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July 16, 2009. 2 Thierry Mugler Perfume: Goals and Objectives Develop a community site that provides the base for the world’s first global digital fragrance.

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1 July 16, 2009

2 2 Thierry Mugler Perfume: Goals and Objectives Develop a community site that provides the base for the world’s first global digital fragrance launch Execute on Thierry Mugler and Johannes Leonardo’s creative vision Partner with a digital publisher that excels in: Aesthetics & Design Global Support and Footprint Functionality & Features Targeting Audience Distribution and Media Promotion Content Aggregation

3 3 The New AOL: Goals and Strategic Areas of Focus OUR GOAL Deliver best-in-class consumer experiences 5 STRATEGIC AREAS OF FOCUS Advertising Content Communications Local/Mapping Ventures CORE UNDERLYING PRINCIPLES DiversityGlobalMobile

4 4 A Shared Vision It’s an exciting time for both Thierry Mugler and AOL. With the launch of his new F3 fragrance, Thierry is perfectly poised to reinforce his position as an icon in the fashion and beauty industry and inspire women all over the world. In the same respect, AOL is launching into a new era with a clear focus and strategic vision to take them into the new year and beyond. Our industries may be different, but our ultimate goal is similar: to deliver best-in-class experiences and content to a global audience. Together we can achieve success. Aesthetics & Design Access to talented designers and developers who have decades of experience and have produced award- winning sites Global Support and Footprint Leverage our tremendous reach to connect with 176MM or 91% of the US online audience and millions more across our global properties Functionality & Features Develop exciting features from community environments to mobile to offline events Targeting Audience Utilize our extensive targeting capabilities and insights to connect with women 18-49 years old Distribution and Media Promotion Employ media and programming channels to generate awareness and buzz for the new F3 launch Content Aggregation Incorporate premium content and tools that keep women coming back time and time again Why AOL?

5 5 Site Development

6 6 Encourage self-expression across a variety of passion points Inspire women to define their mood, express themselves, and connect with others though “moodboards” across AOL Channels can be created across a number of AOL living sites (Stylelist, That's Fit, AisleDash, ShelterPop and ParentDish) and can also be featured on the F3 site. Participating sites can feature a moodboard of the day, week or month, depending on the scope of the F3 program. Happy, hopeful, cheerful, creative…whatever their mood, consumers will be able to share how they feel through a dynamic “moodboard” experience. AOL will create a new multi-platform tool that enables users to define their mood and create their own "moodboards“ - a visual interpretation of what they love or are inspired by at any given moment. Express Your Mood The Moodboard tool can be used by people with a wide range of passions, from a fashion or beauty obsessed shopper who is putting together a representation of her summer style must-haves to a bride working out the color palette for her wedding. She may feel like combining a selection of photos that remind her of the vacation she just finished or simply portray her mood of the day. Whatever her state of mind, opportunities for self-expression are endless. Tell Your Story Using a simple interface, consumers will be able to drag and drop photos from a large database into a template that they can customize with different colors and photo sizes Moodboards may be printed, posted to their wall, shared with friends via email, or uploading onto their facebook profile DIY MOODBOARDS

7 7 Bring your brand message and vision to life At AOL, design is a strategic asset and a core differentiator for our network of more than 70+ niche branded web sites. Each brand is unique and tailored for our audience providing an engaging sense of style, aesthetics and user experience. AOL will apply this same mentality and attention to detail in the design and development of the F3 site and vision. This holistic experience will include: Branded F3 Website Innovative Programming Experiences Viral/social media concepts Community elements Mobile Apps Offline Events Promotional Platforms Multi-lingual capabilities Open source publishing environment

8 8

9 9 Reach Your Target Audience 91 % (176MM) of the US online audience and has tremendous international reach Among women 18-49 years old, Platform-A connects with 52MM unique visitors or 9 out of 10 women in this set Platform-A reaches


11 11 Global Reach: North America US 90.4% CANADA 84.7% Platform-A Reach #1 REACH TO U.S. INTERNET USERS REACH 90% OF U.S. LATINOS; 18M LATINOS IN THE U.S TOTAL Audience189MM Unique Visitors171MM Pages Viewed137MM ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING (vertical rank) #1 AOL MUSIC (IN UV’S) BLACK VOICES ASYLUM STYLELIST AOL TELEVISION #2 AOL MONEY & FINANCE AOL MOVIEFONE TMZ AOL LATINO #3 AOL LIVING HOROSCOPES SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES, reaching 89% of U.S. internet users TACODA Outsearch SEM and Feeds AOL Search & Marketplace AOL.COM

12 12 Global Reach: Europe Platform-A Reach REACH IN E.U.: 58.9% REACH ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES TACODA Outsearch SEM and Feeds FRANCE 64.7% GERMANY 65.7% UK 85.1% SPAIN 62.7% NETHERLANDS 63.9% FINLAND 78.4% NORWAY 76.5% SWEDEN 73.5% DENMARK 71.7% UNIQUE VISITORS Europe158MM UK30MM France20MM Germany23MM Spain10MM Netherlands7MM Denmark2MM Sweden4MM Finland2MM Norway2MM UKAOL UK, Asylum, AOL Games, Autoblog FRANCEAOL France, Asylum, AOL Games, Autoblog GERMANYAOL Germany, Asylum, AOL Games, Autoblog, Engadget SPAINAOL Spain, Spinner, Cinematical, Fanaticos, Autoblog, Engadget NETHERLANDSAOL Netherlands, Spinner, Cinematical DENMARKAOL Denmark SWEDENAOL Sweden FINLANDAOL Finland NORWAYAOL Norway ITALYAOL Italy, Asylum POLANDAOL Poland, Spinner, Cinematical, Engadget SWITZERLANDAOL Switzerland AUSTRIAAOL Austria, Asylum BELGIUMAOL Belgium IRELANDAOL Ireland CZECH REPUBLICAOL Czech Republic TURKEYAOL Turkey RUSSIAAOL Russia


