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Nutrition Information Working Group Presentation 18 TH DECEMBER 2014.

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1 Nutrition Information Working Group Presentation 18 TH DECEMBER 2014

2 NIWG TOR and Membership The Nutrition Information Working Group (NIWG) is in progress on the review of the TOR- Circulated to NIWG members for comments before finalization Partners are asked to submit names of members to the NIWG for consideration

3 Scaling up SMART Longchuk Panyijar Akobo county -A causal analysis study Lakes State-which had no SMART surveys done this period

4 Survey Validation and Reviews Validation of SMART survey proposals and results remain the responsibility of the NIWG on behalf of the cluster Partners may not be allowed to undertake SMART surveys unless the proposals have been approved by the NIWG in its regular meetings Additionally: ◦Partners or their hired consultants shall make proposal and results presentations to the NIWG as part of the survey results approval process ◦This will allow immediate adoption of additions/comments from the NIWG

5 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR SMART SURVEY CONSULTANTS Should be holder of Bachelor’s degree in Public Health/Epidemiology/Nutrition/Statistics or any other related course, an advanced degree will be an added advantage Must have been in professional practice in the past 2 years Must have had a SMART survey manager level training with availability of certification. Must have fully led and conducted at least 2 SMART surveys in the past, previous experience with such in South Sudan will be an added advantage Should be able to provide at least 1 previous SMART survey reports Adhere to the MOH/DON protocols/NBS guidelines on SMART surveys

6 FSNMS Round 14 State Total no of children sampled No included in the ENA analysis Clusters Z-Not available SMART Flags SDDEFFGAM (WFH)SAM (WFH) MUAC-Proxy GAM MUAC-Proxy SAM Penalty ces5265142552.3%0.981.044.1 (2.7-6.2)1.0 (0.4-2.3)4.2 (2.6-6.7)1.1(0.8-2.5)8% EES5575442552.0%1.121.5211.0 (8.2-14.7)2.8 (1.7-4.5)8.8 (5.8-13.1)1.6 (0.8-3.1)8% Jonglei4013822274.3%1.11.5816.2 (12.2-21.3) 4.5 ( 3.0- 6.6)9.2 (5.2-16.0)4.5 (2.1-9.3)22% Lakes69866925113.9%1.151.0010.6 ( 8.7-12.8) 3.3% ( 2.1- 5.2) 5.6% ( 3.9- 8.0)2.0% ( 1.0- 4.2)32% NBS5705542542.7%1.062.2114.6 (10.7-19.7)4.0 (2.7-5.8)6.7 (4.7-9.4)1.6 (0.7-3.4)14% UNS4594542370.9%1.261.31 24.0 (19.5-29.2)7.3 (5.0-10.5)11.8 (8.8-15.5)5.4 (3.0-9.6)35% 15.2%2.1% Warrap4534302574.3%1.151.7717.2 (12.8-22.7)4.4 (2.0-9.6)13.0 (9.3-17.9)2.2 (1.1-4.3)23% WBS5865722522.4%1.081.6010.1 (7.3-14.0)1.2(0.5-3.0)6.7 (4.7-9.4)0.5 (0.2-1.6)15% WES5385192543.4% (4.1-8.1)0.6 (0.2-1.8)4.6 (3.1-6.9)1.1 (0.6-2.2)18%


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