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Name Title Email SUSE ® Cloud The Open Source Private Cloud Solution for the Enterprise.

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1 Name Title Email SUSE ® Cloud The Open Source Private Cloud Solution for the Enterprise

2 2 Agenda Why Private Cloud? SUSE Cloud Strategy SUSE Cloud Overview SUSE Cloud Features and Functionality SUSE Cloud Pricing SUSE Cloud Roadmap Appendix

3 Why Private Cloud?

4 4 Data Center Challenges Cost pressures Slow Service Delivery Lack of Flexibility Lack of Transparency Too Little Automation

5 5 Promise of Enterprise Private Cloud Computing Lower Costs  Reduce upfront capital expense  Automate to reduce ongoing administration costs Increased Agility  Dynamic configuration of IT resources  Respond quickly to business demands  Self-service provisioning Greater Control and Security Data remains inside the firewall Standard enterprise security

6 SUSE Cloud Strategy

7 7 Computing Strategy Public Cloud: Broadly deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server through SUSE Cloud Service Provider Program Private Cloud: Deliver cloud infrastructure solution powered by OpenStack Hybrid Cloud: Tightly integrate SUSE Studio and SUSE Manager with SUSE Cloud to deliver a platform and tools that enable enterprise hybrid clouds

8 8 Why OpenStack? Customer demand for an OpenStack solution Has the greatest industry support and most vibrant community among open source cloud software projects – Essex Release had contributions from 200 developers and 55 companies In the long-run the vibrancy of the community will lead to more rapid innovation than competing projects The formation of the OpenStack Foundation helps to ensure: – Long-term viability of the project – Project's development goals benefit industry and not one vendor

9 9 SUSE Participation in the OpenStack Project Committed to joining the OpenStack Foundation as a platinum member, which means we will offer: – Financial support – Engineering support – Legal support (helping to draft the bylaws) Early technical contributions focused on making OpenStack ready for production – Hardening and securing the Essex release – Making deployment and ongoing maintenance easier – Improved Xen Hypervisor support Starting with the Folsom release, SUSE plans to contribute more features and functionality

10 SUSE Cloud Overview

11 11 What is SUSE Cloud? SUSE Cloud is an open source software solution based on the OpenStack project that provides the fundamental capabilities for enterprises to deploy an Infrastructure-as-a-Service Private Cloud Self Service Portal Image Repository End Users Automated Configuration Optimized Deployment APIs Pool of Virtualized Servers (Compute and Storage Nodes)

12 12 Value Proposition SUSE Cloud provides an automated, flexible private cloud platform that enables enterprises to: – Deploy a secure, compliant and fully supported cloud environment – Seamlessly manage and provision workloads – Improve resource utilization – Speed the delivery of services SUSE Cloud will also: – Decrease future operating and capital costs – Boost the agility of the business – Improve service quality

13 13 Benefits Automate time-consuming provisioning and retirement processes Enables the standardization of existing services Improves server utilization rates Reduces VM Sprawl Increases line of business awareness of true cost of computing Reduces manual operating errors and frees IT staff to manage the overall infrastructure and not workloads Allows infrastructure to scale without scaling IT staff Allows enterprises to respond faster to customer demands and capture market opportunities Avoid lock-in at the cloud infrastructure layer

14 14 Why SUSE Cloud? Enterprise Ready 20 year history of commercializing and supporting open source projects in the enterprise Backed by the excellence of SUSE engineering and award- winning support organization Packaged for enterprise deployments and integrated with SUSE maintenance and lifecycle management Enables enterprises to leverage existing infrastructure, while optimizing current licensing costs Runs on standard hardware SUSE application and hardware certifications Early integration with SUSE Studio and SUSE Manager Makes it easy to build and manage cloud applications for multiple cloud environments – Hybrid Cloud

15 SUSE Cloud Features and Functionality

16 16 The SUSE Cloud Stack

17 17 Key Cloud Features Self-Service Portal Image Repository Centralized Resource Tracking Rules Based Scheduler Identity and Authentication System Object and Block Storage including Technology Preview of RBD/Rados as an Option

18 18 The Most Enterprise Ready, Open Source, Private Cloud Solution Automated install process using Crowbar enables: – Rapid setup and configuration of cloud environment – Easy expansion of cloud environment Multi-Hypervisor support (KVM and Xen) Application and hardware certifications Integrated into existing SUSE product lifecycle processes 24x7, worldwide technical support Architected for unlimited growth Open APIs for integration with third-party software

19 19 SUSE Cloud Structure Admin Server Control Node Compute / Storage Node Customer Center Cloud Control SLES Database Message queue Self-Service Portal Image Repository Centralized Tracking Scheduler Identity and Authentication Storage SLES Xen or KVM Cloud Compute Storage proxy Crowbar + PXE Boot SLES Chef server Crowbar Software mirror TFTP PXE Server

20 20 Datacenter SUSE Studio Lifecycle Management Web Interface SUSE Manager API Workflow Engine Public Clouds Private Cloud Lifecycle Management Portal “Systems Engine” Management Provisioning Monitoring

21 SUSE Cloud Pricing

22 22 One-year Subscription Prices Note: This structure is similar to SUSE Manager SUSE Confidential SUSE Cloud Administration Server: $10,000 Also includes first SUSE Cloud Control Node Includes SUSE Linux Enterprise Server entitlement Priority support Additional SUSE Cloud Control Nodes: $2,500/control node Used for expansion – customers needs to have SUSE Cloud admin server Includes SUSE Linux Enterprise Server entitlement Priority Support SUSE Cloud Compute/Storage Node: $800/socket-pair Required for every node in the cloud Does not include SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription or entitlement In future will be required to support other hypervisors Customer needs to purchase unlimited VM SKU for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – can be basic

23 SUSE Cloud Roadmap

24 24 Roadmap Q1 2012Q2 2012Q3 2012Q4 2012Q1 2013Q2 2013 SUSE Cloud OpenStack Essex – Nova – Glance – Dashboard – Keystone – Swift Crowbar Integration Tech Preview – RBD/Rados – Quantum KVM, Xen SUSE Cloud 2.0 OpenStack Folsom – Nova – Glance – Dashboard – Keystone – Swift – Quantum Themes – SUSE Studio/SUSE Manager integration – Monitoring – Resilient Control Node – Stable upgrade KVM, Xen, ESX 1.0 2.0β Themes – Hardened solution – Easy operation – Easy installation SUSE Studio/Manager – Build, install, manage, and monitor virtual servers SUSE Cloud 1.0

25 Appendix

26 26

27 27

28 28

29 29

30 Corporate Headquarters Maxfeldstrasse 5 90409 Nuremberg Germany +49 911 740 53 0 (Worldwide) Join us on: 30

31 Unpublished Work of SUSE. All Rights Reserved. This work is an unpublished work and contains confidential, proprietary and trade secret information of SUSE. Access to this work is restricted to SUSE employees who have a need to know to perform tasks within the scope of their assignments. No part of this work may be practiced, performed, copied, distributed, revised, modified, translated, abridged, condensed, expanded, collected, or adapted without the prior written consent of SUSE. Any use or exploitation of this work without authorization could subject the perpetrator to criminal and civil liability. General Disclaimer This document is not to be construed as a promise by any participating company to develop, deliver, or market a product. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. SUSE makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this document, and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. The development, release, and timing of features or functionality described for SUSE products remains at the sole discretion of SUSE. Further, SUSE reserves the right to revise this document and to make changes to its content, at any time, without obligation to notify any person or entity of such revisions or changes. All SUSE marks referenced in this presentation are trademarks or registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All third- party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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