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STRATEGIES FOR MAXIMIZING VCE LOTE SCORES Victorian School of Languages McKinnon Secondary School– Central 2 Venetia Kefalianos & Diana Hatch.

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1 STRATEGIES FOR MAXIMIZING VCE LOTE SCORES Victorian School of Languages McKinnon Secondary School– Central 2 Venetia Kefalianos & Diana Hatch

2 The Victorian School of Languages 77 yrs in the business of teaching LOTE 45 languages offered by the VSL 44 centres Country City At government schools And now at Haileybury & John Fawkner

3 Would you like to assist in maximizing your VCE student’s TR Score? During this session I will discuss VCE issues. Are you ready for VCE VASS- Vass Notification Forms. Enrolment issues Withdrawing – up until the end of 1 st term Exams GAT – preparing for the GAT Absences Late to class VCE manuals – on line. HOMEWORK TR scores 10% bonus

4 Scenario 1 “I want to do year 12 Swahili I speak Swahili at home”. (VCE is highly competitive)

5 Scenario 2 I am in year 11 and wish to do Swahili in year 12.

6 Scenario 3 We have just arrived from overseas and I want my gifted daughter to do Swahili at the VCE year 12 level - she is in year 8 at her day school. (VCE needs maturity)

7 Scenario 4 What is the Gat? 3 hour IQ test in English 2 writing tasks – 30 min. 70 multiple choice questions= 1.7 minutes each question


9 Question 1 The point of this cartoon is to suggest that women and men A are able to ignore each other. B are able to work co-operatively. C both support and are themselves supported. D both manipulate and are themselves manipulated.

10 1 The joke of the cartoon is that the speaker is A trying to be a good parent. B disguising laziness as concern. C more interested in educative theories than in his child. D more interested in his child than in educative theories.

11 UNIT 5 Questions 10 – 12 The following are four different translations (A–D) of a haiku poem by the Japanese poet Basho. Along this road goes no one; this autumn evening. Not one traveller braves this road – autumn night. By lonely roads this lonely poet marches into autumn dusk. All along this road not a single soul – only autumn evening comes. 10 Which of the translations gives the most emotional interpretation? A B C D 11 Which of the translations seems to make autumn a presence? A B C D 12 Which of the translations contrasts most with the others? A B C D

12 Questions 29 – 33 Jane, who works at the city council, has made a flow chart for a computer program to help determine the number of car parking spaces (P) required for different types of takeaway outlet. The number of spaces required for an outlet depends on the number of indoor seats (J) and the number of outdoor seats (E), as well as the gross floor area (GFA, in m2). To help her calculate P, she has introduced the intermediate variables V, W, X, Y and Z. Start X = GFA 100 ×12 W = Y5 V = Y3 P = X P = X + W P = X + Z P = X + V Z = J2 Y = J + E Seating? Drivethrough? Is W >Z ? Is V >Z ? Value of P: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)

13 Which of the following best describes the facilities at a takeaway outlet described by path (ii) in the flow chart? A seating with no drive-through B seating with a drive-through C no seating and a drive-through D no seating, no drive-through 30 Which of the following is equal to V ? A one-third of the number of indoor seats B one-half of the number of indoor seats C one-third of the total number of indoor and outdoor seats D one-fifth of the total number of indoor and outdoor seats 31


15 Questions 67 – 70 The image of the Australian outback on the next page was painted by Russell Drysdale. Pamela Bell described the painting in the following terms: Man Reading a Paper is one of the most surreal of Drysdale’s paintings of the early 1940s. For the first time, Drysdale incorporated pieces of corrugated iron and a windmill, motifs which at times appear abstract. A sense of ambiguity is heightened by the suggestion of actions taking place in an internal rather than external environment. Instead of sitting in a lounge chair reading a paper, the male figure rests on a tree stump, with his jacket hung on the nearest branch. The subject’s indifference to the strange scene around him only heightens the viewer’s feeling of unease. 5 Bell sees the painting as A eerie. B tragic. C tranquil. D celebratory. The seated figure in the painting seems A at home in the landscape. B a victim of the landscape. C alienated from the landscape. D the destroyer of the landscape.

16 Measuring Volume Spoon 1/4 teaspoon = 1.25 mL 1 tablespoon = 20 mL Questions 2–4 Monica has only two kitchen measuring spoons. These are described in the box above. Question 2 According to a recipe, Monica needs to measure out exactly 4.0 mL of vanilla essence into a bowl. How many times will she need to fill the 1/4 teaspoon and empty it into the bowl? A twice B three times C four times D She cannot measure 4.0 mL this way. Question 3 For a recipe, Monica needs to measure 30 mL. She could do this using 1 tablespoon and A 2 × 1/4 teaspoons. B 4 × 1/4 teaspoons. C 8 × 1/ 4 teaspoons D 16 × 1/4 teaspoons.

17 “Struck from behind, all right … and from my first examination of the wound, I’d say this was done by some kind of heavy, blunt object.” The joke in this cartoon is that the detective is A jumping to a conclusion. B overlooking the obvious. C oversimplifying the situation. D making an unwarranted assumption.

18 Question 15 The cartoon suggests that when his wife is away this husband A spends little time at home. B spends a lot of time drinking. C accumulates a lot of household rubbish. D takes over the management of the household. Question 16 The material in this unit suggests all of the following about the historical period except one. Which one? A Men were not expected to cook. B People without work were ridiculed. C Efficiency and economy were valued. D Women were in charge of house-work and cooking.

19 Scenarios My daughter only got 43 for Swahili what should I do?

20 Scenarios I only scored 36 for Swahili why did I not get a higher score, what can I do?

21 Scenarios Can I repeat? Will lose marks?  can do VCE over 3 years

22 Scenarios Can I have my exam remarked, I am unhappy with my results?

23 Scenarios There has been an injustice made: My son was top of his class in Swahili and he only received 37.

24 Scenario I am an overseas full paying Swahili student and my Swahili is great I wish to do VCE Swahili.

25 What type of student succeeds? Serious about study Serious about attendance Committed

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