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Information Meeting for new ACCA students

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1 Information Meeting for new ACCA students
Krista Farrugia BPP Malta Director of Studies

2 Why choose ACCA? On completion, qualifying as both MIA and ACCA – two qualifications in one Enables you to become a Chartered Certified Accountant Opportunities at the highest levels of business Strong recognition worldwide Opportunities for students to cross boundaries Supports your lifelong career and development needs


4 ACCA Syllabus – Structure
Fundamentals Level (9 papers) Skills Module F9 Financial Management (FM) F8 Audit & Assurance (AA) F7 Financial Reporting (FR) F6 Taxation (TX) F5 Performance Management (PM) F4 Corporate & Business Law (CL) The Fundamentals level has two modules – Knowledge and Skills. For certain ACCA Accredited degrees full exemption from the Fundamentals Level may be granted. Knowledge Module F3 Financial Accounting (FA) F2 Management Accounting (MA) F1 Accountant in Business (AB) Entry

5 ACCA Syllabus – Structure
Professional level (5 papers) Options Module (Any Two) P7 Adv Audit & Assurance (AAA) P6 Adv Taxation (ATX) P5 Adv Performance Management (APM) P4 Adv Financial Management (AFM) The Professional level is divided into two modules – Essentials and Options. Professional Level exams are three hours long and are paper-based. Essentials Module P3 Business Analysis (BA) P2 Corporate Reporting (CR) P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics (GRE)

6 Local Variant Papers Three local variant papers: -
F4 Corporate and Business Law (Malta Variant) F6 Taxation (Malta Variant) P6 Advanced Taxation (Malta Variant)

7 The Process Modules must be sat in the following order: Knowledge, Skills, Essentials and Options. Up to four exams may be taken at any sitting and exams may be taken in any order. Knowledge module exams are two hours long and can be sat as computer or paper-based exams. The Skills module and all Professional Level exams are three hours long and are paper-based. As from December 2014 the examination of F4 will be of 2 hours duration

8 Professional Ethics Course
Must be completed before finally applying for membership Available online, on CD-ROM or paper-based Made available once eligible to take P1 (Governance ) Best taken when – or before – sitting P1


10 Course Administration
Start and finish times Breaks Daily attendance register Mix & Match - If you can’t make one of the course dates, you must contact Customer Services to check on availability of a different session.

11 Switch off Mobile Phones
Facilities Rest rooms Canteen/common room Vending machines Internet facilities – free wifi After class study room Computer laboratory Parking (level -5) Switch off Mobile Phones

12 Academic Expectations - Attendance
On time Registers Absence/illness Go through these elements briefly to set out your expectations – most students will know this already from previous study or induction. It is not the role of the tutor to chase student attendance. Attendance Students are expected to have 100% attendance. They are only eligible for pass assurance if they have 100% attendance. You will not have time to provide any re-caps of missed sessions It is the responsibility of the student to catch up on work but guidance should be given to ensure students know what to do You will provide them with guidance on what was covered in any class so they can use MyStudy It is the responsibility of the student to ask for this guidance On time College starts at 9am for class registration in the morning and there will be an afternoon registration at the start of the afternoon session Students who arrive late in either the morning or afternoon session will be marked Late/absent Registers A head count should be carried out Discrepancies should be sorted out before the class starts Remind students that signing fellow students in is actually a disciplinary issue Absence If a student knows they are going to be absent from class they must inform the ACCA Full Time Team/Local Programme Administrator If a student is ill they must alert the Full Time Team on the day of illness (tutors are not expected to chase or challenge absence)

13 Classroom Tuition and study support
Classroom tuition and course notes Focussed on target knowledge What you need to know to pass the exam Study Support Home study is vital Comprehensive guidance provided in end of day checkpoints, including recommended exam standard question practice Virtual learning environment (see next slide)

14 MyStudy Online learning resource which brings
the classroom experience to you via online technology. A comprehensive collection of classroom recordings for every session. Interactive versions of key study materials. Additional testing facilities. Offered with every Classroom course at no additional charge

15 Virtual Learning Environment - How to get access
Existing students – added on Your new course will be added to your existing Learning Plan – log-in details remain unchanged. New students – will be ed Visit: Any problems – please follow the link to the support page Username = address registered with BPP. Password. Can hit ‘forgotten password’ on log in screen and it’ll be ed to you New students: if they have bought their course recently then they may not have been sent details yet. Can take up to 3-5 days depending on payment process.

