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Hélène Bourdon. Outline Who am I? How to make a difference Mercy Ships charity Mercy Ships objective Mercy Ships solutions Why is using a ship important.

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1 Hélène Bourdon

2 Outline Who am I? How to make a difference Mercy Ships charity Mercy Ships objective Mercy Ships solutions Why is using a ship important Numbers that count Proposal to BD Summary The Clipper Race Navigations

3 Who am I? Hélène Bourdon, PhD Age: 32 Town: Grenoble, France Job: Project Quality Engineer for BD Hobby: after a first sailing experience 3 years ago, I started to work hard to become a real sailor Project: participate to the Clipper Round the World yacht race as crew member on the leg from New-York to London while supporting Mercy Ships Expectations: Do an offshore sailing race on amazing boats Live a physical and emotional adventure Meet extraordinary people from all around the world And, not the least, support charity: Mercy Ships Clipper Race

4 How to make a difference I’m part of Team Switzerland My skipper is the only female skipper Crew nationalities: Our boat supports Mercy Ships : A big, white, state-of-the-art hospital ship that delivers hope and healing to people around the globe living in dire circumstances. Our team goal for Mercy Ships is a target of USD 15,000 per leg, an amount sufficient to pay for 10 life-saving surgical interventions

5 Mercy Ships objective “We are shocked and distressed when we see the devastation and number of lives lost in a natural disaster. But there’s a tsunami of deaths in West Africa every day. People live in fear, hopelessness and desperation.” Don Stephens, P resident/Founder of Mercy Ships Children, teens, adults and the elderly suffer and die every day from curable or treatable causes. Every year, 6 million vulnerable children die from preventable diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia. One child in eight will die before age 5. The challenge is enormous, but don’t let the statistics numb you. Every number has a name, a face and a story. And they will break your heart. For more than 30 years, Mercy Ships and its committed partners and volunteers bring hope and healing to the world’s poor one life, one community and one nation at a time.

6 Mercy Ships solutions They are transforming lives one surgery, one medical treatment at a time Maxillofacial Plastic Reconstructive Orthopedic Women’s Health General Surgeries Eye Care Oral Health Mental Health Palliative Care Capacity Building Trained and formed local health care workers Since 1978 Mercy Ships has performed services valued at more than $1 billion, impacting more than 2.35 million people directly during more than 575 port visits in 54 developing nations and 18 developed nations... and still counting!

7 Why is using a ship important? More than 75% of the world's population lives within 100 miles of a port city. Many of those cities are in developing countries where access to adequate health care is limited or nonexistent. A ship is the most efficient platform to deliver a state-of-the-art hospital to those port cities. Many nations lack basic infrastructure services such as a clean water supply, reliable delivery of electricity, and medical facilities and personnel. A ship is a controlled, safe and clean environment ideally suited for serving patients Volunteers and patients thrive onboard the Africa Mercy where their basic needs are met.

8 Numbers that count Mercy Ships has delivered free services valued at more than $1 billion That includes 61,000 surgeries and 539,000 patients treated. In 2011, for example, Mercy Ships returned to Sierra Leone for its fifth visit in 20 years. During the port visit, the crew performed: 3,300 life-changing general surgeries More than 2,600 eye surgeries More than 34,700 dental treatment About 10,000 medical consultations In addition, the crew trained more than 450 local health-care professionals in anesthesiology, orthopedic and reconstructive surgery, midwifery and eye surgery.

9 Proposal to BD Organize a BD found collect around this adventure Collect money for Mercy Ships in Pont de Claix (my site), Franklin Lakes (Project Lead/marketing Site and Race departure) and Swindon (Industrial site and Race arrival) and other sites if possible Get a donation match commitment from BD If the 15 000 USD dollar are reached, I can do something extraordinary in reward (TBD) Official money donation from a BD representative to Mercy Ships on the Swiss boat in New-York North Cove marina beginning June 2014 Official ceremony covered by media Visit of the boat at the marina

10 Collect the USD 15,000 target for leg 8 for Mercy Ships Consider Mercy ships for BD charitable donations in $ or free medical device samples Help me with the costs/time involved in taking part in the charity sailing event through time allocation Reward: Simply by helping all people living healthy lives Advertisement for BD as sponsor of a charity in relation to our business both internally and externally to BD Get Mercy Ships to come for speeches I can do speeches before/after the race on the overall adventure I can promote our company during stopovers Summary

11 The Clipper Race A yacht race on a 70 feet monohull with 22 strangers and a professional skipper 12 boats competing around the world The opportunity for normal people to live an extraordinary adventure “The sea does not distinguish between Olympians or novices, the crews need to be ready to face exactly the same challenges as those experienced by the pro racer.” “And, when they return from the biggest challenge they have ever faced, the crews bring home countless lessons with them. The importance of teamwork and the importance of respect. Of giving more than you take. Of learning what your body is capable of. An appreciation of cultures, religions, lifestyles and attitudes that connect with communities right around the globe.”

12 Navigations Personal budget: 15 000 euros Week trainings Clipper Race in South England Level 1 : August 2013 Level 2 : October 2013 Level 3 : November 2013 Leg 8 from 3rd of June till 12th of July 2014: New-York – Londonderry – Den Helder – London

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