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Сергей Щукин EXADATA: deployment story.

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1 Сергей Щукин EXADATA: deployment story

2 Сергей Щукин Agenda 1.Introduction 2.Our Exadata 3.First Issues 4.Preparation for the Migration 5.Migration 6.Performance Comparison 7.Issues Afterwards

3 Сергей Щукин Introduction Early history Started as a storage subsystem – former name SAGE Originally designed for very large databases Fast data access: symbiosis of HW and SW Increase the channel or decrease the data flow?

4 Сергей Щукин Introduction Main Exadata’s secret Data Processing on Storage layer 1.Less data is transferred over the Network 2.Less resources used on DB servers

5 Сергей Щукин Introduction Versions’s history V1 Released in 2008 HP h/w + Oracle s/w (Database Machine) No Flash Cache Data Warehouse oriented V2 Announced at OOW 2009 Partnership between Sun and Oracle Added 384GB of SSD + s/w changes More than Data Warehouse X2-2 Announced at OOW 2010 Same as V2 except CPU (2x6 Cores, V2 used 4 Cores) X2-8 used per Unit: 8 CPU x 8Cores + 1TB memory, OLTP or mixed workload oriented

6 Сергей Щукин Introduction Existing configurations V1V2X2-2X2-8 DBStorageDBStorageDBStorageDBStorage Server 8xProLiant DL 360 G5ProLiant 14xProLiant DL180 G5 Sun ? 8xSun x4170 M2 14x Sun x4270 M2 2xSun x4800 14x Sun x4270 M2 CPU 2x 4Core Xeon E5430 2,66 GHz Xeon 2x 4Core Xeon E5430 4Core?2x 6Core Xeon X5670 2,93 GHz 2x 6Core Xeon L5640 8x 8Core Xeon X7560 2.26Ghz 2x 6Core Xeon L5640 RAM 32GB8GB96GB24GB1tb24GB Disks 12xSAS 450GB 12xSAS 600GB Info Added 384GB SSD Flash Cache 512MB Controller cache+ 384GB SSD

7 Сергей Щукин Introduction Existing configurations 3-D model links Physical parameters Connectivity

8 Сергей Щукин Introduction Existing configurations DB server: Sun Fire X4170 M2

9 Сергей Щукин Introduction: Existing configurations Storage server: Sun Fire X4270 M2

10 Сергей Щукин Introduction Exadata’s features Offloading Smart Scan Column projection Predicate filtering Storage Indexes Hybrid Columnar Compression (decompression) Encryption/Decription Datafile initialization RMAN (db block change tracking) offload Smart Flash Cache Parallel Operations Resource management

11 Сергей Щукин Our Exadata System’s description Order processing system, Forex market OLTP database + Reporting database DB version: 10gR2 EE RAC, OS: OEL 5.5 x86_64 Tpm - 1000 DB Size – OLTP(1TB, logs per day: up to 70GB), Reporting (2TB) Users online (up to 10 000) + orders issued 1000 per minute Streams environment

12 Сергей Щукин Our Exadata Shipment details DateEventDays passed 21-APR-2011Purchase of Exadata is approved by Client 27-MAY-2011Exadata arrived with problem power supply36 days 07-JUL-2011Power supply was changed11 days 19-JUL-2011Primary setup was completed12 days 20-JUL-2011Testing was started1 day

13 Сергей Щукин Our Exadata Primary setup We got pre-deploy network setup document from Oracle System engineers prepared network according the document (address space, dns, etc) Particular ports were dedicated on switches for Exadata Exadata arrived and was plugged in Checks

14 Сергей Щукин Our Exadata What we got Software versions BP8 DB servers Cells ASM layout Local disks (LVM) Precreated database with DBFS OFA

15 Сергей Щукин Our Exadata What we got ASM layout

16 Сергей Щукин First issues No place for copying backup DBFS Local LVM NFS Attach external storage

17 Сергей Щукин First issues Slow NFS 1.Was: 1 MB/sec 2.Fixed after putting Exadata and Storage server into the same vlan

18 Сергей Щукин First issues Restrictions in customization Any changes in SW and HW(except switches) are prohibited

19 Сергей Щукин Preparation for the Migration Real Application Testing (RAT) Restrictions Streams are skipped Direct path load of data from external files Flashback queries Distributed transactions Non SQL-based object access Description Capture & Replay EE option Playback from 9i & 10g Capture only. Patch is required Cost:11500 $ per processor + 2530 support