16 Virtual Learning Environment
Why have we developed this? To save you hours of time outside the classroom when revisiting tricky topics Online support for your course How does it work? You can access the online learning environment from any PC* with an internet connection *Minimum requirements apply What’s included? Online lectures for each chapter and your Study Text in an interactive e-book format Assumed knowledge recaps are available on MyStudy for F7, F8, F9, P2, P4, P5, P6 & P7 How much does it cost? Nothing! The online environment is provided at no additional cost to the classroom course

17 Course Exams Two course exams included with each Introductory course
Students will be able to sit for Course exam 1 half way through the Introductory course and Course exam 2 at the end of the Introductory course Course exam 1 & 2 will be self corrected Copy of suggested solutions will be distributed to students on presentation of attempted script The above does not apply to F1, F2, F3

18 Mock Exams A Mock Exam is offered free of charge to all students who have booked on both an Introductory and Revision course combined and also Integrated courses This service is also offered to students who book on an Introductory Course or a Revision course at a fee of €10 per paper Students who have not booked a course with BPP may also sit for mock exams at a fee of €20 per exam

19 Mock Exams F1/FAB, F2/FMA, F3/FFA are self corrected
All other papers are corrected by the lecturer Copy of suggested solutions will be distributed after the mock exam

20 Pass Assurance Scheme (F4 –P7)
You must: Book on both a taught course and a revision course. Attend all classes (on time). Attempt course exam 2 Attempt mock exam and score at least 30%. E.g.: If you fail the exam in June and qualify for Pass Assurance Scheme you can attend the next retake revision course free of charge

21 Choosing a Classroom Course
When you book an Introductory Course with BPP, you will receive: Quality tutor contact Targeted, specially written course notes BPP Study Text for reference support BPP Passcards Two course exams (excluding F1,F2 and F3) MyStudy

22 Choosing a Classroom Course
When you book a Revision Course with BPP, you will receive: Quality tutor contact Targeted, specially written revision notes (excluding F1, F2 and F3) BPP Revision Kit – a source of exam standard questions and answers MyStudy

23 BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting
Partnership between ACCA and Oxford Brookes University Indicate on the initial registration form Submit a Research and Analysis Project (not exceeding 7000 words) and a Key Skills Statement (not exceeding words)

24 Fees for 2014 Registration Fee ACCA: Stg. 81
MIA: €62 (subject to change) Annual Subscription (payable by not later than 1 January following date of registration) ACCA: Stg.81

25 CBE Examinations Available for all Knowledge module papers (F1/FAB, F2/FFA, F3/FFA) Flexible – instant results and not limited to the June and December paper based exam session

26 CBE Examinations Type of questions :
Objective test questions – short questions Multi task questions – MCQs, multiple response, multiple response matching, number entry, hotshots and gapfill questions CBE Specimen paper may be found on the ACCA website :

27 CBE Examinations Computer based examinations are automatically generated so that each candidate gets a different set of questions the written exam is made up of a pre-selected set of questions

28 CBE Examinations Students registered under the FIA/MIA qualification must achieve FAB, FMA and FFA before transferring to the ACCA/MIA professional Joint Scheme Students who achieve F1/FAB, F2/FMA and F3/FFA and complete the Foundations in Professionalism (FIP) Module will be awarded the Diploma in Accounting and Business Students to opt for F3(INT)

29 CBE Examinations BPP is an Licenced CBE Centre
Held over a period of approximately 4 weeks Applications must be submitted by not later than 3 days prior to the selected exam dates directly to BPP CBEs sat between 1 February and 31 July count towards the June exam session CBEs sat between 1 August and 31 January count towards the December exam session

30 CBE Examinations 2014 Fees for CBEs:
€75 per paper (subject to change) for students who have booked an Integrated Course with BPP €90 per paper (subject to change) for students who have not booked a course with BPP

31 Paper based Exam/Exemptions deadlines
For the June examinations 8 March – Early 8 April – Standard 8 May - Late For the December examinations 8 September – Early 8 October – Standard 8 November - Late

32 Examination Fees for 2014 Knowledge Standard Stg 74 per exam Skills
Early Stg. 69 per exam Standard Stg 74 per exam Late Stg 225 per exam Skills Early Stg. 87 per exam Standard Stg. 93 per exam Late Stg. 245 per exam Professional Early Stg. 100 per exam Standard Stg 108 per exam Late Stg. 259 per exam

33 Online Classroom (OCR)
Flexibility to study at a time and place that suits you Online and physical materials including comprehensive classroom recordings and BPP course notes Online tutor and classmates Add on a Face to Face revision course and get a 25% discount if booked together with an online classroom course Does not apply for local variants F4,F6 and P6

34 Supportive tutors Our tutors are qualified accountants/specialists, who can appreciate and empathise with what you are going through. Regular progress tests are used to ensure that your tutor can monitor your progress. We operate an open door policy as BPP believes that our tutors are there to help you pass exams.

35 Student Services BPP will support you from your initial enquiry right through to passing your final exam. We have a dedicated and well-trained student services team who can answer your questions and help attend to any problems.


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