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ВЯТСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ «Роль ВятГУ в развитии биотехнологии Кировской области» Пименов Евгений Васильевич II Международная конференция биотехнологов.

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1 ВЯТСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ «Роль ВятГУ в развитии биотехнологии Кировской области» Пименов Евгений Васильевич II Международная конференция биотехнологов «Международное сотрудничество и развитие биотехнологий в Кировской области» State educational institution of higher professional education Vyatka State University

2 License granting the right to carry out educational activity: ААА No. 000931 № 0913 dated March 23, 2011, Period of Validity: unlimited

3 Certificate of State Accreditation: ВВ No. 000603 Registration No. 0596 dated July 20, 2010, Valid until July 20, 2015

4 1955 – organization of Educational Consulting Center of All-Union Correspondence Institute of Energetics (UKP VZEI) 1962 - UKP VZEI reorganized as Kirov Correspondence Polytechnic Institute (KZPI) 1968 - UKP VZEI reorganized as Kirov Polytechnic Institute (KirPI) 1994 – Vyatka State Technical University (VyatGTU) 2001 – VyatGTU reorganized as Vyatka State University (VyatGU) 2007 – VyatGU named the winner in contest among higher educational institutions implementing innovative educational programs (IOP) within the scope of the Education National Priority Project 55,000 engineering and technical experts currently employed in the Russian real economy are graduates of our University. Principal Stages of Development

5 University entrants and graduate streams University entrants inflow Experts outflow

6 The University has 12 faculties: Faculty of Automated Devices and Computing Machinery; Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications; Faculty of Automation of Engineering Industry Faculty of Electrical Engineering; Faculty of Construction and Architecture; Faculty of Chemistry; Faculty of Biology; Faculty of Economic and Management; Faculty of Humanities; Evening and Correspondence Faculty; Faculty of Specialist Retraining; Faculty of Innovative Education. Vyatka State University

7 The University has: 49 academic departments (32 major; 17 core curriculum) Personnel Training and Retraining Institute; Affiliated branch in Kirovo-Chepetsk; Affiliated office in Vyatkskiye Polyany Scientific, designing and educational activities are performed in educational and research centers, as well as research and production laboratories. Preparation within the scope of the Presidential Program of Training Managerial Staff for the organizations of the national economy of the Russian Federation was started in the University has been ongoing since 1998. There is also the Faculty of Innovative Education where instruction for the MBA program is carried out. Vyatka State University

8 Educational Activity Our University holds licenses to perform instruction in: -107 specialties and fields of higher professional education, -six specialties of secondary vocational education. The University provides training for undergraduate students and teaching staff of our University, as well as for the managers and experts of enterprises and organizations of Kirov city and Kirov Oblast in numerous programs of additional professional education. Vyatka State University

9 Teaching Staff of the University Number of VyatkaGU GOU VPO employees: 1,451, including: Professors and Instructors: 661 Doctors of Science and Professors: 73 Candidates of Science and Docents: 311 222 employees of our University have state and branch awards. Vyatka State University

10 Over 12,000 students study at the University, including: University in numbers: over 5,000 full-time students over 300 evening students over 7000 correspondence students Vyatka State University

11 Research Activity and Staff Development Training Fundamental and applied research projects in 29 fields of regional, federal and international significance are being carried out in the University, as well as the joint regional contest, organized by Kirov Oblast Municipality and Russian Fund of Fundamental Research. Priority fields of research: Biotechnologies and nanotechnologies; Power engineering and energy conservation; Information technologies. The University offers postgraduate courses and doctoral programs, as well as the Specialized Council for the Support of Theses DM.212.042.01 in the specialty 030023, Biotechnology, which was opened in the University. Currently there are over 150 postgraduate students studying 28 scientific disciplines at our University. Vyatka State University

12 Main research fields: Thermal physics and theory of thermal physics Inorganic Chemistry Microbiology Ecology Biotechnology (including Bionanotechnology) Technology and equipment of machine and physicotechnical processing Technologies and machines of non-cutting shaping Technologies and machines of welding engineering Electrotechnical complexes and systems Radio frequency (RF) engineering, including TV systems and devices Telecommunications systems, networks and appliances System analysis, information management and processing Computing machinery, complexes and computer networks Mathematical modeling, numerical computation and program complexes Methods and systems of information protection and security Vyatka State University

