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Contents Shortcomings of QoS in the Current Internet About OpenFlow

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0 A QoS-Enabled OpenFlow Environment for Scalable Video Streaming
Seyhan Civanlar, Murat Parlakışık, A. Murat Tekalp Burak Görkemli, Bülent Kaytaz, Evren Önem ARGELA Technologies & Koc University Istanbul, TURKEY

1 Contents Shortcomings of QoS in the Current Internet About OpenFlow Proposed QoS implementation of OpenFlow Preliminary QoS routing Formulation Results and Future Work

2 QoS in the Current Internet
IntServ Does not scale well DiffServ Only per-hop QoS support MPLS/tunnelling Lacks on-demand re-configurability More bandwidth Current Internet is ideally suited for Best Effort traffic 2

3 Router in the Current Internet
Forwarding and route calculation both on the router Distributed network controls Vendor proprietary implementations Router is a closed box: Not open for innovation Classical Router Route Calculation Flow Table Data Forwarding 3

4 OpenFlow: A Future Internet Proposal
Stanford’s Clean Slate Program Implemented widely in GENI backbone Enables network slicing Decouples Data Forwarding and Route Calculation Open-source OpenFlow Controller Route Calculation OpenFlow Protocol (SSL) OpenFlow Switch OpenFlow Switch OpenFlow Switch Flow Table Flow Table Flow Table Flow Table Flow Table Flow Table Data Forwarding Data Forwarding Data Forwarding Dumb data-path switches 4

5 Confederated Controllers
Control Layer Data Layer

6 Other centralized telecom architectures
DB DB SCP HLR location billing, announcements MAP INAP MOBILE NETWORK PSTN Highly scalable ! Highly reliable ! High performance (per call processing) ! It works! 6

7 Proposed QoS enabled OpenFlow
OpenFlow Controller Decouple Best Effort and QoS Routing Calculate QoS Flow Tables in the Controller Download Flow Tables to Switches Use available OpenFlow Protocol No or minimal protocol extension needed Create QoS Slices BE Route Calculation QoS Route Calculation OpenFlow Protocol OpenFlow Switch QoS Flow Table BE Flow Table Data Forwarding 7

8 Why OpenFlow for QoS? Backbone of GENI Network – Large scale experimentation is possible Allows for ‘network virtualization’ Network slices for QoS Centralized control paradigm More visibility into the network resources Easily programmable Program controller for QoS routing Suitable for Lab environment Well documented Opensource code Can simulate switches with Linux machines

Controller Architecture QoS CONTRACT ENTRY INTERFACE QoS CONTRACT MANAGEMENT QoS QoS Contracts Public Internet https ROUTE CALCULATION Routes Resource Monitoring Resource Signaling Resource Reservation QoS Contract Mgmt. ROUTE /SLICE MANAGEMENT Users NETWORK MANAGEMENT Net. data SECURITY OPENFLOW NETWORK INTERFACE SSL OpenFLow Network

10 Optimization of QoS Flow Routing
Minimize weighted sum of (packet loss on BE & QoS-route-length) such that QoS packet loss is zero 5 4 QoS route 1 2 3 BE route 9

11 QoS OpenFlow Demo Setup
Receiver: SVC Streaming Client Forwarder-1 (Ingress) Forwarder-2 Forwarder-4 (Egress) Forwarder-3 Controller Sender: Server Controller-Forwarder messaging I/F IP network I/F Public Internet p1(F1-F2) p2(F1-F3) p3(Sender) p2(F2-F4) p1(F1-F3) p2(F3-F4) p1(F2-F4) p3(Receiver) p1, p2, p Ports

12 Messaging using OpenFlow Protocol
Streaming Server Forwarder 1 Forwarder 3 Forwarder 4 Client Forwarder 2 Controller Configuring network for QoS request Polling information from ingress and egress switches OFPT_STATS_REQUEST OFPT_QUEUE_STATS OFPT_FLOW_MOD QoS Request QoS Response <QoS id> Release <QoS id> Ok <QoS_id> QoS Flow (streaming video) Reconfiguring network to respond to congestion CROSS LAYER REQUEST

13 Before QoS rerouting

14 After QoS rerouting

15 Future Work Develop alternate QoS routing algorithms
Simulation studies to assess algorithms Larger scale experiments on GENI Assess protocol needs Address Controller architecture Policing of SLA contracts QoS is an unsolved Problem for Future Internet

16 Introducing ARGELA A leading next-generation software solution provider for mobile and wireline operators in Turkey and EMEA Region A subsidiary of Turk Telekom, the leading telephone, Internet and IPTV service provider of Turkey with over 20 Million subscribers Located in Istanbul, Turkey Formed in 2003 as a startup

17 Thank You!

18 ARGELA Products and Services

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