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Centre for Information Technology (CIT) Pavla Lokajová Technical department.

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1 Centre for Information Technology (CIT) Pavla Lokajová Technical department

2 Services and IS Operation of information systems Computer network services Technical administration of PC Services of editorial centre

3 IS user accounts (2 types) information system of study agenda (STAG) Account into other systems, for example Portal, students´ mail, Moodle, Novell services

4 Account settings Login = personal study number (R01234) Password = x followed by birth certificate number (x ) Validity = 180 days

5 Novell services Login to net, Storing users data and access to them from Internet, Access to shared data (e.g. study materials), Placing personal web pages. To access data in Novell net is possible: From computers in University of Ostrava classrooms, From Internet – through web interface ( or through FTP (

6 electronic address: web interface on clients (MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.)

7 STAG – Study Agenda IS Contents: Important data kept about students – personal data, subjects, gained credits and marks, exams, etc., Information about study programmes, study subjects, plans, subjects, Workplaces – faculties, departments, institutes, Information about entrance tests, Evaluation – rating of education quality, Other data necessary for information system operation.

8 STAG – access From any place through web interface (on address – links into study agenda), From computer classrooms of University of Ostrava, Some information is possible to view through University of Ostrava portal (on address)

9 Functions accessible from STAG Pre-registration (selecting of subjects, which students will study), Registering on exam terms (only from web interface), Viewing (information about study plans, subject handouts, programmes and subject fields, only from web interface). Student, who studies more study programmes, has more study numbers, and also more user accounts.

10 Portal for release of information/news for students and staff of University of Ostrava entrance gate into some other internal information systems (IS STAG, students’ mail, dormitories, canteens, electronic student’s record book, student’s bank account, etc.) home page of Portal:

11 Moodle e-learning Accessible on For login use your user name and password for Novell net (same as and portal) Using depends on tutor

12 ID cards Student can choose one of two types of ID card: ID card of University of Ostrava, ID card of University of Ostrava with ISIC licence. The main use of ID cards is: Use of catering system in OU student's canteen, Use of University library services – card serves as reader's card, Authorization to enter selected University classrooms (that is for example some PC classrooms), ISIC card enables its user to set up a claim to price reduction in different firms and organizations.

13 eduroam international computer network at University of Ostrava only wireless

14 eduroam settings SSID eduroam cypher mode WPA + TKIP EAP protocol PEAP + MSCHAP-v2 username: radius servers:, set password at

15 eduroam coverage buildings IT, UK, A, B, V, P, D, DM, R, F, E, G, H, K, L

16 eduroam documents & downloads

17 Dormitories in Hladnov and Vítkovice Users need valid Novell account for login on valid registration - IP address for proper destination /Hladnov, Vitkovice/ on PC with OS supporting: 802.1x authorization for Hladnov (Windows XP or 2000 or Vista, Linux) PPTP VPN for Vitkovice (Windows XP or 2000 or Vista, Linux) to pay (100 CZK / month)

18 Dormitories - contacts Student administrators: Hladnov: Ivan Haška, Vítkovice: Martin Petrek, Helpdesk: CIT network administrator phone:

19 Technicians support to end users – PC maintain and service computer classrooms and study rooms Helpdesk:

20 Technical support contacts Service / ISHelpdesk telephone STAG (Study Agenda) and other IS 1147 Accounts, login 1115 Novell services, ID Moodle on building

21 CIT building – Bráfova 5

22 CIT English pages

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