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VSN Quarterly Leadership Meeting January 15, 2014.

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1 VSN Quarterly Leadership Meeting January 15, 2014

2 Welcome

3 Brief introductions: Name and agency Anne: Survey update The Half Day Retreat and the October Quarterly meetings were very productive. Your ideas, thoughts, opinions and suggestions have been heard. And discussed at length by the Executive Committee. The questions raised at the retreat and last Quarterly meeting will be addressed today.

4 Overview Brief VSN History, Mission, Structure Executive committee responsibilities The Elephant in the Room VSN participation and VALE funds Quarterly format Leadership Topics Volunteers Finalize format and plan for April 2014 Future Topics

5 History: VS 2000 Project “The Denver Victim Services 2000 Project will develop and implement: A seamless, comprehensive, coordinated, interdisciplinary system of services for the crime victims of Denver Colorado. Special emphasis will be placed on outreach to previously unserved or underserved populations. The project will institutionalize cross training on victims issues throughout the criminal justice, community nonprofit, and allied professional communities. Advancement of applied technology will be a key factor in insuring improved services and information for the victims of crime in Denver.” Original mission statement

6 VS2000/VSN Core Values VSN’s core value that there is “no wrong door for victims of crime to seek support” ensures that all participating agencies maintain a victim- centered focus and encourages access to support services, no matter the route. Part of that victim focus is making it easy for victims to find services by ensuring that service providers receive up-to-date referrals and detailed information on emerging issues affecting the greater Denver community.

7 The Flower Model of Integrated Services

8 VSN Mission Revision ED Retreat March 2011 VSN is a collaborative network that connects and supports agencies and communities to provide innovative, seamless, and integrated services to victims of crime in Denver, CO. Goal 1: Victim Advocacy: Increase our efforts to serve individuals and neighborhoods that historically have been unserved and underserved. Goal 2: Sustainability and Support: Ensure that VSN continues to be a relevant entity by attracting new members, re-engaging existing members and facilitating technical and training support. Goal 3: Marketing/Public Awareness: Promote awareness of the different types of criminal victimization and its impact on our community. Goal 4 (new): Strategic Funding: Secure funding that brings comprehensive services to victims of crime based on a collaborative effort of VSN agencies; address funding issues relevant to member agencies in current economic climate.

9 Ongoing Collaboratives To Date VSN -CVAC: Crime Victims Advisory Council consists of survivors who review documents and participate in speaking opportunities. VSN-Technology Committee: Tech discussions & trainings, open to all VSN-NAC: Networking and Advocacy Committee for advocates and direct service providers VSN- Executive Committee VSN- Self Advisory Guide/Toolkit SAIC: Sexual Assault Interagency Council Legal Wraparound Grant DV, Triage, Rose A. Andom Center Child Maltreatment Protocols – DEC – Child Sex Abuse – Child Abuse CASE: Communities Against Senior Exploitation and the Denver Forensic Collaboration On hiatus: VSN Strategic Funding Task Force: Discussed grant strategies, collaboration, grant proposals and was open to all.

10 CVAC Crime Victims Advisory Council 60 presentations Colorado Judicial Department Victim Advocates, Probation Officials, and Management Denver District Adult Probation Offenders Betty K. Marler Female youth offenders between the ages of 13 to 22 Lookout Mountain Youth Services Male youth offenders between the ages of 13 to 23 Federal Bureau of Prisons Adult offenders Department of Corrections In 2013 Pre-Release Program Treatment Centers Universities and Higher Education (Regis University, Criminology; Johnson & Wales University, Criminology; Colorado Community College of Denver, Crisis Intervention) Colorado Circles of Accountability Training for administrators for offender management Legal Institutions Lakewood Police Department Case analysis for improvement Legislative issues for public safety

11 TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE Monthly meetings TECH NOW TRAININGS – Cloud technology – Social Media – Marketing planning – Database software – Free software sights – Webinars Tech Fair at COVA: 7 vendors plus 2 contributors VERIZON cell phone drive: Over 130 collected plus batteries and accessories.

