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Paul Mundy Editing techniques Ways to correct your manuscript.

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1 Paul Mundy Editing techniques Ways to correct your manuscript

2 Editing techniques Hardcopy editing Hardcopy and computer Dual screen Side-by-side comparison Split screen Grey shading Word Track Changes Word Comments

3 Hardcopy editing Print the document (double spaced) Make changes on paper, then transfer to screen Always do this with the final draft  You will spot errors on paper you cannot see on screen Use editing symbols Use a style sheet

4 Double spacing a document

5 Editing symbols

6 Style sheet ABCDEF GHIJKL MNOPQR STUVWXYZ cross-cultural extensionist Green Revolution Indigenous knowledge policymaker microcredit Millennium Development Goals reappraisal

7 Hardcopy and computer Print hardcopy of document Read it, then make changes directly on screen Good for complex documents where you have to flip back and forth among sections

8 Dual screen Set up a second screen for your computer Edited document on Screen 1 Original version on Screen 2 Put coloured background on original document  In Word, Format > Background

9 Side-by-side comparison Compare two versions of document side by side on same screen  Open both documents in Word  Click Window > Compare side by side Put coloured background on original document  In Word, Format > Background

10 Split screen Split your Word screen into two Now you can edit one part of document while you refer to another part Double click here Or drag bar down

11 Grey shading Edit document in one window Give unedited text a shaded background  Add Shading Color button to toolbar  Select unedited text, add shading  After editing each paragraph, remove shading Lets you see what you have edited, and what not

12 Track changes Function in Word that shows changes you have made At bottom of screen, click TRK Word marks insertions and deletions

13 Track changes Useful only if your edits are minor Useful if you want to show changes to someone else Use Reviewing toolbar to view Final document Make sure you Accept All Changes before submitting document

14 Word Comments In Word, click Insert > Comment or Insert Comment button Make sure you delete comments before submitting manuscript

15 Other tricks Use $$$ and ALL CAPITALS to mark queries in the text Use highlighting to mark text Use the Format Painter highlighting

16 Keyboard shortcuts in Word CutCtrl+XPasteCtrl+V UndoCtrl+ZRedoCtrl+Y BoldCtrl+BItalicCtrl+I Cut to SpikeCtrl+F3Paste from SpikeCtrl+Shift+F3 Change caseShift+F3Remove formattingCtrl+Space Seek synonymShift+F7SaveCtrl+S For more, F1 > Keyboard shortcuts

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