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Data Specification Buildings KEN INSPIRE Workshop INSPIRE Theme Buildings Status after consultation and testing.

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1 Data Specification Buildings KEN INSPIRE Workshop INSPIRE Theme Buildings Status after consultation and testing

2 Plan of presentation General methodology Modelling approach Consultation and testing

3 General process INSPIRE TWG Drivers Use cases User requirements Data specification Constraint Existing data Support Standards Best practices Reference documents

4 Main reference documents Existing data At national level –Topographical view –Cadastral view At local level –Lack of overview –Existence of 3D data Detailed information about existing data available

5 Main reference documents Standards Eurostat classfication of buildings and constructions LADM (Land Administration Domain Model) Strong influence of City GML (mainly for the modelling of 3D data) –Building model at different levels of detail ?

6 Use cases Safety Urban expansion Environment Infrastructures Census - Statistics Communication – Public awareness Natural risks (flood, fire, earthquake, landslide) Human risks (transport) Prevention / rescue management Definition of urban areas Urbanism planning and monitoring Pollutions (air, noise, sol) Quality of habitat Sustainable buildings (energy, …) Historical interest Location for new infrastructure Infrastructure management Public patrimony management and valorisation Risk / travel maps City mapsThematic / tourism maps 3D models Census Urban units Environmental statistics / Reporting

7 Harmonisation of interest for European user(s) Harmonisation of interest for national/local user(s) INSPIRE Directive/GCM International use cases European Directives/initiatives Local use cases Widely available Rarely available inspireId beginLifespanVersion endLifespanVersion OtherConstruction heightAboveGround elevation specificInterest constructionNature numberOfFloors currentUse dateOfConstruction name dateOfRenovation externalReference numberOfDwellings Association to CP heightBelowGround numberOfFloorsBelowGround materialOfStructure materialOfRoof materialOfFacade openGroundFloor roofType Association to AD officialArea officialValue conditionOfConstruction document dateOfDemolition energyPerformance BuildingUnit Building/BuildingPart numberOfBuildingUnits

8 Profile approach Basic semantic Rich semantic 2D geometryCore 2D profile (normative) Extended 2D profile (illustrative) 3D geometryCore 3D profile (normative) Extended 3D profile (illustrative)

9 Extension of scope INSPIRE Directive: geographical location of buildings Use cases => need for constructions, not only building TWG BU description: “Considered as under scope of the theme Buildings are covered constructions above and/or underground which are intended or used for the shelter of humans, animals, things, the production of economic goods or the delivery of services and that refer to any structure permanently constructed or erected on its site.”

10 Core 2D profile 1) Scope of theme has been extended: inclusion of constructions (elevated construction, bridges, …) 2) Common attributes OtherConstruction and AbstractBuilding under feature type AbstractConstruction 3) Only 3 instantiable feature types -Building -BuildingPart -OtherConstruction 1 2 3

11 Core 2D profile BuildingPart This building may be considered as aggregation of 3 BuildingParts

12 2D Extended profile 1) Link to cadastral parcels and to addresses 2) Additional attributes –About building architecture –About building management (cadastral data) 3) New feature type: BuildingUnit, subdivision of building regarding management aspects 1 3 2

13 3D Core profile Based on LoD 1 of City GML (the simplest one)

14 3D Extended profile Based on: –Levels of detail 1, 2 and 3 of building model in City GML (descriptions + or – detailed of building exterior) –Possibility to attach textures (simplification of City GML appearance profile) 3D Extended profile is a reservoir of possible extensions for 3D data

15 Results from consultation 459 comments Countries implied in the review of INSPIRE specifications for theme Building

16 Next steps 24-25 November: TWG BU meeting February 2012: version v2.9 (DS) March 2012: internal review, last X-theme harmonisation April 2012: – version 3 (DS) –answers to comments End 2012: Implementing Rule voted 2013: Implementing Rule published

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