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Common Core State Standards Defining the Core: A whole new way of learning Broward County Public Schools Literacy Department August 6, 2012 English Language.

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1 Common Core State Standards Defining the Core: A whole new way of learning Broward County Public Schools Literacy Department August 6, 2012 English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects

2 Become familiar with the shifts and standards key to the CCSS for Literacy. Understand the District implementation and roll out process. Become familiar with the District professional learning plan, including the communication web site. Listen to your feedback and questions regarding the CCSS Literacy implementation. Enhance knowledge base of the Common Core Standards for ELA and Literacy. 2 Expected Outcomes

3 CCSS-ELA District Support Team Instruction & Interventions Literacy DepartmentLiteracy K-12Library Media K-12Social Studies K-12World Languages K-12 Defining the Core A Whole New Way of Learning

4 Goals – CCSS Transition Communicate to key stakeholders the changes in the Standards and the instructional model Build teacher capacity in CCSS and the instructional model Identify performance goals and measure progress Support transition to PARCC Assessments Develop and acquire CCSS aligned curriculum content Align fiscal resources to goals

5 Browards Implementation Timeline

6 Grade 9 Sample CCSS ELA Assessment Student Directions: Part 1 (35 minutes) Your Assignment: You will read a short story and article, watch a video, review research statistics, and then write an argumentative essay about your opinion on virtual schools.

7 Grade 9 Sample CCSS ELA Assessment Steps you will be following: In order to plan and compose your essay you will do all of the following: 1)Read a short story and article, watch a video and review research statistics. 2)Answer three questions about the sources. 3)Plan and write your essay.

8 Grade 9 Sample CCSS ELA Assessment Directions for beginning: You will now read the sources and watch a video. Take notes because you may want to refer back to your notes while writing your essay. You can refer back to your sources as often as you like. (short story) (article 1) (video) (research statistics)

9 Grade 9 Sample CCSS ELA Assessment Questions: Use your remaining time to answer your questions below. Your answers to these questions will be scored. Also, they will help you think about the sources that you read and viewed, which should help you write your essay. You may click on the appropriate buttons to refer back to your sources when you think it would be helpful. Answer the questions in the spaces provided below them.



12 Scoring Information How your essay will be scored: The scorers will be assigning scores for: – Statement of purpose/focushow well you clearly state your claim on the topic, maintain your focus, and address the alternate and opposing claims – Organizationhow well your ideas logically flow from the introduction to conclusion using effective transitions, and how well you stay on topic throughout the essay – Elaboration of evidencehow well you provide evidence from sources about your opinions and elaborate with specific information – Language and Vocabularyhow well you effectively express ideas using precise language that is appropriate for your audience and purpose – Conventionshow well you follow the rules of usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling

13 CCSS Writing Spiral 9-12

14 CCSS Writing Spiral 6-8

15 CCSS Writing Spiral

16 NGSSS/FCAT 2.0 NGSSS LA The student will compare and contrast elements in multiple texts. FCAT Grade 9 Released Item: According to the article, what do ___ (two or more elements/persons/events) from the passage have in common? (9 th ) Moving to the CCSS: RL.CCR.9 Analyze how two or more texts address similar themes or topics in order to build knowledge or to compare the approaches the authors take. RL Compare and contrast a fictional portrayal of a time, place, or character and a historical event of the same period as a means of understanding how authors of fiction use or alter history. CCSS Performance Task for ELA Informational Text, Grade 9/10 Students compare George Washingtons Farewell Address to other foreign policy statements, such as the Monroe Doctrine, and analyze how both texts address similar themes and concepts regarding entangling alliances. [RI.9–10.9] Moving from NGSSS to the Common Core

17 General Guidelines for Developing Performance Tasks Integrate knowledge and skills Measure understanding, research skills, analysis, and the ability to provide relevant evidence Require student to plan, write, revise, and edit Reflect a real-world task Demonstrate knowledge and skills Allow for multiple points of view Feasible for classroom environment

18 Design of Performance Tasks Components of a Performance Task Stimuli (Resources) Readings, Audio clips, Video clips Graphs, charts, other visuals Research topic/issue/ problem Information Processing Research questions Comprehension questions Simulated Internet search Product/ Performance Essay, report, story, script Speech with/without graphics, other media Responses to embedded constructed response questions

19 CCSS Literacy Implementation Plan

20 Balancing Informational and Literary Text Knowledge in the Disciplines Staircase of Complexity Academic Vocabulary Writing from Sources Text-based answers The Shifts CCSS-ELA


22 CCSS Literacy Content Focus Guide Contains links to changes expected in instructional strategies – Exemplar lessons – Video examples (emulating classroom modeling) Aligned with Marzano Teaching Frameworks Aligned to relevant professional learning opportunities Prompts for indications of progress through observations

23 Implementation Strategy: A literacy shift will be addressed monthly/bi-monthly CCSS Literacy Content Focus Guide

24 Professional Learning Plan: Literacy Aligned to the implementation Strategy – Focus on a literacy shift and associated strategies – Introduction at the beginning of the month via a Webinar – Continue the pattern of introductory Webinars each month Workshops via Face to Face, Blended or Online delivery methods – Institutes of Learning – Targeted Shifts Professional Learning Community Assistance Self-paced learning modules Leadership Training

25 Changes in Instructional Model Literacy Examining Elements of Persuasive Speeches English/Language Arts Grade 8 - Speaking and Listening (From: The Teaching Channel)

26 Support Plan – Literacy and Math Curriculum Resources, Activities and Strategies developed for classroom use Video based exemplars and related lesson plans Modeling of changed strategies Remediation model – build capacity, coaching and modeling Administrator support Outreach to parent and business community

27 Current Status – Literacy and Math What progress has been made since January 2012? – Kindergarten teachers have attended professional learning – Grades K, 1 and 2 teachers are in the process of attending professional learning – Assistant Principals attended CCSS overview training (January 2012) – Leadership Week (June 2012) in conjunction with Talent Development – Formed a Cadre of Experts in Literacy and Mathematics (K-12) who will assist with the implementation and build capacity for change – Completed implementation plan and working on the work

28 Cadre of Experts Build Capacity among teacher-leaders Model Classrooms Support for school-based PLCs Capture best practices via video for sharing Facilitate district virtual PLCs through Adobe Connect

29 Key Stakeholders CCSS CCSS Steering Committee Senior Leadership Principals TeachersStudents Parents Partners

30 District Web Site

31 CCSS K-12 Literacy Team Dr. Marie Wright, Executive Director, Instruction and Interventions Michele Rivera, Director, Literacy David Shelley, Curriculum Supervisor, Literacy Margaret Livingston, Curriculum Supervisor, Literacy Teri Acquavita, Curriculum Supervisor, Literacy Alescia Smith, Curriculum Supervisor, Literacy Lynne Oakvik, Library Media, Specialist, Literacy Louise Ball, Curriculum Supervisor, Social Studies Shellie Gory, Curriculum Supervisor, Social Studies Blanca Guerra, Curriculum Supervisor, World Languages Jenna Moniz, ESOL Educational Specialist

32 Please give us your feedback! 3 Key points you will walk away with Something that squared with you Question you still have swirling around in your head Only three brief questions:

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