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CULTURE COLLEGE Presented by: Celeste Industries Corporation.

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1 CULTURE COLLEGE Presented by: Celeste Industries Corporation


3 Drain Maintenance

4 Lavatory Odor and Mildew Control

5 Biozyme II Mildewstat Property Biozyme II Treated Biozyme II Treated

6 Long Term Carpet Odor Control

7 Airline Opportunities for Biozyme Lavatories –Toilet shroud cleaning and odor control –Floors –Drain maintenance Cabin –Carpet cleaning additive for odor control Galley –Drain & Drain Mast maintenance Celeste Biozyme provides a bio-film that continues to work after your employees are finished cleaning.

8 BASIC MICROBIOLOGY  How does Biozyme work?  Enzyme function.  Microbial life cycle

9 Bacteria – Enzyme Relationship BACTERIUM ENZYMESENZYMES BACTERIA, which are living single celled organisms, produce ENZYMES, which are non- living molecules.

10 Enzymes  Non-living molecules produced by bacteria  Biochemical catalysts  Break down organic waste  Specific activity

11 Enzyme Activity EnzymeSubstrates Protease Starch Protein Lipid (fat)

12 Enzyme Activity Protease and Protein Protease and Lipid (fat) Protease and Starch

13 Enzyme Activity Protease and Protein Lipase and Lipid (fat) Amylase and Starch

14 Enzymes and Their Substrates  Protease – protein  Urease – urea  Amylase – starch  Lipase – fat  Esterase – fat  Xylanase – plant material  Cellulase – cellulose

15 Protease Cellulase Xylanase Amylase Lipase Esterase

16 Naturally Occurring Bacteria  Single celled, living organisms  Consume organic waste  Found virtually everywhere  Prolific enzyme production

17 Requirements for Bacterial Activity  Water  Nutrients (organic waste)  Time  Correct environmental conditions

18 Essential Bacterial Profile  Reproduce quickly  Safe, non-pathogenic, naturally occurring  Form spores for long term stability  High level production of multiple enzymes  Function in or under diverse environmental conditions

19 The type of bacteria used in Celeste Biozyme

20 Bacillus Vegetative Cells  Enzyme producers  Consume organic waste  Grow logarithmically  Mobile  Form spores when conditions dictate dormancy is appropriate

21 Bacillus Spores (Dormant Cells)  Heat resistant  Chemical resistant  Desiccation resistant  UV resistant  Germinate to vegetative cells when environmental conditions are right

22 Bacillus Lifecycle VEGETATIVE CELL WITH SPORE FREE SPORE Spore Formation Vegetative Cell Lysis Spore Germination

23 Bacillus Waste Digestion Analogy BacteriumEnzymes Enzymes break down waste into small pieces CO 2 H2OH2O Bacterium digests waste and release CO 2 and H 2 O Pizza (organic waste)

24 Logarithmic Growth

25 Growth Curve Population Time

26 Bacterial Respiration  Aerobic - Oxygen required  Anaerobic - Oxygen not required  Facultative Anaerobic - Grows with or without oxygen Celeste Biozyme is functional with or without oxygen.

27 Functional Temperature and pH Ranges  41° - 131° F (5° - 55° C)  pH 4.5 - 10 Celeste Biozyme is functional in a wide range of temperature and pH

28 Complimentary Activity of Celeste Biozyme Bacteria ATTRIBUTESBACTERIA Strain 1Strain 2Strain 3 pH 5 No Yes pH 10 Yes No 55° C Yes No Anaerobic Yes No Protease FairGoodExcellent Lipase ExcellentGoodFair Amylase Good Excellent

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