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2013 A wide range of electrical products. The largest Russian manufacturer of electrical products a wide range of products, guaranteed quality, International.

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1 2013 A wide range of electrical products

2 The largest Russian manufacturer of electrical products a wide range of products, guaranteed quality, International Business, system development, stable partnership. IEK Group

3 On the low-voltage equipment market since 1999. More than 2000 employees. Modern research and production base in Russia and worldwide. Positioning: middle price segment IEK Group is low-voltage equipment market leader in Russia

4 IEK Group IEK Group is an expert in production of low-voltage equipment and structured cabling systems. Full scale support of marketing, logistics, service. R&D & professional education.

5 IEK ® products Power distribution equipment: Modular equipment Protection power equipment Metering, control & measurement devices, power equipment Electric distribution panel equipment, Cable support systems, accessories for aerial bundled conductors, Extension cords, adapters, cable reel, wiring products. Industrial equipment: Switching equipment, Motor Protection device, Control Relay, Switching equipment and control devices, Lighting engineering: Fixtures, lamps, spotlights, Lighting control Systems. Light sources. Wiring equipment: Tools, Wiring products, Power connectors.

6 Effective solutions for Electrical Systems of various complexity IEK ® products

7 IEK ® Sales Dynamics of IEK Group sales

8 Particular market segments share, 2012 leading positions in Russia

9 Distribution policy Success base The classical model of distribution - the delivery to the final consumers is made only through the distribution network. A balanced pricing principals - ensures the commercial attractiveness of IEK products for whole supply chain. Total coverage - IEK products are available all over the Russia, CIS and other countries covered by distribution network.

10 IEK Group produced more than 700 million meters of Wiring ducts and Trays. 17 times of equator length. IEK distribution covers more than 28 million km 2. That is the fifth part all the world land. IEK Group facts

11 IEK share in Russia market of electrical products IEK ® and profile market of electrical products in Russia IEK ® is: More than 10 billion rubles of annual turnover Stable exceeding market growth Doubling of turnover within 3 years (2010-2012)


13 RUSSIA Moldova Mongolia Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Belarus Latvia Ukraine Georgia Uzbekistan Afghanistan Khabarovsk Romania Armenia UAE 7 regional offices in the Russian Federation Branches in Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and the Baltics countries Representative offices in Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan Direct sales to Georgia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, UAE, Romania More than 100 technical and sales representatives and engineers. Business Geography

14 Yasnogorsk, Tula region: Metal-working facility, Extrusion facility, Moulding / injection facility. Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region Extrusion facility. IEK Group production sites in Russia

15 150 million meters of plastic extrusion products (Wiring ducts, Corrugated Pipes), 3 million meters of Metal Trays, 3 million of Metal distribution panels, 3,5 million of Plastic cases and distribution boxes. Russian factories annual production capacity 12 coaches of PVC 26 coaches of metal 2 coaches of polymers Recycling at own plants per month:

16 Russia Poland Italy Turkey Japan China IEK Group production The growth rate of IEK ® production Russian-made outperform release of contract products abroad

17 R&D based on international standards & certification. Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) Incoming Quality Control (IQC) Aftersales Warranty The Quality Management System Production Quality Control (PQC) Components and Materials Quality Control

18 IEK ® products meet the requirements of Russian and international official standards & certification. IEK ® products are awarded with medals of Russian and international exhibitions. Quality of IEK ® products

19 Logistics Marketing Five distribution centers in Russia: Total area - 45 000 m2 Number of pallets – about 50 000. Throughput capacity - 24,100 lines per day Volumes of shipment - up to 150 million Rubles per day 6 distribution centers abroad: Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, Kiev, Ukraine, Shanghai, China Kishinev, Moldova Riga, Latvia, Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Free shipping for partners in Russia.

20 Logistics Yasnogorsk Novosibirsk Nakhodka Shanghai Kiev Alma-Ata Tula Moscow 11 offloading facilities with a total area of ​​ over 52,000 sq.m. Monthly handled more than 1,500 transport units Kishinev Riga Ulan Bator

21 IEK Group scientific base Cooperation with the leading Russian technical universities. Training programs for constructors & designers. IEK Group courses students graduate with official state certificates.

22 On-line Learning System IEK Group – is the first Russian company at low-voltage equipment market that: launched learning webinars technology. Settled educational website. Developed free public distance training programs in the field of electrical engineering and IEK ® products (in partnership with the largest electrical internet portal

23 Advertising Support – the most popular website of low-voltage equipment manufacturers. Advertising and PR in the media. 10 types of catalogs (total QTY over 250,000 copies per year). Participated in more than 50 federal and regional exhibitions (annually). «IEK News» - 25,000 copies a year.

24 Trade Marketing IEK provides full range of POS materials for distribution and dealers offices. National and local trade-marketing activities. Information materials (commercial and technical catalogs, product brochures). TRADE MARKETING - wide range of tools that considers partners specific requirements.

25 Sales staff products training. Branded & Co-branded Souvenirs. Joint advertising with partners (media, internet, outdoor advertising). Joint activities with partners (exhibitions, seminars, sponsorship). Trade Marketing TRADE MARKETING - wide range of tools that considers partners specific requirements.

26 Solutions for professionals The program for the calculation of cable routes on metal trays and plastic ducts IEK ®. Automated catalog with unique feature selection. IEK ® Databases for popular professional programs: DIALux, AutoCAD Electrical, etc. Program for layout of electrical distribution panel and large size dismountable metal covers. Catalog with typical schemes of Low voltage electrical switchboard based on IEK products. Save time and improve comfort with IEK ® software

27 LOYALTY PROGRAM for Constructors & Designers IEK+ Learning IEK ® Products Software for constructors & designers IEK Group specialists consultations Bonuses for projects Promotions

28 IEK+ Participants Feedback We are recommended to colleagues! Site attendance more than 2,000 people. / Mo. As usual IEK is ahead of the rest, even global manufacturers does not have nothing similar! Olga, Engineering company "Stroyproekt" I’ve begun to load the projects. The bonus system really works! Nice to include the reliable equipment and to see that manufacturer appreciates it. Ilya, Proektneftegaz I began to participate in program on my colleague's advice. In the personal account i have found a lot of interesting things. Maxim, Siberian Design Institute 14% of the registrations on colleague’s recommendations

29 Working with assembly facilities of different scale. Personal service Regular training Advertising & information support Bonuses and special events system A new level of cooperation: IEK Group - Distributor - Electric distribution panel equipment assembler Support program for assembly facilities

30 Projects implemented on the basis of IEK ® equipment MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg Perinatal complex Ryazan region; shopping centers; sports and recreational facilities, medical facilities; apartment complexes, hotels; historical monuments, temples; and many other projects. Social and cultural projects

31 Projects implemented on the basis of IEK ® equipment Russian Railways’ facilities, Metropolitan of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Air Traffic Services center (Koltsovo Airport) Murmansk Commercial Seaport, Polling stations (video surveillance system, elections of the President of the Russian Federation, 2012), and many other projects. Infrastructure

32 Projects implemented on the basis of IEK ® equipment Industrial projects

33 Projects implemented on the basis of IEK ® equipment Electric power industry

34 IEK Group Partners, employees & market trust our high quality. We bring efficient and modern solutions to the market. Constant annual growth & the new technologies development is a distinctive features of IEK Group business.

35 IEK Group Contact Information: Phone: +7 (495) 542-22-22 Fax: +7 (495) 542-22-20 E-mail: Website:

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