12 NETWORKING AND ADVOCACY COMMITTEE (NAC) 2013 Field Trips: COVA, DOVE, DCCV, MHCD, Family Tree, The Blue Bench Training Topics: Infant mental health, Elder fraud and exploitation, Grant writing 101, Human trafficking, Drug endangered children, The Neural Science of Trauma in Relation to Service Provision

13 Executive committee responsibilities Review membership applications Visit potential new members Address VSN and ED participation Retreat planning Brainstorm training and educational topics Attend 2 monthly meetings between quarterly meetings. Support VSN staff as a sounding board between meetings. Keepers of VSN history Historically review emergency funding applications when funding is available. Historically review VSN generated projects (which includes other members) when funding is available.

14 Executive Committee Discussion Role and function Transparency Executive Committee Members Decision making Necessity Please email your Executive Committee guidelines feedback to Rebecca by January 24 th at

15 The Elephant in the Room I come because Steve says so. I only come because I want the VALE money. Steve holds the purse strings. DA’s office connection Favoritism and Fairness What are we going to do when Steve retires?

16 VSN quarterly participation and VALE funds How did the VALE dollars get tied to VSN participation? Would you come if the VALE $s were not attached to VSN? What are you willing to invest to better serve victims? Is it too much to ask? 2 hours every quarter? Who are we serving, really? Benefit of VSN staff infrastructure

17 Break Time How about a 10 minute stretch?

18 Rebuild or Remind? Do we really need to rebuild or just remind? How do we remind each other, reach out to one another and amongst each other so that victims are served in the best way possible? How do we better support each other? How will the core values move us into VSN 2020?

19 Quarterly Leadership Meetings and Leadership Topics

20 VSN Quarterly Leadership Meetings RECAP Why: – We meet because it is lonely to be in upper management without a support system – a place to network – share ideas and learn Who: Executive Directors and/or the leadership management person who has decision making capabilities.

21 Needs, Visions, Wants Now and Then RECAP Retreat and Quarterly Wants Leadership Succession Planning Trust Building Mentoring Social Opportunities Trainings for EDs Champions for VSN in the community (membership and orientation) Mass Tragedy Original VS2000 Core Visions Training and Cross Training Technology trainings Outreach Strategies Leadership

22 RECAP: Quarterly leadership meetings will remain in place. How would you like to format the meetings? Possible options: agendas set for the year: agendas set and created each time we meet additional monthly leadership topic meetings in between with reports at the quarterly leadership topic breakout sessions within the quarterly with a group report and training (an hour for each) Other Ideas?

23 RECAP Leadership Topics and Volunteers Leadership: Emily Tofte Nestaval, Mike Johnson, Samantha Thomas, Diana Chavez, Jenny Stith Social Opportunities: Karmen Carter, Michelle Spradling as support VSN Champions: Jon Asher (in a supporting role) Succession planning Trust Building ED trainings Mentoring/Orientation Mass Tragedy: Nancy Lewis, Scott Snow, Steve Siegel, CAVP representative, Metro Crisis Services, Ali Terry, DoraLee and outside agencies.

24 Recap for 2014 Everything is possible!

25 Future Discussion Topics

26 VSN Communication

27 To Check in or not Check in? Some people welcome the quarterly check ins and some people don’t. Ideas? Do agencies post their announcements on the forum before a quarterly meeting in a designated section on the forum? Do we post the leadership topic minutes on the website? Do we spend 30-60 minutes at the quarterly checking in? Do you have designated communication champion at your agency who shares your events, questions, activities? How do we involve your communication champions in the VSN communication stream (social media, website links, ?

28 To Forum or Not to Forum? Results from VSN communication survey (40 responses): – 50% say VSN communication is very important | 32.50% say important – Email is most preferred 38/40 – 70% have Facebook access – 67.50% agencies have a designated social media person

29 How do we weather the storms? How do we handle conflict? How do we move forward in the face of tragedy? How do we pull our resources together? How do we remind each other to connect?

30 Thank you for sharing your ideas, thoughts and your time with us. See you on April 16, 2014.

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