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PC-class performance from the market leader in digital signage media players.

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1 PC-class performance from the market leader in digital signage media players

2 BRIGHTSIGN SOLUTIONS Models are packaged for specific applications so you pay only for the features you need.

3 BRIGHTSIGN PRODUCT LINES PC-Class Performance. Brighter Bottom Line. Exceptionally powerful Ultra HD, ultra reliable Affordable quality BrightSign 4K includes all features of the XD & HD lines. BrightSign XD includes all the features of the HD line.

4 BRIGHTSIGN INTERACTIVE APPLICATIONS  Engage retail visitors with mobile and touch screen interactivity  Make mobile menu updates and switch specials using your iPad or iPhone and the BrightSign App  Make wayfinding simple with touch screen and swipe interactive displays built with HTML5 and displaying live feeds that can be changed instantly  Give recommendations & directions with interactive concierge kiosks and efficient wayfinding signage.  Facilitate communications on campus and provide real-time messaging to inform students of department news, events, and even emergencies  Reduce perceived wait time in banks with in-branch promotions of your brand, products and services  Create a virtual banker with selectable real-time rates, quotes and stock market prices and products/services  Engage and educate museum visitors in unique ways with interactive exhibits using motion sensors, levers, lighting, touch, audio controls and more  Control the show including video, imagery, lighting and audio with BrightSign’s vast I/O ports  Provide valuable health and wellness information in an engaging format with interactive kiosks Touch/Swipe GPIO, Serial, IR & USB Interactivity BrightSign App HTML5 Live Feeds UDP Control

5 SWIPE & TOUCH Engage your audience with the popular swipe interactivity  Easily add single touch interactivity using BrightAuthor’s intuitive interactive playlists  Include swipe interactivity within HTML5 content  Create unique product demonstrations that let customers experience your products first-hand using familiar gestures

6 GPIO, USB, SERIAL INTERACTIVITY Engage your audience with interactive devices and controls  Trigger playback from virtually any type of interactive device you can dream up!  Touch screens, barcode scans, motion sensors, RFID, GPIO and USB button controls, IR remote controls, serial devices, keyboards, mice and more  Demonstrate product operations  Deliver coupons, pricing and details on merchandise  Educate and inform visitors  Easily create Interactive Playlists using the Free BrightAuthor PC software

7 LIVE FEEDS Link to virtually any live data and media feed available to display in your signage. Live Text Integrate these real-time text fields to your signage and instantly update messaging without republishing the presentation. Perfect for menu board pricing, waitlists, transportation schedules and more 3 rd party schedule and data feeds Connect to virtually any database to display up to the minute details. Perfect for flight timetables, event schedules, corporate statistics and more MRSS feeds keep your signage up to date Link to and display popular news, finance, weather, sports feeds and more Twitter & Flickr feeds Link to social media feeds such as twitter and Flickr to keep your signage relevant and fresh

8 UDP CONTROLS Remotely control and interact with your digital signs via Ethernet or wirelessly Deliver emergency messaging Control digital signs remotely to immediately deliver emergency messaging Show controlling Control the show with UDP or serial controls to power and manage media playback, control AV devices such as projectors, lighting, audio systems and integrate with other show controllers (AMX, Crestron, Alcorn, etc.) Interact with signage via mobile devices Interact with digital signs using mobile devices to download coupons or learn more about products Integrate with databases Tap into databases to view inventory, statistics, pricing or even a jukebox of content to control music and video playback

9 BRIGHTSIGN APP Instant signage updates have never been so easy  The BrightSign App offers a simple and secure interface on your iPad or iPhone to make signage changes on the fly:  Update text such as pricing or descriptions  Change an image or special  Switch the entire display such as changing from breakfast to lunch menu  This app is perfect for menu board updates, retail installations, emergency messaging and more!  The BrightSign App offers simple and secure signage updates using your iPad or iPhone:  Select any BrightSign player connected to a local network  Change user variables (menu items, pricing, etc.) for the current presentation  Trigger presentation events (specials) via UDP commands

10 BRIGHTAUTHOR SOFTWARE Free PC software for creating and publishing signage content using intuitive templates and tools  All-inclusive. Provides access to all BrightSign features and functions that can be implemented into presentations.  Create. Design Full HD and 4K playlist as well as interactive presentations in full-screen or multi-zone layouts.  Preview. Review presentation playback before publishing.  Publish. Automatically build a complete presentation packet ready to play on BrightSign including content, playlists, controls and scheduling.  Network. Easily distribute, monitor, manage and update your network of digital signs.

11 AUTHOR & PREVIEW BrightAuthor brings BrightSign features to life  A turnkey content creation ecosystem from start to finish  Choose from preset screen layouts or create custom ones using multiple content zones  Create a playlist that matches your needs: looping media, interactive and dynamic playlists  Add virtually any type of content: video, images, audio, HTML5, IP streams, live feeds, Live HDTV, Live Text and more  Use the new Sign Preview feature to get a sneak peek of how your signage will display on-screen

12 BRIGHTSIGN IS THE RIGHT CHOICE Everything you need for sophisticated digital signage.  Powerful Performance And Reliability  Designed exclusively for digital signage, BrightSign’s slim OS delivers superior signage capabilities and exceptional Full HD video quality with a solid-state platform you can depend on.  Easy To Use, Sophisticated Features  Get dynamic results without difficulty with BrightSign’s abundance of sophisticated and easy-to-use features.  All Inclusive Options  Free BrightAuthor software and networking solutions are included, with an option to subscribe to BrightSign Network, a cloud-based service that frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own network.

13  Non-PC, solid-state device with no moving parts to fail  Won’t overheat  Compact enough to install on/near the display  Purpose-built OS for digital signage  Open standards to easily customize or integrate with POS BRIGHTSIGN ADVANTAGES OVER PC-BASED SOLUTIONS Very Affordable  Includes software and networking solutions – no hidden fees!  Low power requirements  Easy to install & manage  Wide range of content support – build it once and use it often! (jpegs, H.264 video, HTML5, etc.)  High reliability results in little to no maintenance costs  Scalable – delivers simple & advanced features on a single platform High Reliability


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