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Build your own Predator UAV… …at 99.95% discount

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1 Build your own Predator UAV… …at 99.95% discount
Michael Weigand Michael Weigand United States Military Academy Shmoocon ‘10 “Build It” Talk. 6 FEB 2010 Video OSB PRO Expander.

2 Disclaimers This XXXXXX presentation XXXXX not endorsed XXXXXX has nothing to do XXXXXXXX XXXX with the DoD, Army, XXXXX or West Point. XXXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX X XXXX XXX XXXX Use at own risk.

3 MQ-9 Reaper err.. “Predator”

4 UAVs and Autonomous Technology
“Self-governing. Governing independently” No human intervention Medium to large aerial systems generally have the highest levels of autonomy of any robots Environment Sensing Navigation Source:

5 Cheap >>> Expensive
The Market Place MicroPilot Procerus Unav Cloudcap Technology AttoPilot FlexiPilot/EasyUAV Paparazzi UAVDevBoard ArduPilot Cheap >>> Expensive BMW >>> Custom Build More Info: Google keywords

6 UAV Essentials Flying Navigating Operating Payloads Stabilization
Lift Flying Stabilization Thrust/Lift > Drag Navigating Operating Payloads Sensing (visible, IR, etc.) Sniffing (say , air samples, misc. RF) Transmitting (RF, lasers) Drag Thrust Weight

7 Stabilization == Wings Level Please
Infra-Red Sensors Really cheap! ($40-60) Easy to use Not very effective in blizzards, dense fog, extremely mountainous terrain.. IMU, Inertial Measurement Unit Becoming cheap ($80-$200) More complex Can be internally enclosed in airframe Effective in all weather, terrain conditions

8 Thermopile based approach
CoPilot Flight Stabilization Sensor Source:

9 Servos Source:

10 Based on the popular Arduino microcontroller.
ArduPilot “The $25 Autopilot” Based on the popular Arduino microcontroller. Special Thanks to Chris Anderson for taking the time to talk to me over the phone prior to this talk. And Jordi for his amazing work and customer service through the DIYDrones store. You guys Rock! Created by Jordi Munoz with support from Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson Sold at Community based at

11 ArduPilot Shield Provides Airspeed, other function.
Purchase at store.

12 System Overview – ArduPilot v2
Source: ArduPilot Manual v2

13 ArduPilot System Integration
Source: ArduPilot Manual v2

14 Source: ArduPilot Manual v2

15 ArduPilot Config Tool Created by the community to upload course information easily! Special thanks for the guys that wrote this program. I would like to interview you personally once I figure out who you are exactly! (help button with ‘About’) !! Source: ArduPilot Manual v2

16 Telemetry Zigbee (802.14.5) radios used for telemetry data
915 MHz is best Xbee Pro 900 XSC RPSMA with proper antennas get mile range Go with RPSMA connectors! Breakout Board Vendors: Antenna Vendors:

17 Video Feed Cameras Transmitters
Board Cameras are cheap, small, light, have decent quality Transmitters Tough Selection for good distance.. Have to have Ham Radio License to use good bands 900 Mhz is good but interferes with other systems Roll your own! Recommend 434 Mhz with filters for harmonics or 1.25 Ghz ATV bands Cameras: Search “Board Cameras” License: $12-14 for Ham Test! Do it! Tx/Rx Systems:

18 GPS Must-Have system for positioning data High update/refresh rate
Getting smaller, cheaper, easier to use GPS:

19 Air Frame Foam is best! Cheap
Easy to fix (Gorilla Glue mixed with water will foam to make a great bond) Easy to work with (exact-o knife = golden) Can Tape Together! (Scotch and Packing Tape) Durable (Landed in a tree in front of the hotel..)

20 Air Frame of Choice Ladies and Gentlemen, The Multiplex Easy Star






26 Finished!

27 Payload


29 Future Work ArduPilot Mega coming soon!
Follow at Push waypoint and course updates to UAV live More processing power, options, bells, whistles Touch interface on Android phone for control Easier Configuration

30 Issues Legal Issues RF Issues “Its not stalking if its Love”
Fly under Model Airplane Regulations Under 400 feet Within Line of Sight Have ability to take control (safety) RF Issues Video Feed must been unencrypted if its on the Ham Bands, transmit your Callsign “Its not stalking if its Love”

31 Questions??

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