14 14 Distribution and Promotion CREATE BUZZ and generate awareness for Thierry Mugler’s new fragrance in a variety of ways Viral Marketing Programming Channels Supporting Media SEO Public Relations/ Offline Events Facebook Twitter AIM Stylelist That's Fit AisleDash ShelterPop ParentDish US Media: Stylelist, That's Fit, AisleDash, etc. Global Media Targeted Media

15 15 Site Development AOL will partner with Thierry Mugler and the Johannes Leonardo creative team throughout the development process Discovery and Definition Information Architecture/Wireframes Creative Development Implementation/Programming Pre-Launch Deployment/QA Hosting and Maintenance


17 17

18 18 Talent and Creative Expertise About Key Experiences Key Experiences is an interactive rich media agency at AOL that works laterally across all of AOL's 70+ editorial web sites on rich media capabilities, syndication strategies and high value ad integrations. The team is made up of many talented designers and developers from the leading boutique agencies. Creative Leadership Spotlight Sun Sachs, VP Key Experiences During his tenure at AOL, Sun Sachs has designed and developed interactive products and experiences that have engaged consumers, generated billions of page views and created new platforms for display advertising. Throughout his decade long career in rich media Sun has worked across most consumer and B2B categories for such notable clients as Coty Beauty, Verizon, Mercedes Benz, Coca Cola, Subway, Target, Daffys, Nokia, Trident, Degree, Ford, Intel, HP, eBay and Microsoft. Sun has been awarded numerous accolades including: Webbys, Adobe's site of the day and an Emmy nomination for an online music video countdown show called Top 11.

19 19 PopEater Green Inspirations Overview MediaGlow studios takes you behind the scenes at major events and venues like the Academy Awards with renowned environmental NRDC scientist, Allen Hershkowitz as he works with celebrities and organizers to “green” each event. Integrated into AOL’s full featured event coverage, these green segments will be distributed via an interactive widget placed throughout the AOL network of web sites across entertainment, living and on AOL’s environmental blog Green Daily. Timing: Quarterly Budget: $410K/quarter

20 20 Zeitgeist Overview Zeitgeist is new concept for a streaming video-based show set in our studios in which the topics being discussed change every 15 minutes or less. Our entertainment editors will use search technology to identify the latest trends on the web and then discuss them with the community in real-time using streaming video, web cameras, and Kiosks located in key locations (e.g. Times Square). Timing/Budget: TBD

21 21 Intel Top 100 Videos Widget Intel Overview The AOL Music Top 100 Videos Widget is a user syndicated content product that gives users the ability to play the Top 100 most watched videos on AOL Music. The widget also features integrated book marking, personalization and sharing. Flight: Quarterly Budget: $300K Verizon Mock Sold Intel Execution

22 22 Coke Fuze Coke Fuze Overview CMO of Coke Fuze approved the creative on first review and instructed the other partners to use AOL’s direction for the entire online campaign The AOL campaign generated a record breaking 50 Million PVs in just four weeks The Coke Fuze campaign renewed our relationship with Coke and their agency and opened many doors with other clients and prospects The interactive widget was viewed 20M times The campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of cross-network collaboration across the all the AOL & TW properties Timing: 1 month Budget: $850K Fuze Hub:

23 23 Caress Your Style Caress Overview Caress wanted to tie their bath products and fashion together to reach their target audience, so we made skin 'Your Ultimate Fashion Statement’ The Caress Your Style site has multiple areas of engagement including a video series with Carson Kressley, weekly fashion and skin tips, instant win and sweeps to Fashion Week in NYC, avatar experience, and Caress product information Timing: 3/9/09 – 11/11/09 Production Budget: $300K Caress Your Style Hub:

24 24 HP The Computer Is Personal Again HP Overview Extending the successful "The Computer is Personal Again" campaign, the promotions team developed the digital/online experience of the Serena Williams version of the HP campaign. Timing: Ongoing Production Budget: $125K HP/Serena Experience:

25 25

26 26 Platform-A Reach UK 85.1% Unique Visitors 30MM Core technologies TACODA Outsearch SEM and Feeds Original Programming AOL UK Asylum AOL Games Autoblog Global Reach: UK

27 27 Platform-A Reach Unique Visitors 20MM Core technologies TACODA Outsearch SEM and Feeds Original Programming AOL France Asylum AOL Games Autoblog FRANCE 64.7% Global Reach: France

28 28 Platform-A Reach GERMANY 65.7% Unique Visitors 23MM Core technologies TACODA Outsearch SEM and Feeds Original Programming AOL Germany Asylum AOL Games Autoblog Engadget Global Reach: Germany

29 29

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