impressive Track Record of Use
Tool of choice for 5-nation MIDS/LVT Integration Programme EADS stated that “3 times the number of test engineers would be required without it” Used in Platform Integration Projects F3 and E-3D Test and Trials Used in Multi-National Trials US/UK Interoperability Trials SIMPLE Trials Many Interoperability Problems only found with MANDRIL

7 ENHANCEMENTS Continuous upgrade program
Yearly maintenance entitles users to upgraded versions as they are released Upgrades add substantial functionality Automated Analysis 3-D Capability MIL-STD and ICD updates Continuing integration with other TDL tools MANDRIL can also be produced in Bespoke Editions for special User Requirements

8 SUPPORT Support Web Site
Problem Report Database Version Information Software Downloads User Group EADS stated that “support was the best they had known with a software product”

9 SOFTWARE MANDRIL uses Advanced Software Technology
Spreadsheet Paradigm Uses Microsoft® Excel™ as spreadsheet engine Provides leveraged functionality Custom software linked to Excel Fully Microsoft® Windows™ compatible Table driven - user modifiable database UK Patent; US, and European Patents Pending

10 AutoFilters allow rapid summary and filtering
EXAMPLE OUTPUT AutoFilters allow rapid summary and filtering English Readout

11 EXAMPLE PROBLEM Investigation of GPQ
‘Graphs Wizard’ automates graph-plotting

12 TRACK ANIMATION Replay of scenario recording, plots moving tracks

13 LINE-OF-SIGHT Track animation with terrain mapping and line-of-sight calculations Visible terrain and sea from ground station Visible region at or above 500 ft


15 AUTOMATED ANALYSIS Automated Analysis
Allows recording to be pre-processed for potential problems Checks against MIL-STD and Implementation Plan Rules Domain knowledge is captured in rule sets Provides ‘heads-up’ to problems for further investigation

IMP PLAN PROTOCOL EXCEPTIONS How automated analysis fits in with the whole MANDRIL suite STANAG/ MIL-STD RULE LIST ANALYSIS hyperlinks

Combined Multi-Link Analysis Link 16, Link 11, VMF User-configurable rules - Checks message transmit and receive protocols: RRN and periodic update rate Word sequences Receipt/Compliance Rules Position Checking Checks recorded against predicted position Checks against Track Quality or user tolerance Track Correlation checking

18 IMP PLAN and STANAG Message and Field Value Checking
Checks against Implementation Plan Single or Multiple Imp. Plans Integrated with iSMART Tools (eBIT database) Can check against specific platform implementation Checks protocol against MIL-STD Rules Library Single or Multiple Editions

19 iSMART iSMART - interoperable Systems Management And Requirements Transformation Proven System for finding and resolving interoperability problems throughout system lifecycle Proven Nationally and Internationally Being Adopted by US, Australia and NATO de facto standard for Interoperability Assessment Application of iSMART mandated as UK Defence policy MANDRIL is linked to iSMART via eSMART Toolkit

20 MANDRIL Automated Analysis
iSMART and MANDRIL eSMART toolkit eBIT tool MANDRIL Automated Analysis iSMART PROCESS

21 Some Customers UK MoD USAF RAF

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