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Sustainable Electric Toothbrush

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1 Sustainable Electric Toothbrush
Team #5 Sean Ging, Paul Omelko, Denise Babilya, Mike Proscia February 27th, 2012

2 Outline Determination of the Need/ Problem -Customer Needs Assessment
Conceptualization -Internal Search -External Search -Literature Search -Patent Search -Product Dissection Concept Generation Concept Selection -Morph Charts -Pugh Charts

3 Project Management Developed a survey together
- Individually surveyed consumers out of class Formed a Hierarchal Customer Needs list (Denise) AHP Pairwise Comparison Chart (Sean and Denise) Begin Progress Report (Mike and Paul) External Search (Lab 1) completed in class Product Dissection finished in class Concept Generation in class Created Pugh and Morph charts (Mike,Paul, and Denise) Final Model (Mike and Paul) Final Presentation (Denise and Sean)

4 Hierarchal Customer Needs List
1.) Durability Replaceable Head Electrically Rechargeable F1. - Long Lasting Durability 2.) Affordability C.1 - Must be reasonable price 3.) Performance F2. – Should have 2 moving heads F3. – Heads should move in circular and back and forth motion 3.1 – Need to have a decent charge length 3.2 – Should be quiet 4.) Aesthetics 4.1 – Must be a moderate weight 4.2 – Comfortable grip 4.3 – Eye-catching color 5.) Sustainable 5.1 – Must use less plastic Problem Statement: We need to design a sustainable electric toothbrush with a focus on durability and affordability.

5 External Search Literature Review
-Researched the current toothbrush model -Researched other sustainable toothbrushes Patent Search Benchmarking -Comparison of Similar Products by using *Affordability *Durability *Performance *Aesthetic Product Dissection FUNCTION ART Toothbrush head Bristles Batteries DC Motor Place to support bristle US B2 Clean teeth Powers toothbrush US Runs the toothbrush US

6 Morph Chart Function Means Energy Mechanism Brush Head
Body Form Design Power 1 Motor in middle of brush vibrating metal rod moving brush head Two moving parts of the head, one going back and forth and another going ciruclar Recycled materials from water bottles or yogurt cups or Styrofoam cups. Rechargeable battery with a charging dock 2 Motor oscillates metal rod connected to brush head. -moves brush head up and down. -top part of head moves in a circular motion back and forth Have different options for brush heads, one going back and forth, one just a circular motion, and one of both Make the case very fitting to the battery. Make sure there is no wasted plastic, case should be as form fitting as possible. The toothbrush plugs in directly to the wall 3 Use an up and down motion in the motor 1 moving circular head and 2 moving linear heads Include a grip in the handle Rechargeable with built in battery supply. The battery powers motor. Light on brush indicates when battery is running low and needs recharged. 4 Connect the motor and rod to a wheel so as the wheel moves the head moves. 1 moving circular head and 1 moving linear head. The circular on top and the linear on the bottom. Plastic should be thick so it is durable Solar powered -have mini solar panals attached to the back of the toothbrush body 5 Circular motion of motor that vibrates the head directly. Recycle the heads and use the plastic from the the recycled heads to make the new toothbrush heads Plastic should only be used from recycled materials Small calculator sized solar panel to assist in recharging

7 Generated Concepts Energy Mechanism Brush Head Body Design Power
-Motor oscillates causing a metal rod to move up and down -Rod moves a brush head up and down Brush Head -Three moving parts -One circular oscillating and two parallel linear up and down Body Design -Straight with finger grips on front and back for comfort Power -Rechargeable high power battery included with charging dock

8 Energy Mechanism Concept 4
Concept Selection Developed 5 Pugh Charts for each of the following 4 Concepts from the Morph Chart Energy Mechanism Brush Head Body Form Design Power Sample Pugh Chart -Picked the Highest Ranked Concepts Energy Mechanism Concept 4 Durability Affordability Performance Eco-Friendliness Total Rank Weights 0.26 0.22 0.07 Concept 1 1 -1 0.04 3 Concept 2 Concept 3 -0.22 5 Concept 4 4 Concept 5 0.11 2

9 Sketch Details -Complete Electric Toothbrush Design -Charging Station

10 How It Works Power Generation
-A motor powered by a rechargeable battery oscillates. -A metal rod connected to motor moves up and down -This causes the three moving parts of the brush head to move in their respective ways. (Circular oscillations, and two opposite linear motions)

11 Conclusion The design meets all customer needs
-Durability – Long lasting, and replaceable brush head -Sustainability – Recycled Materials -Grip – Comfortable finger grip included -Brush Head – Three moving parts on head

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