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Impacts of the Flood on the Employer/Employee Relationship.

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1 Impacts of the Flood on the Employer/Employee Relationship

2 Elevated HR Solutions  Specialize in small and medium sized businesses  Considered an intermediate step between Google and a Lawyer  Built to mitigate risks and come up with creative solutions to employee situations

3 Agenda  Your rights and obligations as an employer  Your rights and obligations as an employee  Work Sharing Program  Labour Market Opinions (for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program)

4 Employer Rights & Obligations  Employers did not have to pay employee’s their regular wages during the flood (unless otherwise stipulated in the Employment Agreement)  Most Companies continued to pay Salary  Employers could terminate employees without paying notice (con: you will be without employees)  Employers can Temporarily Lay Off for 59 days. If they do not recall the employee, they must provide lieu of notice  Employers should fill out Records of Employment for all staff not working  You could ask Employees to work longer than 12 hours for flood related purposes (all OT pay must be paid)  You could ask employees to work at an alternative location  Check out Service Canada for more questions:

5 Employee Rights & Obligations  Employees can refuse unsafe work  Employees can apply for EI the minute they stop working (and should right away, they do not have to wait for an ROE)  They should apply online (it takes 60 minutes)  For more information about supports, go to:

6 Work Share Program  If you are experiencing a slow down due to the floods you can apply for the Work Share Program  An agreement to reduce an organization’s work force for a period of time, without impacting the employee too much  Businesses must apply to Service Canada  For flood related situations, the waiting period of 30 days is being waived  Businesses have until September 26 to apply  All employees must agree to the reduction in pay  Businesses must have at least 2 employees to be eligible  For more information go to:

7 Labour Market Opinions  If you are in need of employees, one option is to hire Foreign Workers  In order to do so, you need a Labour Market Opinion  Currently, the Government is waiving the 2 week recruitment phase of the program  Simply write “Urgent – Alberta Flood Relief” and they are approving applications within 2 – 3 days  For more info go to:

8 We’re willing to help (and yep, for free!) 403- 262-6910 Questions?

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