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Bank Alfalah Limited The Caring Bank A Brand Journey Best Practices Day 2009 Presented by: Sirajuddin Aziz CEO- Bank Alfalah limited.

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1 Bank Alfalah Limited The Caring Bank A Brand Journey Best Practices Day 2009 Presented by: Sirajuddin Aziz CEO- Bank Alfalah limited

2 Contents Beginning the Transformation Experiencing The Prime Growth Bank Alfalah A Service Business –Market Segmentation Bank Alfalah: –Brand Image –Brand Goals –Brand Framework –The Logo / Grid –Brand Promise –Core Values Brand Clarity Road Map Towards An excelling Brand Emphasis On Brand Experience Our Strategy Way Forward 2

3 Beginning The Transformation From HCEB to Bank Alfalah limited Bank Alfalah limited was founded in 1997, following the privatization of Habib Credit & Exchange Bank. 3

4 Bank Alfalah The Dhabi Group has a very strong and an ever-growing business presence in the Middle East. Bank Alfalah, under the visionary leadership of H.H Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan has seen growth by leaps and bound: Investment exceeding USD 10 billion into Pakistan Significant contribution in building and strengthening both corporate and retail banking in Pakistan Currently the 5 th largest bank operating in Pakistan Provides exceptional services through 284 branches nationwide and plan to expand the network to 321 branches by year end December 2009. Expanded regionally in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bahrain. 4

5 5

6 A Service Business- Market Segmentation We define ‘Market Segments’ through research Identifies them for complete demographics and physiographic Gives a clear understanding of penetration objectives for a certain segment Our Call Center Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Structure has been helpful in identifying the segmentation Such segmentation has allowed the Bank to steer its Brand positively in the minds of its target market through in depth knowledge of their circumstances 6

7 The Caring Bank A Service Business (continued) 7

8 Bank Alfalah Brand Image is created in the mind of consumers by –Specific qualities –Delivering promises –Slogans –The brand name –The logo The most important exercise in developing the Brand Image of a bank is making an intangible product or service more tangible - and easier to differentiate and communicate “Bank Alfalah has created a sophisticated yet approachable image” 8 Brand Image 8

9 (continued) Bank Alfalah uses a ‘Penetration Marketing Strategy’ It focuses on ordinary customer as well as on a niche clients Our Brand Promise, “The Caring Bank”, has been fortified in the minds of customers through real practices The evolution of the brand has been occurred in sync with the evolution of its clientele A properly implemented brand strategy has provided a clear and consistent differentiation in the competitive arena 9

10 The Grid consists of Blue, Gold & White colors and provides a corporate and sophisticated frame for Bank Alfalah’s communication Royal Blue:Describes Royalty, Prosperity. Mustard Gold: It marks progress, Creativity It also projects an advantageous and favorable image White White:The achromatic color of great lightness depicts stately quality and precision The Logo / Grid 10

11 1.Alfalah signature is a graphic representation of the Bank and the core values for which it stands. 2.It is formed through a combination of the three most important visual elements of the bank, i.e. 1.the Bank Alfalah symbol, 2.the English word-mark and 3.the Arabic word-mark. 3.The Arabic word-mark used above the English depicts the Arab origin of the Bank’s parent company, i.e. The Abu Dhabi Group. 4.The logo is also embedded with an inherent meaning, wherein ‘Falah’ literally translates to ‘Progress’ 4.The symbol visually depicts the bank’s global vision of development and growth. 5.Together, the logo represents the growth and progress (continued) 11

12 ‘The Caring Bank’ The following points come to a customer’s mind with such a brand promise: Easy approach to all departments Feeling of self respect and security Acquaintance Guaranteed profit and fulfillment of dreams Brand Promise 12

13 Trust Confidence Faith, Reliance, Belief Hope Trust for sponsors investing in our country Customers invest their TRUST in our Bank Trust of the Management in its employees The Caring Bank – 3 Core Values 13

14 Commitment The act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action Commitment by the Bank to serve our customers Commitment of management for providing continuous innovative products and services Commitment of the Employees towards the organization. 14