13 Power stations and electric power systems Thermal power stations, their power systems and aggregates Physical metallurgy and heat treatment of metals and alloys Technology of electrochemical processes and corrosion protection Technology and re-processing of polymers and composites Processes and devices of chemical engineering Wood science, wood-processing technology and machinery Civil Engineering constructions, buildings and structures Russian history Ethnography, ethnology and anthropology Economics and management of national economy Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics Theory and history of architecture, restoration and restructuring of historical and architectural heritage Theory and history of culture Main research fields: Vyatka State University

14 Availability of computing machinery Indicator:Meaning: Unified computer network+ Number of Intranet servers17 Number of local servers19 Number of terminals that provide Internet access 764 Number of units of computing machinery (computers): -Including computers used in the educational process: 1916 810 Number of computer-equipped classrooms Including classrooms with projectors 33 32 Number of Wi-Fi points13 Vyatka State University

15 In 2008 the HPC HP Enigma X000 (/HP Hewlett-Packard Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c, Xeon 5345 2.33GHz, Infiniband/) supercomputer was launched. The Center of Supercomputing Technologies ensures the opportunity: -to carry out projects in the highly accurate mathematical modeling of compound objects and processes, system analysis and prognosis of the behavior of complex polyvalent systems; -training and retraining of engineers and researchers in the field of designing and operation of computing systems of the new generation; -to apply current innovative information and computing technologies to the solution of fundamental, applied and industrial tasks in the priority fields of science, engineering and technology of the Russian Federation. Vyatka State University


17 Scientific and innovative infrastructure Scientific and educational centers of: Nanotechnology Bioengineering Polymeric materials Supercomputing technologies Information security Energy conservation Combustion physics Power efficient technologies Interuniversity Research Center Research laboratories: Biologically active substances and biopolymers. Biotechnology of food and medicines Metal materials with vibration-absorbing properties Information and controlling systems Mathematical modeling of complex systems Accounting and diagnostics Workplace certification

18 The University has 10 educational buildings and one sports buildings, four halls of residence, sports and recreation countryside camps Facilities categoriesUnder day-to-day management, m2 Leased for at least 5 years, m2 General93487555 Educational and laboratory64323555 Halls of residence19853- Catering sites3378- Sports halls and other covered sports structures3129- Recreational complexes, camps and centers2804- Vyatka State University

19 Internal University System of Quality Control The system of quality control at Vyatka State University is carried out on the basis of the international quality standards of ISO 9000 and ENQA requirements, and of the documents of the Standard Quality System Model of Educational Institutions. The University has participated in the educational and methodological project on the “Testing and Implementation of Standard Quality System Model of Vocational Educational Institutions”. Based on the results of a submitted report the University was issued a Project Participant Certificate (В2-07 № 20) by the Board for the Coordination of the Control of the Quality of Vocational Education at the Federal Service for Supervision in the area of Education and Science, Moscow, in December 2007. In 2010 the University participated in the Quality Systems of Graduate Training of Vocational Education Institutions competition organized by the Federal Service for Supervision in the area of Education and Science. Vyatka State University

20 Development Prospects In 2007 the Academic Council determined the long-term strategy of the development of the University as an innovative research higher educational institution of engineering and technical field based on the strategy of the development of the region in the areas of biotechnology, power engineering sand power conservation, information technologies and mechanical engineering for the benefit of the enterprises of defense-industrial sector.

21 Development Prospects In realizing this strategy, the University has: 1.Implemented the innovative educational program within the scope of “Education” National Priority Project (240 million rubles) in 2007 – 2008 2.Участвовал в конкурсе исследовательских университетов в 2009 и 2010 гг. Participated in the research universities contest in 2009 and 2010 3.Participated in the competitions of higher education institutions creating innovative infrastructure in accordance with the Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 218, 219, and 220. in 2010 4.Organized the research center in the field of Nanotechnologies within the scope of the “Development of Infrastructure of Nanoindustry…” Federal Goal-Oriented Program (125.8 million rubles) in 2010-2011

22 Vyatka State University We create the future!

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