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PSGP 2009 and 2010 Workshop SF Bay Region Port of San Francisco January 11, 2010.

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1 PSGP 2009 and 2010 Workshop SF Bay Region Port of San Francisco January 11, 2010

2 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION: The SFMX Fiduciary Agent for FY 2010. FEMA suggests that the FA will continue for the FY2011 Grant Round.

3 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop PSGP FY 2007S & 2008 STATUS UPDATE: FY 2007SFY 2007S – ALL Locally Approved IJ Projects have been Submitted to FEMA – Awaiting Review and Approval. (Results Expected Soon) FY 2008FY 2008 –All Locally Approved IJ Projects NOT requesting match waiver submitted to FEMA. –Projects Requesting a MATCH WAIVER have been held pending further guidance from FEMA. (Expected Shortly)

4 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop AVAILABLE FUNDING FY07S - FY10 NOTE: 22.35% Funding Decrease from FY 2008 through 2010 …. Trend is likely to continue FY07 Supp FY08FY09FY10REGION TOTAL Region Award 6,126,54926,272,90725,533,65519,874,162 $77,807,273 Available for Projects 5,942,75325,484,72024,767,64518,880,453 $75,075,571 Award Period End 30 Sep 2010 30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2013

5 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop ELIGIBILITY – FY09/10 1)ALL Public/Private Maritime Ports, Facilities and Vessels covered by a MTSA required Security Plan; 2)ALL Other maritime entities covered by a USCG Area Maritime Security Plan (AMSP); 3)Emergency Planners and Response Agencies providing coverage to waterfront operations covered under Elements 1 & 2 above 4)Ferry Operators 1)Included in FY 2010 2)Separate FY 2009

6 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop New Items for FY 09/10 –Approved Security Plan Revisions/Maintenance (FY10) –Equipment Maintenance & Replacement Costs (Must have been Purchased with Previous PSGP Funds) –Matching Requirements FY 09 25% Local Contribution allowable in-kind “soft” match FY 10 Local Match Requirement waived

7 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop “SOFT MATCH” DEFINED Limitations: –Cannot include costs otherwise unallowed. Requirements 44 CFR Part 13, Sections 13.23 and 13.24 for FEMA managed and controlled grant programs. –Caution -- review and follow these Regulations when proposing to use In-Kind or other Soft Match costs in meeting the 25% Local Match Requirements

8 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop Concurrent FY09 and FY10 PGSP Process –“FEMA Driven” Plan to “Catch Up” on the Grant Cycles –Project IJ’s for BOTH FY09 and FY10 will be submitted at the same time. –GOAL: –GOAL: IJ Review Board will meet and evaluate both sets of Project IJ’s to Obligate ALL Available Funds FY 2010 Projects will be SELECTED on Regional Merit matched with the requirements of the SF Bay SRM/TR Plan FY 2010 - PREFERENCE will be given to those Strategic Projects where a HARD or SOFT FUNDING MATCH is NOT POSSIBLE REMAINING PROJECTS TARGETED FOR FY2009

9 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop FY 2009 & 2010 IJ Submission Calendar –March 12 – FORMAL IJ’s DUE ( –March 14-16 – QA/QC Screening –March 25-26 – IJ Screening Committee Meets –March 29 – Screening Committee Results Published –April 12 – Proposed Upload to FEMA –April 19 – Final FEMA Submittal Date

10 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop CHANGES IN SUBMISSION PROCEDURE FOR FY09 & FY10 PSGP No Local Pre-Screening Proposers shall provide complete project IJ’s to the Review Board Using the appropriate FY09 or FY10 IJ Submission Template File Naming Convention

11 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop FORMAL IJ Packages MUST Include: –The FULLY Completed FEMA IJ Template with NARRATIVE Section clearly describing the Project and how it Supports the Specific Elements of the SF Bay SRM/TR Plan –Project Budgets must be sufficiently DETAILED so that: the DESCRIPTION Of Equipment, Goods And Services Can Be UNDERSTOOD By Local And FEMA Level Reviewers. and Equipment and Component Descriptions & Pictures of Items to be Purchased or Typical Equivalent Representation if specific Vendor is not identified –A COMPLETE NEPA Questionnaire (REQUIRED WHETHER the PROJECT involves construction or not). FAILURE TO PROVIDE THESE DOCUMENTS TO THE EVALUATION BOARD AT THE TIME OF IJ SCREENING MAY RESULT IN REJECTION OF THE SUBMITTAL

12 FY 09/10 PSGP Workshop Nuggets Allowable Personnel Costs –FY 09 M&A / Training & Exercises –FY 10 M&A / T&E / Planning Increased focus on Regional Collaboration in closing RM/TR Plan gaps. AMSTEP/ISTEP


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