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Working with Delegations Version 2.0 ADAM Training Session.

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1 Working with Delegations Version 2.0 ADAM Training Session

2 3.2 What is a Delegation? A Delegation is:  The act of giving an appropriate representative the ability to manage user access to applications  Performed by Application Administrator

3 3.3 Why Delegate? Delegations are efficient & effective  Efficient – now others can establish appropriate End User access to an application  Effective – now others hold & share responsibility Client may determine their own end user access

4 3.4 Delegation Scenario – Part A Jill Smith is an Application Admin for IAPP  Jill wants clients to manage their own End User access in IAPP  She sees delegation as an opportunity to do this  What she knows… The “Northern Weed Committee” needs access to IAPP now They are in need of the functions of the “Program Manager” Profile

5 3.5 Delegation Scenario – Part B What can Jill do?  Delegate! Jill logs on to ADAM as an Application Admin for IAPP She completes the following delegation for Jack Black Allow UserJBLACK To add authorizations forNorthern Weed Committee With this authorization profileIAPP_PROGRAM_MANAGER Effective DateImmediately Expiry DateNever Expires EnabledYes

6 3.6 Delegation Access in ADAM Jill = Application Administrator Jack = Authorization Grantor

7 3.7 Demo Demonstration of:  Add Delegation

8 3.8 Add a New Delegation (cont.) Tips  Do NOT create a delegation with “Grant Any Organization” selected for a BCeID User ID  The “Enabled” check box must be ticked for the delegation to be active as of the Effective Date  Comments can be seen by others  The Authorization Grantor receives an email notification of the Delegation

9 3.9 Add a Batch Delegation What if I have many identical delegations to create?  ADAM has a Batch Delegation page  Allows: Entry of multiple identical delegations; or, File upload of multiple delegations

10 3.10 Add a Batch Delegation (cont.) Batch Delegation Details  Similar fields to a single delegation  May enter multiple: Users Organizations Profiles It is highly recommended that Batch Delegations are either for profiles secured by organization or those which are not secured by organization. Do not attempt to mix both types of profiles in a batch.

11 3.11 Demo Demonstration of:  Add Batch Delegation

12 3.12 Add a Batch Delegation (cont.) Tips  Delegation Processing Confirmation page Is delegation approved? Remove tick if you do not want to add the corresponding delegation If the delegation is not approved by ADAM, you can roll your mouse over the delegation (blue text) and an explanation is displayed  Use “Complete” button to add all selected delegations  Authorization Grantors receive email notification of delegation Note: Email is sent to each Authorization Grantor for each profile. Could be many emails sent

13 3.13 Manage Delegations Manage Delegations page allows:  Search for delegations Modify details of delegation Examine delegation history Delete delegation  There can be more than one Application Admin for an application You can view/update delegations which you did not create (i.e. as long as you have the same level of delegation authority)

14 3.14 Demo Demonstration of:  Update Delegation

15 3.15 Manage Delegations (cont.) Tips  Do not delete a delegation unless you are sure you want to delete it from ADAM Use the enable checkbox (remove the tick) to temporarily disable the delegation Once you have deleted a delegation, you will still be able to see it on the Manage Delegations page (for historical purposes only) Next Presentation: Working with Authorizations

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