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Revised by Mark Veeder Originally By Andres Gannon.

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1 Revised by Mark Veeder Originally By Andres Gannon

2 I cut my first card!!

3 Good Debaters Can persuasively convince the judge their argument is better than their opponents argument Delivery Content Researching is about producing the best possible content you can for a debate

4 Why Research? Research wins debates Research is fun! Research gets creative Just one more card mom, promise!


6 What to Research Research should produce arguments that you can read in a debate What form do these argument take? How do I organize arguments? What am I looking for? How do I get from a google search to a completed file?

7 Basic Research Tips No scientific formula for how to research Start with broad searches to investigate where the literature is going

8 Intermediate Research Tips “Digital Privacy” Picking the Right Language Following the Lit Footnotes!

9 Ultra-Advanced Research Tip

10 How Not to Research “Digial Privacy” and “nuclear war” Ignoring opposing evidence Million cards, one argument Debate search terms (key, solves, etc) Truth ½ a file Maybe this aff doesn’t cause nuclear war…


12 Internets Shortcuts New tab – Ctrl+T New window – Ctrl+N Open in new window - Middle click/Ctrl+Click Move to next window - Ctrl+Tab Move to last window - Ctrl+Shift+Tab Close tab - Ctrl+W Select URL - F6 (Command-L)

13 Google Tricks Exact phrase search - “X and Y” Exclude a word - -query Synonyms - ~query Website restriction – Wildcard – “a * saved is a * earned” Around – query AROUND (4) query Filetype – filetype:pdf

14 Processing fast hands Copy - Ctrl-C (Command-C) Paste - Ctrl-V (Command-V) Cut - Ctrl-X (Command-X) Undo - Ctrl-Z (Command-Z) Redo - Ctrl-Y (Command-Y) Select all - Ctrl-A (Command-A) Switch windows – Alt+Tab (4-finger swipe/F3) Select paragraph - Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up/Down Select word - Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Left/Right

15 Sources News and Time Sensitive Google Date lexis EbscoHost Factiva Philosophy Based Project Muse Religion and Philosophy Collection Qualified/International Google Scholar SagePub ProjectMuse IngentaConnect


17 What is processing? The final product of research What you aim to arrive at when you take articles from the internet and convert them into evidence cards

18 Things to Have When Processing Tag Cite Card

19 What is a Tag? Short summary of the argument your card makes Why have a tag? Convey your argument Flowability What should be included in a tag? Claim – argument the card makes Warrant – why that argument is true

20 Good tag, bad tag! 1. Solves oil dependence 2. The aff is the apotheosis of the capitalist death machine which threatens to be, for the first time in the age of humanity, that which brings upon us our imminent doom in the fiery splash of the decadence of greed and filth 3. Warming is real and anthropogenic – models and scientific consensus are on our side

21 What is a Cite? Why have a cite? What to include in a cite? Author name Author qualifications Date published Article name Source (Newspaper, Journal name, etc) URL/Database found

22 Good cite! Brin, David. Doctor of Philosophy in space science, 2010 fellow at the Institute of Ethics. 1998. The Transparent Society. “Chapter One: The Challenge of an Open Society”

23 What is a card? What to do: Don’t skip paragraphs Don’t cut off paragraphs Don’t change text Underline well! You don’t have to include the entire article

24 Steps to cutting cards 1) Open the debate template, Verbatim 2) Paste the article into Verbatim (F2) 3) Underline the article (F9 and F10) 4) Make the article pretty (F3 and Ctrl+8) 5) Write a tag (F7) 6) Write a cite (F8 for the author name and date) 7) Highlight the card (F11)


26 Verbatim Requirements PC – Office 2010 Mac – Office 2011

27 Word Ribbon

28 Google Tricks Exact phrase search - “X and Y” Exclude a word - -query Synonyms - ~query Website restriction – Wildcard – “a * saved is a * earned” Around – query AROUND (4) query Filetype – filetype:pdf

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