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FIA 2014 Plenary S3 - SDN-NFV: What can Research Networks offer? Dr. Heinrich J. Stüttgen, IEEE Fellow Vice President - NEC Laboratories Europe.

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1 FIA 2014 Plenary S3 - SDN-NFV: What can Research Networks offer? Dr. Heinrich J. Stüttgen, IEEE Fellow Vice President - NEC Laboratories Europe

2 Content 1.Who am I? – Where am I from? 2.GENI – The original US “Future Internet“ experimental network a)What it is? b)GENI Impact 3.EU FP7 Ofelia – A European OpenFlow-based Future Internet Testbed a)What it is? b)Ofelia: Status, Future and Impact 4.SDN/NFV & Experimental Research Networks – A Happy Couple? a)SDN and NFV - what it is? b)ETSI NFV PoC over NRENs? 5.5GPPP – A 5G Public Partnership Project 6.5G experimentation OTT of existing research infrastructures Opportunities and Challenges © NEC Corporation 2014 Page 2

3 Where I am from - NEC Laboratories Europe ▐Heading a lab with 100 leading researchers from all over Europe and world-wide in Heidelberg ▐Close links with leading European research institutes & universities ▐Collaboration with major industry in Europe, eg. network operators, ICT vendors, automotive, utilities…. ▐Research areas in NLE 4G/5G, Future Internet, SDN Cloud computing Security, Privacy & Performance Internet of Things (M2M) ITS and Green Telematics Smart Energy Standardization ▐NEC Laboratories Europe Kurfürstenanlage 36 D 69115 Heidelberg email: © NEC Europe Ltd. 2013 Page 3

4 NSF GENI – What it is? © NEC Corporation 2014 Page 4 ▐NSF GENI: Global Environment for Network Innovation ▐Virtual NSF-funded laboratory for exploring future internets at large scale Support experimentation at-large scale on shared, heterogeneous, highly instrumented network infrastructure; Enable programmability of infrastructure and services Provide collaborative and exploratory environments for academia, industry and the public to catalyze groundbreaking networking discoveries and innovation. ▐Continuous effort for providing a platform for networking research GENI started in 2007 and is still running Independent from individual projects – but used by many

5 GENI‘s Impact on Future Internet Technology © NEC Corporation 2014 Page 5 ●GENI fueled SDN evolution ●GENI supported and leveraged OpenFlow  Conceived at Stanford University to facilitate network virtualization  Flexible SW control and efficient HW switching  OpenFlow became the “ entry technology” towards SDN  First large-scale OpenFlow demo shown on GENI infrastructure ●Federated testbed – open to and used by other NSF projects ●Providing network slices to researchers and projects, e.g.,: ●Named Data Networking (ICN) ●MobilityFirst (generalizing DTN for mobile communications) ●etc

6 EU FP7 Ofelia – What it is? ▐EU FP7 project within FIRE ▐Started September 2010 ▐Duration: 3 years ▐10 partners + 2 after the 1 st & + 6 after the 2 nd d Open Call Industry partners: Deutsche Telekom, NEC, ADVA Optical Several academic institutions Stanford University as official US partner Nick McKeown, Guru Parulkar Control framework, architecture, experience ▐OFELIA created real-world experimental OpenFlow-based networking substrate Virtualization: automatic creation of slices Multi-domain extensions of controllers (for federation of islands) Extension into optical and wireless technologies 10 OpenFlow-enabled islands at academic institutions Page 6 © NEC Europe Ltd. 2013

