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The Castle of the Honor with its Production, Pride with its Technology Created by: 2nClick Digital Solutions.

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1 The Castle of the Honor with its Production, Pride with its Technology Created by: 2nClick Digital Solutions

2 0101 sarbak Sarbak was established in 1976 and started production in Sazlıbosna – Hadımköy. Chocks obtained by melting the metal in the furnaces ladles and casting in the die moulds were annealed in fuel-heated annealing furnaces and were pressed in extrusion presses with limited functions and manual control having a capacity of 750 tons, then calibrated in chained drawing machine. establishment

3 general overview Sarbak Metal which started its production in 1976 in Sazlıbosna - Hadımköy continued its activities in this region for 26 years. TODAY 225 Employees Export to >30 Countries Export Leader It doubled its production by the latest technology, thanks to its new factory in Çerkezköy which started operating in 2002. It shall reach a capacity of 7.000 tons/month capacity in 2015. 0202

4 In its plants in Çerkezköy having an indoor area of 14.000 m2 and an outdoor area of 7.000m2, besides the production of brass of all sections, press and calibrated; round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, etc. rods, it also produces profiles of various measures and shapes, billets at various diameter and length up to 254 mm, and also the production of low pressure and continuous ingots which are widely used in the field of water armatures at the European and American norms and standards and also within the direction of the customer demands since 2002. It also started the production of hollow profile and rods in August 2005. In 2014, the production of continuous cast ingots was also started. sarbak production

5 PRODUCTION LINE Superior competitive power by fulfillment of the requirements of the worker's health and occupational safety 0404 Rods and Profiles Round, square, rectangle, hexagonal, octagonal etc. rods of any section, Hollow Rods and Profiles They are used in the fields of connecting pieces, nuts, installations, water fittings and automotive. Calibrated Coils Brass coil production between 5-14mm, in round, hexagonal, square and metal sheet forms. Ingot Low pressure continuous ingot production which has a wide usage area in the production of water fittings. Brass Billet Billet production in any diameter and length up to 254 mm

6 sarbak It is to adopt the customer satisfaction as a principle, to protect its leadership position as the most important producers of the domestic and international markets, to carry out the requirements of occupational health and safety by being aware of our responsibilities with respect to the environment in order to achieve the highest level of competitive power. mission

7 sarbak export Employment and export leader of the sector in Turkey! Customer-Focused Logistics Guarantee Experience 0606 Our company which started exportation in 1994 realizes 75% of the export of Turkey in its own product class. 40% of its production is being exported to more than 30 different countries, especially EU countries. Export Awards 2013 İMMİB Stars of Exporters, ranked as the 1st 2012 İMMİB Stars of Exporters, ranked as the 2nd 2011 İMMİB Stars of Exporters, ranked as the 2nd

8 sarbak agenda Awards of Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry 0707 Our company was awarded by Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry as based on the export realized in 2008 and 2009 and the evaluation of the top 1000 major companies. Certificates 2009 Certificate of Appreciation 2009 Certificate of Achievement 2008 Certificate of Appreciation 2008 Certificate of Achievement






14 sarbak agenda One of the largest 500 companies of Turkey… 0909 Sarbak Metal, regularly takes its place in İSO's Largest 500 Industrial Company of Turkey List, which is periodically announced by İstanbul Chamber of Industry each year. Rankings Ranked as the 291st in İSO's Largest 500 List for 2012 Ranked as the 370th in FORTUNE's Turkey's 500 List for 2012 Ranked as the 281st in İSO's Largest 500 List for 2011 Ranked as the 312th in İSO's Largest 500 List for 2013

15 sarbak agenda Environment-Friendly Products and Application 10 Sarbak Metal aims to be a company which targets that all the living beings continue their lives in the most qualified way, and which produces by complying with the sustainable development principles. Within this direction, our company, which had carried out studies with respect to the environment, was awarded İSO's "Grand Environment Award". Awards Ranked as the 2nd with Ekosarı in Environment Friendly Product category of İSO İSO's "Grand Environment Award" in 2007 Honorary Award of ÇOSB in 2008

16 SECTORS The sectors where Sarbak Metal's brass ingots, rods, hollow rods, profile products are mainly used; 11 CONSTRUCTION Water Installations, Gas Installations ELECTRICITY - ELECTRONICS Plug Ends, Connectors AUTOMOTIVE Bushings, Screws, Nuts, Bolts INSTALLATIONS Extensions, Elbows, Valves Collectors, Faucets, Water Meters CONNECTION ELEMENTS Screws, Nuts, Bolts ACCESSORIES Chandelier Parts, Bathroom Accessories

17 sarbak products

18 13 Our products are in compliance with RoHS II and REACH Directives. Our production is realized in compliance with European Norm (EN) and American Norm (ASTM) as standard. If emphasized in the order for the parts which shall be used in drinking water, production is realized in compliance with DIN 50930-6 and UBA Hygienic list. Special demands received from the customers are examined by the relevant units and the production is realized afterwards. High quality special production

19 sarbak products Lead-free brass alloy "Ekosarı" Lead Free Rod Cast Hollow 14 Brass alloys are commonly used in faucets, pumps, valves and fittings (Copper 60% - Zinc 40%). There is about 2-3% lead in the classical brass material. This lead is leached by standing or flowing natural-processed water. Today, allowed limit value of the lead in water, which is very harmful for human health, is 10 units (10 ppb, 10 microgram/ liter). Commercial brass which contains high level of lead content, can never provide this limit value. Lead is zeroized and many concerns are eliminated in Ekosarı - Ecobrass/ Ecocast ve Ekosarı - Federalloy alloys presented by SARBAK METAL. Cast and mechanical properties are also preserved in these alloys."