20 Сергей Щукин Preparation for the Migration Real Application Testing (RAT) Streams workload is not captured

21 Сергей Щукин MOS 560977.1 Source DB Upgrade from release Destination DB Upgrade to any release What patch you need to apply?Download InformationComments>= + one-off patch 9373986 + one-off patch 8712466 on top of One-off patch can be downloaded or requested from MOS 8712466 is a merge patch on top of>= + one-off patch 9373986 and + patch 11870615 One-off patch can be downloaded from MOS>= patchset+ one-off patch 10239989 + one-off patch 8712466 on top of Patchset can be downloaded from MOS Functionality already exists in Patchset, download from Metalink>= Patchset + one-off patch 10239989 and + patch 11870615 Patchset can be downloaded from MOS Functionality already exists in Patchset, download from MOS>= Patchset + one-off patch 9373986 and + one-off patch 11870615 One-off patch can be downloaded or requested from MOS>= + one-off patch 8712466 + 9373986 and + one-off patch 11870615 One-off patch can be downloaded or requested from MOS

22 Сергей Щукин Preparation for the Migration Capture ( -> Get one-off patch 10239989 compatible with Apply it Activate capture feature on a source system (wrrenbl.sql) Create filter (every time): e xec DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE.ADD_FILTER ( fname => 'filter_name', fattribute => 'USER', fvalue => user) Start Capture: exec DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE.START_CAPTURE (name => 'test_capture', dir => 'rat', duration => 1200, capture_sts => TRUE, sts_cap_interval => 300) Export AWR: exec dbms_workload_capture.export_awr (capture_id => ) Useful views: DBA_WORKLOAD_CAPTURES DBA_WORKLOAD_FILTERS Replay

23 Сергей Щукин Preparation for the Migration Replay Copy files, Process them once exec DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY.PROCESS_CAPTURE(capture_dir=> 'RAT') Restore consistent db copy, reset time Initialize Replay exec DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY.initialize_replay (replay_name => 'test_replay', replay_dir => 'RAT'); exec DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY.REMAP_CONNECTION(!!!) exec DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY.prepare_replay (synchronization => TRUE); Calibrate WRC clients wrc mode=calibrate replaydir=/opt/oracle11g/rat Connect WRC clients wrc system/... mode=replay replaydir=/opt/oracle11g/rat Start Replay exec DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY.start_replay; Analyze diffs in reports dbms_workload_capture.IMPORT_AWR dbms_workload_repository.awr_diff_report_text

24 Сергей Щукин Preparation for the Migration Bug in Playback Worked fine for Reporting DB (3 hours) Better DB Time (lower: 855.3 vs 138.7) Better CPU (faster, less cpu time: 11000sec vs 3600sec) Better IO reads (sinlge block read 13ms vs 0.6ms, 6,5ms vs 1ms) Worse IO write, especially db file parallel write (4,5ms vs 20ms) Better interconnect For Trading DB gave ora-00600 after 1 hour of working ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [1433], [60], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] CKPT (ospid: 4327): terminating the instance due to error 469 System state dump requested by (instance=1, osid=4327 (CKPT)), summary=[abnormal instance termination]. Oracle made a patch after 2,5 months

25 Сергей Щукин Migration Official methods Physical Pros Simple Less downtime Cons Data structure can’t be changed (extent’s size, partitioning, HCC) Unnecessary data migrates as well Logical Pros One can change data structure Old data can be skipped More flexible in terms of changing the platform Cons More complicated Involve more downtime

26 Сергей Щукин Migration Official methods Physical availability/xmigration-11-133466.pdf

27 Сергей Щукин Migration Official methods Logical

28 Сергей Щукин Migration Our method (10gR2 -> 11gR2) Backup & Restore database Manual applying of the archivelogs Open in new DB with RESETLOGS and UPGRADE

29 Сергей Щукин Migration Difficulties Streams Test runs with rollback 10gR2 standby in Amazon Need to run utlu112i.sql on the Prod DB with the following rollback

