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2 Factory Location SIA Husvik located in More, Sigulda region 1 hour drive outside Riga / industrial land owned by the company. SIA Husvik

3 Factory in brief In operation since 2006
Total area of the factory m2 State of the art production technology, main equipment from RandekBautech (Sweden) Advanced engineering software - REVIT

4 Factory in brief Norwegian expertise Capacity up to 25 000 m2 annually
Currently about 60 employees, production operates in 3 shift.

5 Business vision The most professional and efficient prefabricated producer in the Baltics

6 Organisation Chairman Rolf Erik Lie Supervisory board Petter Lundeby
CEO Office assistant Gunita Rone Ilmars Samsonovs Board member Svein Erik Dahl Controller Purchasing/logistic dptm Jānis Alenčiks Renārs Milašs Logistics Warehouse supervisor Sergejs Šostaks Andris Špilbergs Production Production vice manager ValdisSeipulis Ainārs Adukonis 12 workers in a shift Sales dptm/quality deployment Ilmārs Samsonovs Sales staff Norway Håkon Thorrud Bård Ostby Engineering department Vita Bruvele Runar Bekhus Supervisor 9 engineers Finance economy dptm Aija Muižniece Marina Krutovska Accountant





11 Engineering Use of 3D modeling in REVIT

12 Engineering 3D modeling with REVIT

13 Standard house 3

Appartment houses Single/detached houses Public buildings Kindergartens Schools

15 FRYDENLUND +Living concept used in a project for 60 flats.
This project is located in Norway, Lier. More you can read: The project consists of 7 houses of different sizes while each house contains different number of similar flat modules of varying size The roof panels are delivered with vapour barrier, insulation, underlayer, roof windows laths and ribbons. All elements produced as panels in our factory ready to be mounted at building site. The delivery and mounting was great success and gave advantage of “closing” the building in a very short time. FRYDENLUND



18 Rødskog Drammen Norway, 30 flats

19 Bjerke terrasse

20 Bjerke terrasse

21 Langhusvein +BO

22 Hovedgaten Tvedestrand


24 Municipality rent houses


26 Knarr concept Gross area 264 m2 Overall length 19,3 m
Overall width 8,3 m Terrace 21 m2 +3,8 m2 Balcony 23 m2 Full height 7,1 m Room height 2,5 m

27 Snipe concept Gross area 288 m2 /both houses/
Overall length 9.75 m /single house/ Overall width 6,04 m /single house/ Terrace 30 m2 House height 6,9 m Room height 2,5 m

28 Slalomveien

29 Slalomveien

30 References Vollentoppen, Asker, Norway, 25 houses

31 Mountain Cabin

32 Momenta collection house

33 New project for 2010

Kindergarten Orakerveien

35 Kindergarten Kongefaret /Halden/

36 Hof school

37 Critical questions ! Why select Husvik ?
Why shall Husvik be the winner in the market ? Why does Husvik differ from other producers ?

38 Focus areas ! Husvik employee need to -understand our business !
-have client focus ! -understand the client ! -cover clients needs !!

39 Husvik high targets !! Exceeds clients expectations in terms of:
Complexity and flexibility ! Speed of delivery ! Quality of delivery ! Quality of production ! Value for money ! Client service and communication ! Reliability/ comply with Scandinavian standards !

40 Focus areas in the team Innovation – ahead of competitors !
Down to earth approach: “closeness to business” Teamspirit: “joint responsibility at all levels” Husvik represents an opportunity for development FOR ALL!

41 Husvik team work Anchor business understanding and further business development among all! “Teamspirit” Management team: ability to make key decisions Trust in team power All inclusive decision making (anchoring approach)

42 Critical factors Internal quality control systems Procurement:
Self control and double checking Sintef certification Procurement: Educate suppliers and co-producers to meet client demands in target markets Ensure quality of suppliers aligned with Husvik standards

43 Norwegian market The market is almost recovered
New regulations due to world energy environment There is strong focus on effectiveness ,price and quality Very skeptical to the Latvian understanding to deliver what is needed !

44 Norwegian view to Latvian producer
Latvian needs -to create a trust based on that you are in business for long time. -to prove that you understand what is needed -to understand the regulation in the market you want to enter !

45 Latvian market The market starts to move slowly
Expecting start up deliveries in late 2010/2011 Deliver effective living and energy saving houses ! Targeting average and high income families Targeting 50 houses/flats during 2011 HUSVIK TO BE THE MARKET LEADER IN LATVIA

46 Business vision The most professional and efficient prefabricated producer in the Baltics Goal in Latvia Value for money through efficiency and reliability !!


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