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The Social RD : An interactive workshop For RD’s How to expand the nutrition conversation online!

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1 The Social RD : An interactive workshop For RD’s How to expand the nutrition conversation online!

2 Level 2 Suggested Learning Codes: (1000) Professional skills (1020) Computer, electronic technology (1090) Media skills (1110) Risk-taking (1140) Written communication skills, publishing (6000) Education, Training, and Counseling (7000) Business and Management (7040) Consultation (7050) Customer Focus (7070) Entrepreneurship, private practice (7120) Marketing Tweet #EVsocia0225 about this webinar  Contact @nadinekf for questions@nadinekf

3 By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:  Identify popular social media platforms & tools  Discuss how social media can be used to carry out a wide range of nutrition related activities  Develop a social media strategy for business or personal

4  Stand Up Activity & Introductions  How many use Facebook  How many use Twitter  How many use Blogs

5  If your not using social networks you are missing a captive audience

6  View more statistics herehere

7  User generated content  offers a mechanism for readers to create their own websites, blogs, message boards, videos, wikis, etc…  Encourage and offer a way to post feedback (rating)  Ease of generating, sharing, and tagging informationsharing,


9  We all have a message and a target audience  Social networks provide an environment to reach your audience  Social media provides a platform for your message and allows others to rate and respond to it  Use social media to listen…

10  Social Networks  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  LinkedIn  Social Media Tools  Posts  Tweets  Videos  Images

11  Who uses facebook?  How can you use facebook?

12 Facebook User Hear about my Facebook presence Visit my FB presence Fan/Join my FB presence Visit my website/Purchase products Share with their friends

13  600 million results for Facebook for Business in Google  10 million people become fans of a page each day  2 million movies on Facebook

14  New product releases  Promotions and discounts  New ways to use existing products  Ask fans for innovative ideas  Visual story telling  Show an interview of a fan using your product in an innovative way  Case Study – Produce Marketing

15  Something remarkable  Give them access to a unique experience  Surprise fans with something unexpected  Eco friendly initiatives- feel good things  How are you minimizing your organizations footprint?



18 Twitter User Hear about my Twitter presence Visit my TW presence Follow my Tweets Visit my website/Purchase products RT and #FF to friends

19  RD’s use social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and/or LinkedIn to post nutrition information, messages, questions, images and/or video.

20 Rebecca Scritchfield Washington DC based Dietitian Balanced Health and Nutrition is my blog LinkedIn Facebook

21 Janet Helm Chicago based Dietitian Chief Food and Nutrition Strategist, North America, Weber Shandwick LinkedIn Facebook

22 Jenny Westerkamp Chicago based Dietitian Co-Founder of All Access Internships Facebook




26  Patient blogs Patient blogs  Twitter Twitter  Facebook Facebook  YouTube

27  US Hospitals that use Social Networking tools  Last Update January 10, 2010 * 540 Hospitals total * 247 YouTube Channels * 316 Facebook pages * 419 Twitter Accounts * 67 Blogs  The original one-page list is at

28  Marketing and Business Development for the Fresh Produce Industry  DMA Fan Page DMA Fan Page  Fresh for Ellen Website Fresh for Ellen Website  YouTube YouTube  Twitter Twitter  Facebook Facebook

29  WF provides an excellent example of how to use social media  Email newsletter  Promote products using recipes with excellent visuals  Provide customer ratings on recipes  Provide account option for online shopping list, recipe box  Provide Podcasts and Blog (UGC)  Facebook and Twitter FacebookTwitter

30  Think about your audience and your message  Pick your application or platform  Facebook  Twitter


32  How did we do?  What did you learn?  What ‘s next?  Your call to action – GO FOR IT!! Follow @nadinekf

33  Upload video on Facebook Upload video on Facebook  See Facebook.pdf resources at page  How to use Facebook for Business  Facebook Success Stories

34  Recipe for Tweet Success Recipe for Tweet Success  Top Twitter Tips.pdf Top Twitter Tips.pdf

35 ACT for Youth Center of Excellence: (Practice Matters doc. attached to this email) Kaiser Family Foundation, M2 Media: Social Media & Mobile Internet Use Among Teens and Young Adults Pew Millenials: Deloitte’s State of the Media Democracy Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project - 8098-E466FB856794%7D/DML_ETHNOG_WHITEPAPER.PDF Am I normal? Teenagers, sexual health and the internet - Teenagers Socializing Not a Bad Thing - A Nation’s Youth all thumbs with PCs - Sex and Tech Results from a survey of Teen and Adults – The National Campaign Public Health Digital Brief – The National Campaign - 8098-E466FB856794%7D/DML_ETHNOG_WHITEPAPER.PDF An excellent article on New Media approaches for Adolescents: A few good MySpace pages:

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