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Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly LMD Application at UPMF.

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1 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly LMD Application at UPMF

2 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly Condiitons Process of European Higher education system a French initiative Political decision to apply step by step A long way

3 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly Planning General framework –Common organisation –L level –M level Remarks –For present –For future

4 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly Common dispositions 1 semester = 6 UE 1 UE = 5 credits ECTS 1 credit ECTS = 24 h workload All kinds of learning from face to face to completely distant learning 1 semester = 12 weeks

5 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly Student workload Stages Memory Project Lectures Directed works Practical works Examination –1° session first semester end of December –1° session second semester end April 60 h/week !

6 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly Cursus Obligatory and optional Disciplines matters 70 % à 90 % of credits Non disciplinary matters 30 % à 10 % of credits

7 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly Niveau L : compensations For a UE between the components For a semester between the UE of semester For a year between the two semesters

8 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly L : validation UE UE : coefficient de 1 to 3 Europeans credits Obtained UE –if average ≥ 10/20 –If the year is obtained

9 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly L : semester obtaining Evaluation ≥ 10/20 for each UE Compensation between the UE (average of UE evaluations ≥ 10/20) Compensation between the two semesters (average for the semesters ≥ 10/20)

10 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly L : for year Evaluation average for the two semesters ≥ 10/20 A student can continue if it has not just a semester

11 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly L : obtaining the licence L : obtaining the licence Obtaining –L1 –L2 –L3 Evaluation of the licence : average of the two L3 semesters

12 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly M level: volumes horaires Research M2 125 h Professional M2 250 h M2 Stage pro maximum 20 credits

13 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly M level Mention for master –Head désigné by the President –Avis Scientific Council Spécialités inside a mention –Minimum 15 students –R specialization : head a professor –P specialization : head a professor or HDR

14 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly M : semesters validation UE as for L M1 and M2 compensation between the semester’ UE Validation pour each semester –average ≥ 10/20 pour each UE –Compensation between the UE ≥10/20 No year compensation

15 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly M : year validation Year’ validation if each semester is obtained Master if –M1 validation and –M2 Validation Note: UE average of the two M2 semesters

16 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly Some problems Transformations Formalism of the transformations Not always real modifications former in the new structure No professional items in L No real semester organisation No diploma supplement Evaluation

17 Avril 2007 Pierre Bailly Future Cursus changing from single disciplinary logics to professional points of view From the qualification to the competences Formation not only for jobs now but jobs in the future possibility for adaptation and long life learning Quality insurance process

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