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1 Unmanned Aircraft Ground Control Stations (UCS) Open Architecture Summit - 2012 Rich Ernst OUSD S&TS/ Interoperability Lead UNCLASSIFIED.

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1 1 Unmanned Aircraft Ground Control Stations (UCS) Open Architecture Summit - 2012 Rich Ernst OUSD S&TS/ Interoperability Lead UNCLASSIFIED

2 UNCLASSIFIED - Pubic Release 12-S-1669 OSD ADM ‘Common DoD Architecture’ 2

3 OUSD ST&S UAS Common Architecture DoD Open App Store Marketplace 30+ PoR ready Apps & Demos PoR: TCS, Block 50, and Global Hawk Potential PoR: OSRVT DoD Contract Guidebook & IP Rights Open Business Model for UAS GCSs RFP Language for UAS GCSs Open GCS Architecture for UAS Joint HMI Style Guide for GCSs 2.1 Architecture Model HMI Guide Existing UCS ADMs: OSD, Army, Navy, Air Force UCS ADMs: GSRA UNCLASSIFIED - Pubic Release 12-S-2677

4 OSD UCS Working Group Our Product is Stakeholder Consensus Technical Society Chartered by Joint UAS Task Force Interoperability IPT Program of Work and Operating Rules defined in DoDAF AV-1 Operating Rules per Public Law 104-113 (NTTAA) and OMB Circular A-119 Private collaboration site for Working Group members Visit public site at (video demos included) OUSD UCS architecture documents consist of: UCS-WG As of Jan 2012 200+ Organizations 640+ Members 25+ Funded Companies Architecture Description Program of Work Governance Style Guide Conformance Specification System Safety and Airworthiness Management Plan Information Assurance Management Plan Core Application Program Interface Standards Platform Independent Model (PIM): Application Platform Independent Model (PIM): Infrastructure Platform Independent Model (PIM): IA and Security Mgmt Platform Independent Model (PIM): Deployment Architecture System Implementations: Deployment Architecture System Implementations: Mobile Deployment Architecture System Implementations: Fixed Facility Deployment Architecture Platform Guidance for Safety and Information Assurance System Safety and Airworthiness Case Information Assurance Case Architecture Description Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Transform Reference Interface Control Document (ICD) Platform Independent Model (PIM): Application Platform Independent Model (PIM): Refined PIM Interface Control Document: Data Distribution Service (DDS) Interface Control Document: Java Messaging Service (JMS) List of UCS Architecture Validation Experiments 1.0 ToolTrade Development Tool Trade Study

5 June, 2011 Open Business Model for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Ground Control Stations An open business model will promote competition and innovation while reducing costs OBM is designed to: 1.Target affordability 2.Incentivize productivity and innovation 3.Promote real competition The Ground Control Station Open Business Model is an approach for doing business in a transparent way that leverages the collaborative innovation of numerous participants across the enterprise permitting shared risk, maximized asset reuse, and reduced total ownership costs. UNCLASSIFIED - Pubic Release 11-S-3277 OBM v2 Release w/RFP Language

6 Feb 2009, OUSD (AT&L) Mandates Common GCS Architecture July 2011, Navy Mandates UCS Architecture July 2011, Army Mandates UCS Architecture 2012, Joint UAS Open Business Model May 2009, USAF signs out UCS in AF Flight Plan 2009-2047 1 2 3 4 6 Sept 2011, UCS Architecture Ver. 2.0 5 6 OUSD - Improving Interoperability and Affordability Across UAS Domain May 2012, GSRA (GSTR) UCS ADM 9 Jun 2012, HMI Common Guide 8 May 2012, UCS Architecture Ver. 2.1 7 UAS App Store 10 Contract Ready OSD has developed a common architecture and designed an open business model to meet its objectives

7 UCS Arch V2.2 to be Released 7 UCS-WG Demo Activities OUSD/AT&L ADM Published UCS Arch V0.5 Released UCS Arch V1.0 Released UCS Arch V2.0 Released UCS Industry Days UCS Arch V2.1 Released IWP Demo UCS Arch V2.0 Kickoff Feb 2009 May 2009 Dec 2009 Jun 2010 Aug 2010 Nov 2010 Jan 2011 May 2011 Sept 2011 Additional OSD Funding for next phase HMI Study Plan kickoff Implementation Structuring UCS Industry Brief to OUSD Structuring Industry 2009 Concept Exploration Dec 2009 Version 0.5 Incl. AV-1 May 2012 Version 2.1 Nov 2012 Version 2.2 Architecture Modeling (Funded) June 2010 Version 1.0 Nov 2010 IWP Demo Mar 2011 JSIL Demo Architecture Definition & Demonstration Oct 2011 Nov 2011 May 2012 May 2012 June 2012 July 2012 Aug 2012 Nov 2012 Feb 2013 Enduring Organization BDRVT Flight Test June 2011 Version 2.0 Version 3.0 HMI Common Style Guide Final Spec. Global Hawk ADM UCS Compliant BDRVT test Next phase TBD

8 BDRVT – UCS Services Additional – UCS Services TCS Products UCS 2.1+ App Store Products Primary Mission Control System Support EMC Dynamic Airspace Dynamic Airspace cont’d System Support Primary Mission Control Sensor Mgmt Vehicle Flight Status Vehicle Interface Vehicle Flight Ctrl Vehicle Subsystem Ctrl/Status Manage UAV Health Vehicle Messenger Manage WCAsVehicle Config. Data Vehicle Flight Status Chat White Boarding World Wind Google Earth Annotation (White Boarding) SA (Combined Forces) Vehicle Handover Mission Mgmt Planning Generate Route Planning EO/IR Sensor Search Sensor Pedestal Sensor Plan Manager EO/IR Sensor Planning Airspace Restrictions Flight Ctrl Planning UNCLASSIFIED - Pubic Release 12-S-2677 UCS-WG As of Jan 2012 200+ Organizations 640+ Documented Members 25+ Funded Companies

9 Summary V2.1 completed in May 2012 (first baseline finished specification) Included final open architecture specification for the following PoRs: Global Hawk, BAMS, Gray Eagle, Predator/Reaper, and Fire Scout V2.2 will be completed end of November 2012 (completing the core architecture services) Supported by Government and Industry stakeholders Technical Society is the right business model for Gov to benefit from Responsive to acquisition priorities Effective Competition Reusability Interoperability Rapid Capability to Warfighter Continued Innovation Acquisition Efficiency Demonstrations Reach Out Publications UAS Digest (June 2011), Unmanned Vehicles (UK) (February 2012) Conferences AUVSI North America (August 2011 and Aug 2012) Presentations PEO U&W PMA 281, DPM PM UAS, Lead Engineer, Global Hawk Capabilities Branch UCS-WG Industry Members Rover MAESTRO App Store Environment CDL - Integration of six (6) previously stand-alone services Bidirectional Remote Video Terminal (BDRVT) – PoR Successfully completed demonstrations across: Army, Navy, & USAF Pubic Release 12-S-1669

10 HASHAS 10 Questions?

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