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Pág. 1 | UNIVEG Logistics Portugal Corporate Presentation2014.

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1 pág. 1 | UNIVEG Logistics Portugal Corporate Presentation2014

2 Agenda pág. 2 | UNIVEG Group −Features −Activities −Operations Network UNIVEG Logistics Portugal −Features −Activities −Services −Competencies / Valences −Added-Value

3 pág. 3 | Facts & Figures Turnover € 3.1b # employees 4.500 Global coverage 25 countries Experience +20 years Throughput 10.000 pallets / day FRUIT & VEGETABLES LOGISTICS & TRANSPORT FLOWERS & PLANTS CONVENIENCE UNIVEG Group

4 O grupo Univeg pág. 4 | Operations Network USA UNIVEG Logistics America BELGIUM NOVA-VEG Logistics EFT SPAIN Logidis POLAND UNIVEG Logistics Poland BULGARIA UNIVEG Bulgaria PORTUGAL UNIVEG Portugal UNIVEG Group

5 A Univeg Portugal pág. 5 | Warehouse # pallets out / year 200.000 # ton out / year 125.000 # boxes out / year8.000.000 # employees 90 Suface (m2) 17.000 Capacity(# pallet loc.) - Frozen 5.300 - Fresh 7.500 - Ambient 1.000 Transports # km / year 3.500.000 #pallets / year 200.000 Distribution Center of Univeg Portugal Riachos (Torres Novas) UNIVEG Logistics Portugal Cross-Docking Platform Warehouse management system developed for perishable food products management based on RF technology. Specific chambers for fruits, vegetables, cod fish, dairy, fresh meat, fresh fish and frozen. Features

6 A Univeg Portugal pág. 6 | Core Services Collections in suppliers Reception Storage (-25ºC to +15ºC; ambient) X-Docking (BBxD; PAxD) Order picking (PBL and PBS, exact, fixed and variable weight, FIFO and FEFO, …) Distribution (multi-temperature) Reverse logistics Fresh Fish Centre Value Added Services Weighing Labeling and re-labeling Packing and re-packing Loading / unloading of containers Logistic in house UNIVEG Logistics Portugal Specialized services in logistics and distribution of fresh and frozen

7 pág. 7 | Competencies / Valences National and international distribution network in temperature controlled (multi- temperature) using a mix of shared, semi- shared and dedicated models Coverage of all temperature ranges in a single logistics platform. Information systems specialized in warehousing and transportation management, integrated with radio frequency technology and data integration via EDI. Logistics operations in a multi-client model, allowing for synergies, flexibility and operations availability and access to more competitive costs. Consistency of processes that ensure high reliability of services, a full operational control and a high robust administration. Added-Value Methodologies for continuous improvement, project management and sharing of best practices. UNIVEG Logistics Portugal Increasing the overall efficiency ofthe logistics system (impact on Ebit and Roce) Increased operational synergies Reduction of logistics costs Reducing fixed operational costs (storage, administration, supervision and management) Visibility on flows, stocks, costs and performance Flexibility to respond to variations in activity Transforming fixed costs into variable costs Release of assets and capital to their core business Increasing the overall quality of service Reduction of operational complexity Reduction of costs associated with “non-quality” (errors, disruptions returns, …)

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