30 Сергей Щукин Migration Changes made by utlu112i.sql Unsupported set transaction read write; Unsupported commit; Unsupported ALTER TABLE registry$database ADD (tz_version NUMBER); set transaction read write; Unsupported commit; update "SYS"."OBJ$" set "OBJ#" = '898', "DATAOBJ#" = '898', "TYPE#" "FLAGS" = '0', "OID$" = NULL, "SPARE1" = '6', "SPARE2" = '2' where " set transaction read write; ALTER PUBLIC SYNONYM DBA_REGISTRY_DATABASE COMPILE; update "SYS"."SYN$" set "NODE" = NULL, "OWNER" = 'SYS', "NAME" = 'DB delete from "SYS"."DEPENDENCY$" where "D_OBJ#" = '7533' and "D_TIMES update "SYS"."OBJ$" set "OBJ#" = '7533', "DATAOBJ#" = NULL, "TYPE#" and "CTIME" = TO_DATE('09-AUG-11', 'DD-MON-RR') and "MTIME" = TO_DAT insert into "SYS"."DEPENDENCY$"("D_OBJ#","D_TIMESTAMP","ORDER#","P_O commit;

31 Сергей Щукин Migration Step-by-step for Rep database 1.Backup both databases (Trad & Rep) 2.Restore Rep copy on Exadata (over NFS). Keep it synchronized 3.Stop applications 4.Disable synchronization with Standby 5.Build Streams catalog (to be able to rewind changes applied on new REP copy) 6.Create guaranteed restore point on Rep database 7.Execute utlu112i.sql on Rep db 8.Apply all logs from Rep db to Exadata’s copy 9.Open with RESETLOGS and UPGRADE Rep copy on Exadata. Run upgrade scripts 10.Direct Streams to the new Rep copy on Exadata 11.Direct application to the new Rep db Rollback 1.Flashback Rep db to the guaranteed restore point 2.Rewind Streams on Trading db and re-apply changes on Reporting db Go Live 1.Upgrade Standby to the 11gR2. Synchronize it

32 Сергей Щукин Performance comparison AWR diffs (RAT)

33 Сергей Щукин Performance comparison AWR diffs (RAT) CPU Time: 11000sec vs 3600sec Sinlge block read 13ms vs 0.6ms Multiblock read 6,5ms vs 1ms DB file parallel write 4,5ms vs 20ms - WORSE Log file sync 33ms vs 17ms CF parallel read 15ms vs 4ms CF sequential read 7.4ms vs 1.5ms

34 Сергей Щукин Performance comparison Improved/degraded events 1 week comparison

35 Сергей Щукин Performance comparison Our own observations 1.DB time/CPU time slightly better 2.Amount of User IO increased (buffer cache 115GB->15G), but avg time decreased 3.Half SQL performs better, another half performs worse 4.Hard to analyze 1.DB Caches decreased 2.HW changed 3.SW changed (plans) 4.Exadata features hard to use (Smart Scan requires full scans) 5.Not all the databases were migrated

36 Сергей Щукин Performance comparison Redo writes to SSD Exadata Smart Flash Log Version at the cell level Version at the DB level (when it comes out) or BP11 Enabled by default

37 Сергей Щукин Performance comparison HCC for historical DB Good for Historical data, that doesn’t change Requires direct inserts Doesn’t require additional license on Exadata Decompression on Storage server (Offloading) Our example gave 8.7 times compression (compress for archive high) Can be estimated by DBMS_COMPRESSION.GET_COMPRESSION_RATIO

38 Сергей Щукин Issues afterwards Data corruption on Standby Tue Nov 01 16:33:41 2011 Errors in file /opt/orabase/diag/rdbms/reports/nlrcs/trace/nlrcs_mrp0_31928.trc (incident=44233): ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [3020], [8], [1938230], [35492662], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] ORA-10567: Redo is inconsistent with data block (file# 8, block# 1938230, file offset is 3644022784 bytes) ORA-10564: tablespace DATA_TS ORA-01110: data file 8: '+DATA/reports/datafile/data_ts.270.740684989' ORA-10561: block type 'TRANSACTION MANAGED DATA BLOCK', data object# 113755 SR with Severity 1 status! No root causes within 3 months!!

39 Сергей Щукин Issues afterwards Bug in statistic’s gathering Bug 12865902 NOWAIT lock requests could hang (like Parallel Queries may hang "enq: TS - contention") in RAC Fixed in BP13

40 Сергей Щукин Q/A

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