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Energetic and Environmental Incubator House at Zalahaláp.

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1 Energetic and Environmental Incubator House at Zalahaláp

2 Project’s objective The incubator house is being built on a dilapidated area of the region, with its positive aura as a development focus point contributing greatly to the improvement of the surroundings. The project’s aim is to provide assistance for startup (lacking capital) businesses in the initial period that comes after the enterprise’s foundation. The investments are replaced by our services offered by the incubator house that are available against a monthly fee.

3 Location of the incubator house I. The building site is bordered by road from the northern and southern side as well. It can be approached on the southern road from the direction of the settlement (Béke Street).

4 Location of the incubator house II. The building accommodates offices, educational workshops, possibly research activities can be carried out. The car parking is designed on the ground, via surface parking spaces.

5 Location of the incubator house III. Additional requirements from the facility’s side will be fulfilled by the networks, based on demand, after their capacity expansion. The approved construction plans of the public utilities are completed, they are held by the local council.

6 Functions of the incubator house I. On the ground floor the offices are located, and the associated storage rooms and workshops.

7 Functions of the incubator house II. The offices on each level are complemented with common lavatory and tea block. From the lavatory opens the storage room for cleaning tools, materials.

8 Functions of the incubator house III. In the entrance reception area a fountain with ornamental casing was placed, which received its place in the supplement of the round staircase’s semi-circle arc into a full circle.

9 Functions of the incubator house IV. According to more distant plans on the neighboring areas a building of a similar nature is wished to be constructed with a similar purpose.

10 Data specifics of the planned building Planned function: Incubator House Number of floors: ground floor + upper floor + closing floor Total useful area of ground floor449, 29 m2 Total useful area of upper floor454, 74 m2 + balcony: 32, 88 m2 Total useful area of closing floor146, 79 m2 + balcony: 86, 84 m2 Useful area total1050, 82 m2 + 119, 72 m2 = 1170, 54 m2

11 Rentable useful area based on functions Office Storage Workshop Meeting room 513,24 m224,92 m2163,92 m2 32,55 m2

12 Project Management Organization Scope of dutyName, position Project CEOGyörgy Maus, Managing Director Technical ControllerMárton Szekeres architect, technical controller, subcontractor Financial OfficerErzsébet Nikolettiné Molnár, economist-tax expert, subcontractor Project ManagerBalázs Morvai, subcontractor, Európa Universitas Kft. Operation ManagerGeneral incubation administrator, preferably with legal-economics degree Assistant with secondary school degree in economics IT personnel with relevant university/college degree

13 Zalahaláp Zalahaláp is one of the most beautiful regions of Transdanubia. It can be found on the northern part of the mountains surrounding Tapolca basin, in the foot of Halápi mountain.

14 Many tourists look up the place for natural experiences, excellent wines and also for taking marvellous photos. From the mountain top beautiful spectacle opens on Balaton, on Tapolca basin and on basalt mountains closing it in. Zalahaláp

15 Castles of Baroque style and the lake suitable for bathing are real showpieces of the village. Hospitable inhabitants welcome all hikers and tourists. Zalahaláp

16 Thank You for Your attention ! MGM-CONSULTING Kft. 1025 Budapest, Nagybányai út 11. Telefon: 36-1-2006362 Mobil:06-30-9043721 Emai.:

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