20 sarbak products Rod and Hollow Rod (E C O B R A S S ®) Lead Free Hygienic Machinability Recycling 15 It is lead free (no toxic effect), it contains silicon in place of lead. It has many features such as good machinability, high durability, recyclability, perfect corrosion resistance, good forgeability. It is produced as appropriate for forging, machining, cold work, welding, soldering and surface coating. It has areas of use such as sensor bodies, thermostat parts, liquid connectors, bolts, nuts, valves, condenser tube plates, pump parts, pneumatic fittings, propeller shafts, faucets, faucet systems, installation fittings, water meter bodies.

21 sarbak products For casts (E C O C A S T ®) Lead Free Coatability Fine Grain Structure Recycling 16 It is the cast version of Ecobrass. It has the same mechanical and physical features with Ecobrass. Additionally; it also has fine-grained microstructure, good castability and polishability features. It is used in the production of water meters and water fittings. The innovation is that it is lead-free brass. It is produces and continuous cast ingot

22 sarbak products For Casts (F E D E R A L L O Y ®) Lead Free Hygienic Homogenous Liquid Castability 17 It is lead free (no toxic effect), it contains bismuth in place of lead. It has good machinanbility, homogenous structure, fine grains, polishability, good corrosion resistance and it is appropriate for surface coating It is used in water fittings, water meters, sanitary installation products, small pinions, pump parts etc.. In our standard products, there are Federalloy IV B2 (Lead Free) and Federalloy IV B3 DZR (Lead Free) versions.

23 Rods and Profiles

24 sarbak products Solid Rods and Profiles Machinability Calibration Special Production 19 These are the highly sensitive, calibrated rods which are appropriate for machining at high speed in compliance with EN 12164 Standard. Bunches are offered in packages of standard length as 500 kg or 1000 kg as based on the demand of the customer. Although our standard length range is between 3 - 3,5 meters, lengths up to 4 meters can be produced as based on the demand. Our products are in compliance with ROHS II and REACH Directives. Our production is realized in compliance with European Norm (EN) and American Norm (ASTM) as standard. Special demands received from the customers are examined by the relevant units and the production is realized afterwards. Please click for the production ranges...

25 Solid Rods and Profiles

26 sarbak products Hollow Rods and Profiles 20 Sarbak Metal started to produce hollow rods in 2005 in order to minimize the processing costs of the customers and to have less equipment abrasion, less material consumption and less metal loss. As based on the demand, internal-external calibrated, external calibrated – internal pressed and internal-external pressed hollow rod production is realized. Our products are in compliance with ROHS II and REACH Directives and is realized in compliance with EN 12168 standards, European Norm (EN) and American Norm (ASTM). Special demands received from the customers are examined by the relevant units and the production is realized afterwards. Please click for the production ranges... Final Cost Less Energy Less Labor Productivity

27 Hollow Rods and Profiles

28 ingots

29 sarbak products Ingots Origin Crystal structure Low Pressure 22 Our ingot production process is realized through 4 horizontal continuous system which is composed of an induction melting furnace of 3 tons and a settling furnace of 8 tons. It has a daily production capacity of 35 tons/day General areas of use are water fittings, water meters, valve bodies for water, installation applications and applications that require corrosion resistance. Our company is a member of OECAM (Organization for European Copper Alloy Ingot Makers).

30 sarbak products Billet Homogenous Special Production 23 Billets with homogenous structure, having a smooth surface, which are produced at 5 units of horizontal continuous casting line with a capacity of 250 tons/day, can be produced at the requested dimensions from 100 mm to 254 mm of diameters. Our production is realized in compliance with European Norm (EN) and American Norm (ASTM) as standard. Different norm and alloy demands received from our customers are examined by the relevant units and the production is realized afterwards.