15 Commitment: Range of Products (continued) 15

16 Responsibility A form of trustworthiness; The trait of being answerable to someone for something Responsibility of being custodians of our customers financial Assets Responsibility of contributing to our Country & Community CSR, Philanthropy & Sports 16

17 Brand Clarity The essence of our working philosophy is “TO SERVE FROM THE HEART“ translated into our Brand Promise “THE CARING BANK” Our Brand values are –Trust, –Commitment & –Responsibility Our values are towards our stake holders, our customers, employees, investors and the communities we serve in. These 3 Core Values are also solid sub-brand promise, one that our brand has succeeded in keeping Our brand objective is to enhance and provide adequate leverage. We need to be clear, consistent, integrated and focused towards our future 17

18 Responsibility: CSR, Sports and Philanthropy Its has been a primary concern of Bank Alfalah to ensure continuous contribution to the community development Bank Alfalah’s CSR entity is well recognized among the corporate and other sectors in Pakistan Bank Alfalah is committed to the renovation, restoration and promotion of socially beneficent goals and objectives The Bank has proven its loyalty to Pakistani nationals, a loyalty which is returned through an equal amount of loyalty to the brand (continued) 18

19 1.For the last 11 years, Bank Alfalah has sponsored a range of sports activities for men, women, children and professionals. 2.These sports activities includes Cricket Tennis Motor sports Golf Polo Traditional wresting, athletics 3.The Bank has been generously donating to non-profit institutions working on improving healthcare and education in Pakistan 4.The Bank has been a major sponsor for upgrading and maintaining civil infrastructure in major cities of Pakistan. (continued) 19

20 Sports Imperative and Branding (continued) 20

21 Sports Imperative and Branding (continued) 21

22 Road Map Towards An Excelling Brand 2008 Consistency 2009 Integrate  Standardized Corporate Identity with guidelines on Brand communication  Developing guidelines for Critical Touch Points of the Bank  Centralize Product Development & Product Strategy  Standardization of Branches  Align strategic intent with value centers  Introduce refreshed Corporate ID & focused towards the essence of our identity 2010 Enhance & Leverage  Enhance the Corporate Value  Leverage the Right Customer Experience 2006-07 Clarity  Centralized brand marketing  Clarity on essence, values & objectives on the brand  Identified & validated brand issues Solidity  Identified & clear goals  Stability through equity  Product & Service Innovation 1996-2006 22

23 Transition… 23

24 2007 – 10 th Anniversary 24

25 Emphasis on Brand Experience Impact Market Penetration Share of wallet Validation Quality Service Value Promise Brand Image Emotional connection with the brand PerceptualExperiential Usage

26 Our Strategy We defined a Brand Personality which we wanted others to perceive about us – “The Caring Bank” This overall Brand Personality is based on “CARE”. Thus the whole communication, products, services and brand experience revolves around this core perception. However the communication strategy, medium and manner may change from segment to segment Initiatives were taken so that people perceive what we want them to perceive, i.e. “The Caring Bank”. This is almost like touching their hearts and souls We achieved such a feat by moulding our identity into their identity, by showing them that we are their own bank, we have to think like them and appreciate what they do 26

27 (continued) We relate care to all branding practices with main areas of concentration being: –Branch Ambiance and Comfort –Products & Services –Communication –HR Development & Training –Community Development & Heritage –CSR & Sports These areas will be further emphasized in relation to the main Brand. However, Marketing Communications will select the right activity according to the target segment. Marketing Communications as a carrier to achieve penetration, all aspects will be explored to finalize a complete and all encompassing symphony of communication targets 27

28 Way Forward A brand strategy has been formed to migrate advertising from “promotion centric” to “brand centric” Capitalize on Bank Alfalah’s customer perception of a modern and a progressive bank Expedite focus on technology based convenience – ATMs, Phone Banking, Branchless Banking, Internet Banking and E- Statements etc. Aggressively pursue database marketing to cross sell more products to existing customers (across consumer & branch banking) Focus on telephone wait time and clarity and transparency of credit card statements whilst improving ATM up time 28

29 29

30 ……the journey Continues! Thank You 30

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