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Dazzling Stone Home for Children Marijke Welcome.

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1 Dazzling Stone Home for Children Marijke Welcome

2 Dazzling Stone School : why Not enough orphanages in Chennai – creation of Dazzling Stone Orphanage (1994 – at the start 5 children – between 3 and 18 years old) Good education too expensive for orphans No difference can be made between religion and race : the catholic approach has been chosen as the means of living all together


4 A bit of history... Year 2001 – a sabbatical : take a small break – work with Global Volunteers – Minnesota Volunteer work in combination with development work Chennai (Madras) - India The only european volunteer participating in the project 100 children in a small building, all going to public school

5 Socio-economical Sirukalathur - Kundrathur - Chennai - Zuid-India India: ± 1 bio inhabitants, Chennai 6 mio people Lacking good english education A lot of people living under poverty level Problems Chennai : * over-populated * pollution * people without a roof * drugs, alcohol * poverty

6 Socio-economical (more)… Agricultural work Warm & humid climate A bit or no rain at all during summer Drinking water quality ? Medical assistance ? Schooling?

7 The family Founder : Deva Dhas The family Dhas : Deva, Joy, Jobin & Dany Worked in the local ‘missiepost’ Was also worker in the local hospital, now FT in orphanage Started in his private house, with a few children Moved into a larger building, now really occupied with the children


9 A typical orphanage day 05u u30: getting up 05u u00: prayer 06u u00: study 07u u00: washing & dressing 08u u00: go to school 09u u00 : lessons 16u u30: playing & washing hour 17u u00: study 19u u00: dinner 20u u00: prayer + songs Midnight : go to bed !

10 Results up to today From a rented building (300 m2) to a new (owned) larger building – Indian Style Basic but comfortable Every kid own case with private stuff Separate school building Separate kitchen Much play ground for the kids Very close to the water reservoir of Chennai Pets for the children : pigeons, fish, dog, cats …..

11 Creation of the school Reserach of the needs in 2001 (by volunteers) Creation of 4 classes (grades) in Partly english eduction (Tamil subjects mandatory) Growth to 5 grades in grades in 2006 Recognition by Indian Government in 2006

12 Education Education prevents migration, migration prevention creates peace Children have to become independent individuals able to have a self supporting life in India


14 Budget 2009:2010 (total 7 grades + supervision, incl lunch) 6 educators6 x RS : RS/mth 1 principal 1 x RS : RS/mth 1 watchman1 x RS : RS/mth 1 helper 1 x RS : RS/mth Note/text books 1 x RS : RS/yr Uniforms2 x RS : RS/yr School material 1 x RS : RS/yr Lunch school1 x RS : RS/yr Fuel bus1 x RS : RS/yr TOTAL :12 calendar months : Rupees = € (on Nov 23, 2009)

15 New/other needs in Dazzling Stone ? Creation of all grades of basic education (growth from 7 – 12 classes) would give a full control on education of the children For every class a separate room (now 2 classes in one room) Admission of more children from the village (now 30 – could be more if more space available) Recruitment of more english teachers (full degree) + principal with full degree More and better school material Innovation in the orphanage building : flooring of the dining room, flooring in the bedrooms, renovation of the toilets, electricity safety works overall, concrete floor on the playground

16 Thanks! Marijke

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