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Master in Management Welcome to the London Campus 26 th October 2012 Florence Mele UK Director of Studies

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1 Master in Management Welcome to the London Campus 26 th October 2012 Florence Mele UK Director of Studies

2 2 Introducing ESCP Europe ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in the world, founded in 1819 ESCP Europe has triple accreditation – AMBA (Association of MBAs) – EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) – AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) Top 20 ranked business school in Europe (FT)

3 3 1 school, 5 campuses

4 4 ESCP Europe London campus It is currently hosting the following programmes: Master in Management (MIM) year 1 and year 2 specialisation in Consulting and in Marketing and Creativity Master in European Business (MEB) Master in Marketing and Creativity (MMK) Specialised masters (Finance, International Business Law and Management) Summer Courses (July, 3 week course, Marketing in Practice, Finance in London, International Management). All year round, more than 400 students The ESCP Europe London campus also proposes several Executive Education programmes, taking place in London and the other campuses (e.g. Executive MBA, Executive Master in Energy Management).

5 London Facts 5 London used to be the largest and most influential city in the world. With a population of 12 million, it remains the largest city in Europe. London Heathrow Airport is the world's busiest airports by international passenger traffic, and the third for total traffic. London is the world's largest financial centre. Inner London has the highest GDP per capita (€ 88,761) of any European city.

6 6 The London Campus - Facilities Over 4000 square metres, educational and residential areas Seminar rooms for team work Computer room with 27 desktops Trading room Library: 4000 volumes plus Newspapers & Periodicals in different languages, 12 electronic databases, PCs

7 7 Contacts MIM director: Florence Mele room G02 MIM administrator: Karolina Orlowska room G04 deal with courses, degrees, authorisation forms, absence authorisation forms

8 Master in Management 8 The Master in Management is accredited in France, Germany, and validated in the UK Italy and Spain. Higher School of Economics Moscow is a partner university for a double degree programme Master in Management (French Grade de Master 2). The Master in Management was placed 2nd worldwide in the 2012 Financial Times Master in Management ranking.

9 Being an ESCP Europe student 9 Knowledge Skills Mindset

10 10 M 1 semester 1 core courses Corporate Finance Business Law 2 Management Control Operations Management Human Resources Management Organisations and Management Some of you will follow Economics 2 and Strategy depending on their study track

11 11 Core Courses: Economics 2 Advanced Marketing Management Elective courses in London: M1 semester 2 courses Group Financial StatementsValue creation through product and sales management Financial analysis and strategyConsumer behaviour International Capital MarketsDigital marketing and social media Option, Futures, DerivativesUnderstanding the marketplace Project FinanceIntegrated marketing and communication


13 13 M2 Business consulting MANAGEMENT CONSULTING IN PRACTICE Different from other modules, management consulting in practice is a 3-full-day module. It typically starts on a Wednesday at 8:30 am and finishes on the following Friday after the final group presentation. This module is designed in such a way that no sessions should be missed. Therefore, all attendees should arrive at the time specified and stay through the entire program.

14 M2 Business consulting 14 BUSINESS PLANNING FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL GROWTH: A STRATEGIC PLANNING TOOLKIT FOR SMES This inter-disciplinary module aims to enhance students ’ awareness, understanding and learning about the “ corporate odyssey ” of the prolific entrepreneurial enterprise (ranging from smaller owner- managed companies to large publicly quoted companies, including family dynasties). The primary purpose of the Business Planning for Growth is to offer a strategic planning toolkit that will enable the charting of survival, growth strategies in the context of succession planning framework. Through learning-by-doing, the course involves project work where participants will undertake interviews – empirical audit of a growing companies in order to report on the strategic development plan of the venture encapsulating amongst other : growth patterns, barriers to growth, innovation practices, evolving financial structures and ownership regimes, niche marketing tactics, management renewals and entrepreneurially inspired business strategy.

15 M2 Business consulting 15 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR CONSULTING Financial management and consulting often go hand in hand. The main purpose of this module is to introduce the principles, models, methods and techniques that equip students with the necessary financial management concepts required for consultants including funding routes, rules for obtaining and working with capital and company valuation tools. It also provides to students with the opportunities to hone their knowledge in business/financial/spreadsheet modelling. This is very important because it broadens the portfolio of skills of the students that enable them to take on a greater variety of consulting engagements in their later career.

16 M2 Business consulting 16 BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION AND INNOVATION Nowadays, change is not an option. It is the only option. The economic context, society are generating new challenges which require any organisation, profit or non-profit making, to be able first to understand what changes are happening and then to act in order to use this change as an opportunity rather than a threat. This course focuses on providing participants the necessary background to understand how to detect changes happening in the economy as well as to develop skills and methodologies to transform those threats into valuable opportunities. Companies today are indeed confronted with an increasing array of choices of markets, value adding activities, complex competitive environments and business models. In such a context this course will highlight the many aspects of Business Transformation and Innovation faced by all companies, and provides frameworks for formulating strategies and coping with continuous business transformation.

