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Building Bridges Tips & Tricks NAV 2009 Adriatics Dynamics Community Mark J. Brummel.

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1 Building Bridges Tips & Tricks NAV 2009 Adriatics Dynamics Community Mark J. Brummel

2 Building Bridges Agenda User Interface – Shortcuts, Filtering, etc… Page Design – New properties Role Centers C/AL Improvements Report Design 2

3 Building Bridges 3

4 User Interface (1) Shortcuts – F3 replaces F7 – F4 replaces F6 (Delete = CRTL+DEL) – F9 replaces F11 – F7 replaces F5 & F9 (F5=refresh) – F8 remains F8!! Save Views Open in New Window Page Search (CTRL+F3) 4

5 Building Bridges Overview of Shortcuts 5 /public/insights/ReadArticl e.aspx?rcpt_id= &ja_id=49077

6 Building Bridges User Interface (2) Ctrl + F10 Ctrl + PgUp & PgDn Shift F12 Enter VS Tab (Skip non editable) CTRL+Enter closes screen Disable FAYT Freeze FAYT Column Zoom (Copy to Excel) 6

7 Building Bridges User Interface (3) Personalization (New zupfile) C:\Users\mark\AppData\Roaming\Micr osoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\PersonalizationStore.xml Print every page 7

8 Building Bridges Personalization Disable Personalization – Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe – disablepersonalization – Not Documented in /? – Easy to workaround Remove Departments

9 Building Bridges Filtering Subpages

10 Building Bridges 10

11 Building Bridges Page Design (1) New Properties – HideValue – Visible (Does not update on change records) – Style Freeze Panes ShowAsTree 11

12 Building Bridges Page Design (2) Provider ID Property DropDown list The “Return” Shortcut Jpeg in RTC Lists 12

13 Building Bridges Windows Scripting Host Update Header From Line – Alternative Factbox (NL) Line Actions from Action Pane PromotedActionCategoriesML 13

14 Building Bridges 14

15 Building Bridges Role Centers Grouping Activities & Menu Items Filtering in Cue’s RunFormMode : New Menu Suite Departments Grouping – Search 15

16 Building Bridges 16

17 Building Bridges Reports DataSetFieldName Using the Zoom for your Report The power of the Visible property Adding new fields to a Header – Move them from the body – GetData & SetData 17

18 Building Bridges 18

19 Building Bridges New C/AL Functions IMPORTOBJECTS(FileName [, Format]) EXPORTOBJECTS(FileName, ObjectRecord [, Format]) Format – Txt = 0 – XML = 1 19

20 Building Bridges Object Designer GoTo Definition – Objects and Functions – Technical Upgrade – Requires.STX upgrade – Shows in user interface with right mouseclick Does not work in WITH DO statements

21 Building Bridges Page Designer Improved Readability – Bold Lines – Default Naming

22 Building Bridges Page Designer II Factbox Wizard Tip : Copy & Paste Factboxes & Actions

23 Building Bridges Page Designer III Page Actions Control Actions

24 Building Bridges Object Locking New fields in Object Designer Prevents working on the same object Automaticaly or Manually – Client option Bug in release BLOB size discontinued

25 Building Bridges Compiler Error List Gives a list of errors and warnings Can be pretty annoying! New internal table Error List 25


27 Building Bridges Company Indicator Company Information Function in Codeunit 1 Returnvalue Text Fixed per session

28 Building Bridges Contact Information Mark J. Brummel The Netherlands

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