7 OFELIA Status and Future ▐The OFELIA facility is available for free as a best-effort service Any user accepting the usage policy is welcome An experiment/slice consists of end points (virtual machines), OpenFlow switch resources, links between end points and switch ports Instructions, Wiki, Videos, Open Calls, PRs, etc.: http://fp7-ofelia.eu The control framework software is available as open-source ▐Status today Over 100 experiments done already on OFELIA; GN3plus Open Calls OFELIA is used by several EU projects (e.g. OFERTIE, FELIX, ALIEN, STRAUSS) Connectivity into and cooperations with OpenFlow testbeds/facilities in Americas and Japan No follow-up organization exists yet to sustain and coordinate infrastructure (“OFELIA Foundation Task-Force” set-up to prepare) Access to test bed may change to “members only” due to lack of funding ▐Next Steps: Cooperation with NRENs (e.g. GÉANT) for commercial use/deployment We need mechanisms to ensure sustainability of such a facility for more than 3 years to utilize already made investments © NEC Corporation 2014 Page 7

8 SDN & NFV © NEC Corporation 2014 Page 8 ●Software-Defined Networking  Enabling virtualization, experiments & fast introduction of new services  Network programmability ●Network Functions Virtualization  From closed hardware boxes to network functions in software  Automate configuration, deploy- ment, life-cycle management  Abstraction concept for federating different operational domains in one management and orchestration context ●NFV Status and Challenges  First VNF products are currently being rolled out by vendors  Different virtual NW infrastructure implementations per domain will arise  Consistent management and orchestration across domains is a challenge where NREN’s could play a leading role

9 SDN/NFV and NRENs* ▐Great opportunities for NRENs Provide large-scale experimentation platforms for developing applications, VNFs, new management & orchestration functions Experimental facilities like OFELIA and GENI, following the SDN/NFV paradigm have shown to be great platforms to foster application development and experimental network R&D … ▐Benefit of Network Virtualization Enable research experimentors and operators/ISPs to deploy new services and network functions on a European scale ▐Innovating for SDN, NFV and service orchestration Work with researchers to advance infrastructure management and orchestration tools – providing practical NREN requirements Using NREN infrastructure to prototype next-generation NFV management and Network Operating Systems * NREN = National Research and Education Networks © NEC Corporation 2014 Page 9

10 5GPPP – What it is? ●5G PPP: 5G Public Private Partnership called for in the H2020 LEIT WP LEIT : Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies LEIT ICT 14 – 2014: Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for the Future Internet first call for 5GPPP projects closing in Nov. 25, 2014 ●An industry driven Public Private Partnership in H2020 to adress key challenges of fifth generation (5G) networks, such as:  1000 times improved (wireless) access bandwidth,  convergence of fixed and mobile networks  drastically reduced OPEX through cognitive (self*) management techniques based on virtualization, programmability, automation, SW based orchestration  Preparing for and later including large scale demonstrators and testbeds leveraging where possible existing experimental facilities ●Preparation has started - 5G PPP Information Event at FIA ●March 20, 2014 at 14:00 – 16:30 at Room Diavlos ●Learn about 5G PPP program and ongoing preparations © NEC Corporation 2014 Page 10

11 5G Experimentation – OTT Trials and Testbeds ●5G Trials and Testbed Opportunities  5G networks will be based on virtualization and SDN  A good part of 5G network experiments and trials can be done over existing networks (OTT) utilizing virtualization and SDN approach  Promises a Cost efficient approach to large scale experimentation  Provides Short feedback loop from trial to R&D activities  NRENs can play an important role in 5G evolution ●Challenges  Ensure sustainability of experimental facilities over research networks  Federation of experimental islands  EU FIRE (LEIT ICT 11) can play a key role in establishing an infrastructure for large scale experimentation providing  Pan-European and wider international cooperation  An infrastructure across federating existing NRENs across Europe  Sustaining experimental facilities beyond individual FIRE Projects  Smooth transfer of experimental technologies into production in NRENs © NEC Corporation 2014 Page 11


13 SDN and NFV: A Flexible Ecosystem 13 SDN Applications Network OS Kernel OF Switch OF Ctrl SDN Libraries / Daemons... drivers OSS/TOMS Hypervisor SW Switch Datacenter Access/WAN/LAN NFV Platform Network OS SDN – enabled NW NWOS for NFV: Orchestration Automation Integration NFV + NWOS Platform for distributed applications APIs & SDN provide the glue in between Applications

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