17 M2 Business consulting 17 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project management is the process by which projects are defined, planned, monitored, controlled and delivered such that the agreed benefits are realised. Projects are unique, transient endeavours undertaken to achieve a desired outcome. Projects bring about change and project management is recognised as the most efficient way of managing such change (APM Body of Knowledge 5th Edition 2006) Project management standards and practices can be found in all business sectors and industries (e.g. oil and gas, construction, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceuticals, media, aerospace, and telecommunications) and all disciplines (i.e. engineering, information technology, marketing, human resources, and product development).

18 M2 Marketing and Creativity Management 18 Integrated Marketing Communications Digital Marketing and Social Media Understanding the marketplace Product and Sales Management

19 M2 Marketing and Creativity Management 19 INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS The increasing profusion of communication channels through which to interact with consumers has made the marketer’s job more interesting and challenging. Understanding how to effectively manage the elements that together create brand value in an integrated way is therefore an important skill for any manager to develop. Marketing managers will be directly responsible for managing the integrated strategy. For strategy professionals, integrated marketing constitutes an important element to support the firm’s overall strategy and must be treated as such. In-depth familiarity with integrated marketing is therefore a key aspect of almost any managerial position.

20 M2 Marketing and Creativity Management 20 Digital Marketing & Social Media The module is built around the different stages of the purchase funnel to enable participants to evaluate where each online tool can be the most effective, and how to combine different tools for best results. Some time is devoted to a detailed review and best practice analysis of each of the elements of the online toolkit, including search engine optimization, paid search, email marketing and social media. The setting of objectives and performance metrics is discussed as well as tracking and measurement techniques. The specific creative considerations of online marketing are thoroughly discussed. Case studies and current examples are used extensively to allow participants to develop an intuitive understanding of the unprecedented opportunities available to creative online marketers. Some of the teaching will be done by industry experts who will present the most up-to-date tactics used in their fields (e.g., SEO, analytics, social media)

21 M2 Marketing and Creativity Management 21 Value Creation through Product and Sales Management To develop and seamlessly integrate into marketing planning the key aspects of successful product management such as product and market knowledge, financial, strategic and creative skills To operate cross-functionally in order to merge marketing with production, operations, IT, finance and sales To understand the day-to-day, operational product management process. To build effective Marketing Plans The second short part of the course moves on to explain the nature, importance and effective function of sales. Teaching and practical sessions are centred on the methodology of SPIN Selling, developed by British research psychologist Neal Rackham. At the heart of the system is a precisely defined sequence of four question types that enables the salesperson to move the conversation logically: From exploring the customers' needs To designing solutions (that a salesperson can resolve) creating value for both the customer and the seller.

22 22 Understanding the marketplace This course aims at equipping students with a critical mind-set, in addition to a toolbox of methods, which can be used to undertake and evaluate the outcome of research resources. Students will be challenged to develop a mindset that consider market research not just as a ‘one-off’ tool, but as a permanent discipline necessary to relate knowledge from the marketplace to the practice of marketing. The importance and necessity of creativity in making the most of market research will be highlighted. Upon successfully completing the course, students should be able to understand marketplace dynamics, collect & evaluate information, and adapt marketing strategies accordingly. M2 Marketing and Creativity Management

23 Research Methods seminar 23 Compulsory seminar Methodologies to apply when writing your Master thesis

24 Business in Europe seminar 24 Compulsory seminar Conferences and workshops on the business environment in Europe

25 25 Lecture notes and course material are available from: Intranet: please check student information on the intranet E-learning platform

26 The Careers Service Lectures & Skills Sessions  Tailoring your application for the UK/Europe  Interview and Assessment Skills  Assessment Centre and Interview practise One to One Coaching sessions  Help with CV and Application Forms  Help with general Career Advice  Interview, Case Study etc Practise and Feedback CV/Application Form Checking Box External Speakers and Events  Presentations  Careers Fair  Skills Sessions

27 Tier 4 visa requirements (9 months studies) 27 Details of the programme of study including title, start and end dates (eg: Masters in Management, 18 th September 2012 -31 st August 2013) a scanned copy of the details pages of their passport a certified copy of their degree (with certified English translation if necessary) details of any deposits or fees payments made full current address and phone number evidence of sufficient funds to pay the first year of fees only, plus £7,200 (London) or £5,400 (outside London) to cover the costs of a typical academic year in the UK (i.e. nine months)

28 28 Practical information: your monthly budget Housing £600 Meals £250 Transportation £60 Printing and stationary £20 Sports and leisure £150 Miscellaneous (trips, etc) £250 TOTAL £1,330

29 Student associations and events Conferences: Economy 21st Regatta boat race in Italy in May Call On U Model UN student simulation in New York Student bureau Sporting association Cinema association Students meet business Entrepreneurship association London Gala 29

30 30 More About Us Facebook Search for the ESCP Europe fan page

31 31 Thank you!

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