31 sarbak policies

32 quality policy 26

33 quality policy Quality is the guide in our products and services. It is our policy to provide the compliance of our products with all the relevant standards together with those relevant to the quality, performance and safety Well-defined quality target is available in order to achieve this purpose, and this target is known by all the units and the required works are performed. Our purpose is to meet the customer needs and expectations at the lowest cost and at the requested delivery period and to provide the sustainability in the fields of quality and reliability. Quality management system formed within the frame of these purposes which we had determined aims to establish the conditions which shall form and develop the quality; and in the concept of modern management, it assumes the protection of the environment during its works as a requirement of its responsibility and respect for the society. In order to achieve this purpose, Sarbak Metal AŞ is in harmony with all its employees and the corporations it cooperates with and gives the priority to the training, cooperation and mutual respect within this direction. Each Sarbak Metal AŞ employee tries to perform the work assigned timely, correctly and without any need for further corrections. In this sense, quality is everyone’s duty. Sarbak Metal AŞ’s top management provides the formation of the time, knowledge, training, money, tools-equipment, workforce and control mechanisms required in order to achieve all these purposes. The quality system and its efficiency is controlled periodically by intercompany controls and if required, revised. 25

34 occupational health and safety To provide that OHS policy relevant to OHS management system can be understood by all the employees and sections, is applicable and sustainable and to take all the required measures within this direction, To protect the occupational health and safety of our employees, whom we believe are the most valuable resource, and to comply with all the occupational health and safety regulations within this direction and especially to comply with the accident prevention and safety rules. By determining new purposes and targets each year, to provide the continuous development of our OHS system and to be one of the leading companies in the field of copper alloys and brass production sector with regards to OHS matters, To provide the safety of the machinery, equipment and plants which we use in our operations and to provide the operational safety of the processes, services and activities, 27

35 occupational health and safety With the training programs that we shall organize, to provide that our managers and employees perceive their positions and responsibilities within this system and to contribute to the development of their awareness for their responsibilities, To increase the productivity with the continuous improvement in the occupational health and safety management system To provide the sources required for the efficient operation of the occupational health and safety management system, To realize periodic inspections in order to confirm that OHS management system is operated efficiently, To minimize the effects of the probable work accidents, To act in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in order to offer the best quality services for the demands and projects of our customers, To form a good and efficient communication channel with the official offices, authorities, suppliers, subcontractors, nongovernmental organizations, local community, all the society and other shareholders with regards to OHS matters, To protect the our employees' personal rights in compliance with the daily requirements, to protect them without being subject to any pressure, force, threat, fear…etc., To update and develop social responsibility plans and programs in our company each year, To comply with the local, national, cultural, moral and ethical values in our relations with our employees, suppliers, customers and all third party stakeholders 28

36 sarbak innovation

37 inovasyon We institutionalize innovation culture in Sarbak Metal and have our personnel acquire it. We determine not only what our customers need now but also what type of products they shall need in future and we provide Sarbak Metal structure with the technology and skills required in order to produce such products. mission

38 innovation vision 31 It is to provide people with an easier, better, healthier and nicer life with our technology As Sarbak Metal A.Ş. we are forming our research – development strategy by using our knowledge and experience developed throughout the years in order to meet the quality brass material needs of our customers, which are increased as a result of the developing technology. In Sarbak Metal, the factors that trigger the innovation are originating both from the inside and outside of the company. The ideas and opinions of the employees at all levels within the company are evaluated and product innovation is converted into process innovation and customer-focused innovation applications. Sarbak Metal also uses the conclusions of the research and development activities conducted with the universities, the information obtained through various consultancy services and technology transfers acquired through commercial contracts for the innovation applications. Our company took its place among 10 finalist companies in İSO's "Innovation Awards" as a result of its innovation works.

39 innovation targets 0 1. It is to develop special alloy and technologies for the customers which would minimize the problems they encounter in their manufacturing process. 0 3. In order to decrease the production costs and environmental effects, to replace the energy yield of our production technology with new generation machinery and to provide 10% energy efficiency. 0 2. To introduce lead-free Brass alloys, superior characteristics of the product and its environment- free nature and to create a new market for Sarbak Metal. 32

40 environmentalist Sarbak Metal prioritizes the protection of environment both in its products and production policies. Using lead- free raw materials which do not damage the environment and offering environmentalist products are among the issues which it attaches importance. It does not dispose wastes into the nature at the stage of production, it operates efficiently and attaches importance to recycling. It was awarded Grand Environment Award by İSO in 2007 as a result of such works. In 2011, its "EKOSARI" product was awarded "ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY PRODUCT and APPLICATION AWARD" in İSO's Environment Awards. Recycling License which was taken in 2009 for the first time was updated as "ENVIRONMENT PERMISSION and LICENSE" in 2013. The subject of the license is "HAZARDOUS and NON-HAZARDOUS RECYCLING". production

41 Arap Cami Mahallesi Galata Mahkemesi Sokak Nafe Han NO:13 Daire:12 34420 Karaköy Beyoğlu / İSTANBUL TURKEY T: +90 212 237 66 04 F: +90 212 253 51 45 Central Office sarbak communication Çerkezköy Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Gazi Osman Paşa Mah. 8. Cad. No:3 59500 Çerkezköy TEKİRDAĞ TURKEY T: + 90 282 725 19 60 F: +90 282 725 19 70 Factory Bulgaria and Serbia Sales Mr. Ararat Kedilerli 3a. Stefan Karadzha str. Burgaz 8000 – BULGARIA E-mail : E-mail : Bulgaria Factory

42 The Castle of the Honor with its Production, Pride with its Technology Created by: 2nClick Digital Solutions

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