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TravelWatch SouthWest MetroWest - from concept to delivery James White 4 October 2014.

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1 TravelWatch SouthWest MetroWest - from concept to delivery James White 4 October 2014

2 MetroWest

3 Background Rail growth – 10.7% 2013, 94% 10 years, 1m SVBL Earlier rail strategies Joint Local Transport Plans – Portishead and Greater Bristol Metro Portishead GRIP Stage 3 Regional Funding Allocation Campaign groups Many aspirations….

4 Aspirations What to do? Don’t look back!

5 Rail Conference Nov 2011 Eminent speakers DfT, Network Rail, First Great Western, TravelWatch South West Set the scene for Workshop Identify Top Three priorities Rail tour of the local network courtesy of First Great Western

6 Top Trains Trumps Prioritise Top Three schemes Value for money and business case £70m budget (£400m+ worth of schemes) Package schemes up West of England focus 45 minutes

7 Results – Priorities! 1.Greater Bristol Metro – half hourly cross Bristol services to all stations 2.Portishead line reopened 3.Additional rolling stock Thin, even spread for 25 other schemes.

8 West of England Rail Studies 2012-13 First study – conference plus 68! Including: -Thornbury line -Badminton, Bathampton, Charfield, Flax Bourton, St Annes Park, Winterbourne, Chipping Sodbury stations -Radstock to Frome line -Platform and car park extensions Great Western Franchise consultation

9 MetroWest

10 Project Objectives Support economic growth Improve accessibility Improve quality of life Reduce traffic congestion Enhance capacity of the local rail network Reduce environmental impact Links to other major schemes including MetroBus


12 MetroWest Phase 1 Cost £58.2m, £56.9m in place Construction 2017 to opening 2019 £1.5m development costs budget 2014/15 Previous GRIP 3 work refreshed MetroWest modelling incl. Crossrail Iteration 5 GRIP Stage 1 – 2 and Preliminary Business Case, Sept 2014 Portishead station locations consultation June/July 2014 All new stations accessible

13 MetroWest Phase 2 Cost £43.1m, opening 2021 £0.6m development costs 2014/15 GRIP Stage 1-2 and Business Case briefs published end June 2014 (Henbury Line loop with spur test and freight issues) North Fringe Stations study (incl. Henbury Line) – March 2014 Bristol New Stations Study (Ashley Down and Horfield) – late 2014 Decision on single option to take to GRIP Stage 3, March 2015

14 New Stations Package

15 Endorsement Joint Transport Executive Committee 7/03/12 Phase 1 and 2 agreed for franchise consultation JTEC 12/12/12 development costs Phase 1 and 2 agreed Local Transport Body 14/06/13 prioritised Phase 1 for post 2015 major transport scheme funding Strategic Economic Plan key priority Joint Transport Body 12/09/14 endorsed Preliminary Business Case

16 Preliminary Business Case Value for money, commercial footing, financially affordable and deliverable in 2019 Two service options with same infrastructure Clock face timetable BCR 2.28 to 5.99 Total cost including development costs = £58.2m with 30% contingency Annual subsidy £1.141m to £1.765m More technical work on costs and revenues for Outline Business Case, October 2015 and Great Western Franchise Direct Award

17 Risks Funding – capital and revenue Third party delivery – Network Rail and TOCs Business Cases not strong “Mission creep” But we’ve got development costs, bulk of Phase 1 construction costs, technical case and priorities

18 Dates and funding Phase 1 opens 2019, cost £58.2m Phase 2 opens 2021, cost £43.1m £81.4m devolved major transport scheme funding £11.7m Local Growth Fund Revenue and Direct Award

19 Key points Building a modern local railway Realistic, pragmatic, affordable Need lots of passengers! £5m+ a station (10,000 catchment) Rolling stock (£0.75m per extra train unit) Long trip But 2 new lines, up to 10 new stations and ½ hourly services

20 MetroWest

21 21 What we have to do! Summary of Engineering Works Needed Rebuild the Portishead to Pill Line Closure of historic crossings New station at Portishead Reopen former station at Pill Double track works at Pill and Ashton Gate Investigate improvement of highway access to Pill tunnel Environmental mitigation measures Enhancement to Parson Street Junction Re-signalling the entire line between Temple Meads and Portishead Bathampton Turnback Additional signalling at Avonmouth station Partial reinstatement of Down Relief Line to assist recessing/regulation of freight trains

22 Between Marsh Lane and Sheepway Bridge (looking towards Sheepway)

23 Relaid section with concrete sleepers and rails dated 1974 between Portbury station and Royal Portbury Dock bridge


25 Infrastructure Needed in Pill

26 Parson Street Junction and Partial Reinstatement of the Down Relief Line

27 Portbury Junction from the Portishead Line – freight only line to Royal Portbury Dock curves off to the left and to the right to Pill and Bristol Temple Meads

28 To do – Phase 1 Historic crossings and footbridges, cycle path, noise barriers, maintenance access Development Consent Order for 4.5km of disused line Portishead station location Environmental Impact Assessment Outline and Full Business Cases GRIP Stage 3 to 8 Rolling stock Great Western Franchise


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