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WELCOME !. Where is Zrenjanin? ZRENJANIN - Capital of the Banat region The second city in Vojvodina referring the area – 1326 km 2.

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2 Where is Zrenjanin?

3 ZRENJANIN - Capital of the Banat region The second city in Vojvodina referring the area – 1326 km 2

4 Population: 140.000 85.000 – city itself 55.000 – villages 700.000 – Banat region 30 million – Southeast Europe Free Trade Area and (CEFTA)

5 Zrenjanin – ”Small Switzerland in Serbia” Multiethnic and multicultural city 4 official languages ( Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak ) 23 ethnic groups – living together for centuries

6 Excellent transport link via Corridor 10 Distances from surrounding industrial centers Easy access to other markets Novi Sad50 km Belgrade75 km TimisoaraRomania100 km SzegedHungary130 km ZagrebCroatia400 km ViennaAustria500 km RomaItaly730 km BerlinGermany910 km Zrenjanin-Novi Sad (40 km) Regional road, connecting the motorway E75 Zrenjanin-Belgrade (70 km) Regional road, connecting to the motorway E70 Zrenjanin-Temisoara (100 km) International road to Ukraine, Moldavia and other ex Soviet republics

7 - Center of regional railroad network - Largest C class airport in the Balkans: “Airport Zrenjanin” Easy Transport (1)

8 - River Begej: part of Danube – Rein – Mein hydro system connecting North Sea with the Black Sea - Harbor on river Begej Easy Transport (2)

9 Free Zone Zrenjanin Setting up business in the free zone significantly reduces expenses – up to 40% Free Zone Zrenjanin is one of four Free zones in Serbia

10 Example of savings in a free zone On import and export of € 1.000.000 value of goods Savings in VAT - € 180. 000 Saving in customs fees - € 200. 000 TOTAL SAVINGS € 380. 000 (sufficient to pay 80 employees for one year)

11 Map of the City with the zones marked


13 Industrial park “Ecka” Area: 120 - 1100 hectars

14 Industrial park “Ecka” Advantages: River BegejRiver Begej AirportAirport Regional roadRegional road to Belgrade Transit roadTransit road

15 Industrial park “Ecka” FREE OF CHARGE Construction land is given

16 Industrial park “Ecka” Only expense: 10 €/m2 ( Price for equipping the land with all necessary infrastructure )

17 Industrial park “Ecka” Location is equipped with necessary infrastructure (road, industrial power lines, water, sewage and drainage system, natural gas, telephone and internet…) Access to infrastructure FREE of charge i.e. no utility or other connection fees



20 U n i q u e o f f e r Investor can choose: shape, size and position of the construction site Infrastructure connection points In this manner engineering and construction costs can be reduced by 30%

21 Financial INCENTIVES Available funds: € 2,000 - € 10,000 per every new employee 100 employees = € 200 000 to € 1 000 000 or FREE 2 - 10 ha of construction land for FREE

22 Investment Center & LED Office Organized support for investors: All licences and permits in “One stop shop” within 24 hours All types of assistance available ( finding accommodation, renting office space, cars, telephone and internet connections, liaising with relevant institutions and organizations… )

23 BIZ - Business Incubator center Zrenjanin Special incentive: 25% of total office space in BIZ is given free of charge to new investors Key purpose of BIZ: Development of advanced technologies

24 Zrenjanin - university center - 2 Technical faculties Departments: IT, Mechanical, Management, Textile - 4.000 students - 8 Secondary schools Based on the investors needs for certain skills special educational programs are introduced

25 Workforce and industries in Zrenjanin Major industries: Gross Salary € Food processing 300 Metal industry 290 Textile industry 230 Chemical industry 330 Oil and natural gas production 560 Construction330 36 44 20

26 Greenfield investments in Zrenjanin POMPEA (ITALY) Manufacturing underwear and hosiery FULGAR (ITALY) Manufacturing yarns for the textile industry DRÄXLMAIER (GERMANY) Car industry production GEZE (GERMANY) Production of door closers and automatic door system ARCADOM (HUNGARY) Commercial park

27 Greenfield investments in Zrenjanin SUPERNOVA (AUSTRIA) Trade and warehousing business PHIWA – WALTHER GROUP (GERMANY) Warehousing and supermarkets UM-ING (SERBIA) Engineering and trade services GR Systems (ITALY) Electronics DEMEX (SERBIA) Construction

28 Greenfield investments in Zrenjanin BAPS – MEHLER AG GROUP (GERMANY) Ballistic protective systems ALPIN (SERBIA) Industry tools production BOMEX 4M (SERBIA) Shipyard FUTURE BIOTEC (GERMANY) Synthetic Diesel production IN MED (SERBIA) Pharmaceutical company

29 Brownfield investments in Zrenjanin K. Damen – Holland - Shipyard Bongrain Europe Sas – France – Milk processing factory Agrokor – Croatia – Sunflower oil products Kolpa San – Slovenia - furnishing Pecocar Holland – Holland

30 Why invest in Zrenjanin?  Free construction land in new industrial parks  Industrial parks fully equipped with infrastructure  Free zone in Zrenjanin  Geographic and transportation advantages  Qualified, experienced and inexpensive workforce  Long industrial and corporate tradition  Quick and efficient administration

31 Welcome ! Welcome !

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