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University of Minnesota E-mail Templates v2 February 20, 2009.

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1 University of Minnesota E-mail Templates v2 February 20, 2009

2 Updated e-mail templates Updated e-mail templates for University use were released on February 6, 2009 Unlike the Web templates, the changes were minor Changes impact all current template users

3 E-mail template requirements The pending branding policy does not include requirements for e-mail branding Use of the e-mail templates is strongly encouraged Your e-mail, Web, and other electronic communications should be consistent; e-mail templates promote consistency with University Web standards

4 E-mail header graphics I A new, gradiated header graphic provided Aligns with new Web headers

5 E-mail header graphics II Height of solid, above/below headers increased to respect buffer space standard Was 76px, now 92px

6 E-mail header graphics III Other graphics remain unchanged Options available for all campuses

7 More header options

8 HTML message part changes Added link to view message on web Included text aimed at improving deliverability Third level heading (H3) changed from maroon to black Added link to University of Minnesota contact information update page Copyright and EO statement added

9 View message on web Links back to Lyris archive mailing; something on your site is preferable

10 Safe senders/address book text Help messages get to the inbox for some e- mail providers

11 Third level heading color Now black

12 Alumni contact info updater Links to not-branded-for-giving update page Only in the DMS/UMF template

13 Alumni contact info updater II

14 Text message part Totally revamped formatting No more ***bold*** using asterisks for headings Footer split into multiple parts Deliverability, contact, and copyright/EE statement updates, as with the HTML message part

15 Text message title No wrapping or attempt to format the initial title/text; make use of primacy

16 Text message headings Fifty equal signs on lines above and below section headings Better separation of sections Same for all heading levels

17 Standard paragraphs (footer and otherwise) left unwrapped Text message footer Link U’s home page (or coordinate campus) Link to unit’s Web site Unsubscribe link (UMF/DMS example) Copyright + EO statement Deliverability text Alumni contact info updater

18 Availability The e-mail templates and related standards are available on the eCommunications Standards site (formerly Web Depot)

19 Thoughts?

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