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Status of Operational Implementation of MIRS V2.0 at OSDPD Limin Zhao, Aiwu Li and Jiang Zhao April 18, 2008.

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1 Status of Operational Implementation of MIRS V2.0 at OSDPD Limin Zhao, Aiwu Li and Jiang Zhao April 18, 2008

2 MIRS V2.0 Operational Configuration Single orbit mode with Chop/Merge option on Real-time job trigger mechanism under OPUS Integrated with the MIRS Operational Post-Processing (MOPP) Integrated with the Web-based tools for product quality, generation, dissemination and timeliness monitoring

3 MIRS Operational Post-Processing Data Format Conversion > Operational products only: T(z) (ocean), q(z) (global), TPW (global), CLW (ocean), LST & LSE (land), snow cover (land), SWE (land), sea ice concentration (ocean) > No extra flags are added, but providing QC guidance to users. > HDF-EOS only Grid Analysis Module > 0.5x0.5 Cylindrical map > 1/16 mesh PS map > NOAA-18 and MetOP blended products > Time series for monitoring Global Composite for McIDAS and AWIPS users

4 Operational Configuration Management Transition Cycle: unit test, stress/integration test and operational promotion Dev: North; Parallel: Emerald; Operation: Diamond RCS Repository Documents: ICD, SSD, UM, SMM and OM updated to fit the operational version of MIRS.

5 Operational Monitoring and Maintenace Web-based QC monitoring with cross reference to the STAR MIRS page. Web-based tools for monitoring the real-time product generation, dissemination and timeliness _monitor.html 24/7 operational maintenance

6 Dissemination and Archive Historical MIRS data files can be query from CLASS/NCDC > CLASS ID for MIRS orbital products: MIRS_ORB > Searchable by Temporal, Satellite, DataType and Format > File name convention Products separated into SND and IMG files with the following name convention: NPR.ProjID.Vv.PType.InstrumIDOP.SatID.DYYDDD.SHHMM.EHHMM.OrbNum.NS.fortmID i.e.: NPR.MIRS.V2.SND.AAMH.NN.D07225.S1123.E1256.B2657999.he4 NPR.MIRS.V2.IMG.AAMH.NN.D07225.S1123.E1256.B2657999.he4 Data Submission Agreement Updated to include MIRS new products fro each delivery. Products not operational available now are hidden with - 888 in the SND and IMG files Metadata Updated to include MIRS new products for each delivery. Users are kept updated with CLASS news for each deliver MIRS Upgrade: The Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MIRS) was recently upgraded from v1.0 to v2.0 with the following new capabilities: moisture profiles extended over non-coastal land, total precipitable water extended over non-coastal land, cloud liquid water over ocean, snow cover, sea ice concentration and snow water equivalent. For more information on MIRS products, go to: – –

7 Status of the Operational MIRS v2.0 Implemented into operation on March 31, 2008 24/7 support on the N18 and MetOp-A orbital products in HDF- EOS format The CLASS DSA is being updated for MIRS v2.0 The CLASS Metadata is being updated for MIRS v2.0 The MIRS grid analysis processing modules are developed, and is under evaluation Precipitation and surface products with a MSPPS counterpart, such as, TPW, CLW, Snow Cover…, are generated routinely on the 0.5x0.5 cylindrical and 1/16 mesh PS projections for validation purposes. Capability to generate the blended MIRS products from N18 and MetOp is under development The TPW composite is made available on McIDAS for SAB users, and is under evaluation




11 Implementation Feedback In general, the MIRS v2.0 implementation goes smoothly. The delivered DAP is much more mature than the previous versions The delivery memo provides useful information regarding to the changes in the software package, product upgrades, etc. There are still a few minor problems/improvements identified, and will provide off-line. The DAP package contains a large amount of unused data files as well source code programs, which slow down the implementation and increase the implementation cost. Recommend/required to deliver: > a clean version of DAP or > Identify in the memo the un-used directories and files.

12 Some Thoughts on Future Delivery System Readiness review: robustness - re-run problematic orbits to confirm all problem identified in the operation are solved. Product Quality readiness review > validation results, including improvement from version to version against a baseline validation set > Improvements/impacts of the changes with the updated version > Recommendation for operational implementation

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