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Bienvenidos – Bienvenues – Welcome!. “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.”

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1 Bienvenidos – Bienvenues – Welcome!

2 “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.” Dom Hélder Câmara

3 Introduction of participants Introduction des participants Introducción de los participantes Pauvreté pour moi c’est……. Poverty for me is …… Pobreza para mi es ……. And three more sentences about me…. Y tres frases mas sobre mi…. Et trois phrases sur moi-meme..

4 Pueblo global Village global Global village If we would be representative of the World Population… 2.5 people would be illiterate (more than half of them women) 3.5 people would be hungry 3 would live in slums 5 people would live in extreme poverty, under $ 1.25/day 4 people would not have access to safe fresh water 5 people would not have access to electricity 13 people would live in cities

5 But…. Some of our participants countries are in the top ranks of the – Happy Planet Index  Nr. 1 Costa Rica  Nr. 9 Brazil  Nr. 14 Philippines – Human Development Index  Nr. 4United States  Nr. 9 Germany – Ecological footprint  Nr. 5 Malawi

6 The campaign…. is process, learning, building on our capital, integration, mobilisation and impact according to the Strategic Framework wants – Caritas as a leading protagonist promoting a world without poverty delivering justice for the poor – Caritas with increased capacities for analysis and advocacy for the poor – People, particularly women, to be working for the common good achieving changes

7 Let’s built our dream… Construyamos nuestro sueno… Construisons notre rêve…. Foundation COMMUNICATIONSCOMMUNICATIONS THEOLOGYTHEOLOGY POLICYPOLICY ADVOCACYADVOCACY CAMPAIGNINGCAMPAIGNING Eradicate poverty

8 Something for everyone… What is in common for 164? BrasilMalawiTonga

9 Poverty What poverty? Poverty of minds Access to health care Extreme poverty

10 Focus One focus for all? Malnourishe d children in families which live below US $ 1 a day CommunitiesWomen

11 Impact on…. Achievable? Public perception and mindset Poor people Policies

12 A face…. A face for all…many faces?

13 Scenario 1 Decent work for all Rural communities Sustainable jobs 1) Women in rural communities 2) Youngsters 3) Girls

14 Scenario 2 Access to primary education Girls in families living in extreme poverty Education

15 Scenario 3 Food security Women and children Most affected areas 1) Subsaharan Africa 2) South Asia 3) ….. Access to agricultural assets

16 Scenario 4 Empowerment of women Political and economic participation Representation in budget deliberations Capacity building

17 Where do we want to be at the end of this meeting? Have a common understanding, sense of direction for the campaign – Have a red thread – Have an idea about the focus – Working structures – Ideas for other people to be involved – Your committment Aproval by the ExCo in November 201 2

18 Red thread Decent work for all Investment in women pays off Civilisation of love – enabling equal participation for all

19 Target audience Communities Public Governments MESSAGEMESSAGE

20 Working structures Overall responsibility: SG of CI Core campaign team in CI secretariat Working group(s) on the campaign Sounding board and guiding group within CI (advocacy committee, Executive coucil) External Expert Advisory Panel: 3-4 external “godfathers or godmothers”

21 Milestones By December 2012 the foundations should be ready: – Direction – Focus – Message – Background – Meeting to consolidate in early 2013 By June 2013 the campaign material should be ready for going public (communications) By October 2013 the campaign should be launched (World day against extreme poverty or?) By September 2014 impact evaluation GA 2015 report back and re-emphasize message

22 We count on you! You, with your expertise are – Multipliers – Ambassadors – Resource persons

23 WG’s step 1 What are the common challenges in combating poverty on which we could build a campaign? How could this be translated into a focussed campaign?

24 Grupo de trabajo - 1 Cuales son los desafíos comunes para combatir la pobreza sobre los cuales podríamos armar una campana? Como podrían ser traducidos en una campaña concreta?

25 Groupe de travail - 1 Quelles sont les défis communs pour combattre la pauvreté sur lesquelles on pourrait construire une campagne? Comment est-ce que on pourrait les traduire en une campagne avec une priorité concrète?

26 WG step 2 Decide on your favourite focus What would be your key message? How could you decline the message in submessages? Who would be the main target audience? How would you measure success? What would you need to develop this further in terms of – Research/Knowledge – Working structures – Mobilisation of Caritas members – Ambassadors – Other Resources

27 Groupe de travail étape 2 Décider de votre focus préféré Quel serait votre message clef ? Comme pourriez-vous diviser ce message en sous-messages ? Qui serait votre audience cible principale? Comment pourriez-vous mesurer les succès ? De quoi auriez-vous besoin pour aller de l’avant en ce qui à trait à : – Recherches/connaissances – Structures de travail – Mobilisation des membres de Caritas – Ambassadeurs – Autres ressources

28 Grupo de trabajo etapa 2 Decidir su enfoque principal Cual seria el mensaje clave Como podrian dividir a ese mensage en sub-mensages? Cual seria su audiancia principal? Como se pordria medir a los successos ? Que necesitarian para desarollar mas adelante a – investgacion/conocimientos – Estructuras de trabajo – Mobilisacion de los mienbros de Caritas – Embajadores – Otros recursos

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