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ViSEvAl ViSualisation and EvAluation

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1 ViSEvAl ViSualisation and EvAluation

2 Overview What is evaluation?  Evaluation process  Metric definition ViSEvAl  Description  Installation  Configuration  Functionalities

3 Evaluation process General overview

4 Metric definition Metric = distance + filter + criteria Distance: associate detected and annotated objects  Spatial: compare bonding boxes area  Temporal: compare time intervals Filter: selects which object to evaluate  Specific type, distance to the camera,... Criteria: how the property of detected and annotated objects is similar?  4 tasks: detection, classification, tracking, event detection

5 ViSEvAl platform description ViSEvAl: Interfaces All functionalities (synchronisation, display,...) ViSEvAlGUI ViSEvAlEvaluation Distance Object Filter Frame Metric Temporal MetricEvent Metric Loading Video Tool Core library Plugin

6 ViSEvAl plugins 1/2 Loading video  ASF-Videos, Caviar-Images, JPEG- Images, Kinect-Images (hospital), OpenCV-Videos (Vanhaeim), PNG-Images Distance  Bertozzi, dice coefficient, overlapping Filter  CloseTo, FarFrom, Identity, TypeGroup

7 ViSEvAl plugins 2/2 Criteria  Detection: M1.X 2 criteria (M1.1: area, M1.2: silhouette)  Classification: M2.X 2 criteria (M2.1: type, M2.2: sub type)  Tracking: M3.X 6 criteria (M3.1: F2F, M3.2: persistence, M3.4 (tracking time), M3.5: confusion, M3.6, M3.7: confusion + tracking time, M3.8: frame detection accuracy)  Event: M4.X 4 criteria (M4.1, M4.2: begin and end time, M4.3: common frame, M4.4: common time)

8 ViSEvAl: inputs A set of XML files Detection: XML1 file -> sup platform Recognised event: XML3 file -> sup platform Ground truth: xgtf file -> Viper tool Time stamp file for time synchronisation : xml file -> script provided by ViSEvAl

9 ViSEvAl installation Get the sources  sup svn repository  cd sup/evaluation/ViSEvAl/ Run at the root of ViSEvAl folder  Dependence: Librairies: QT4 (graphical user interface, plugin management), gl and glu (opengl 3D view), xerces-c (XML read), opencv (video read) Tool: xsdcxx (automatically compute C++ classes for reading XML files) cd bin/appli; setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH../../lib Run./ViSEvAlGUI chu.conf

10 ViSEvAl folder organisation src : appli, plugins (Cdistance, CeventMetric, CframeMetric, CloadingVideoInterface, CobjectFilter, CTemporalMetric) include : header files, doc : documentation lib : core library, plugins scripts : splitxml1- bin : ViSEvAlGUI, ViSEvAlEvaluation tools : CaviarToViseval, QuasperToViseval xsd : xml schemas

11 ViSEvAl: configuration file Configuration file based on Keyword-Parameter SequenceLoadMethod "JPEG-Images” #"ASF-Videos“ SequenceLocation "0:../../example/CHU/Scenario_02.vid" TrackingResult "0:../../example/CHU/Scenario_02_Global_XML1.xml" EventResult "../../example/CHU/Scenario_02_Global_XML3.xml" GroundTruth "0:../../example/CHU/gt_ a_mp.xgtf" XMLCamera "0:../../example/CHU/jai4.xml" MetricTemporal "Mono:M3.4:M3.4:DiceCoefficient:0.5:TypeGroup" MetricEvent "M4.2:M4.2.1:Duration:10

12 ViSEvAl run trace Mon, 11:15>./ViSEvAlGUI Load all the plugins Loading video interfaces: ASF-Videos Caviar-Images JPEG-Images Kinect-Images OpenCV-Videos PNG-Images Loading distance: 3DBertozzi 3DDiceCoefficient 3DOverlapping Bertozzi DiceCoefficient Overlapping Loading object filter: CloseTo FarFrom Identity TypeGroup Loading frame metric: M1.1 M1.2 M2.1 M2.2 M Loading temporal metric: M3.2 M3.4 M3.5 M3.6 M3.7 M Loading event metric: M4.1 M4.2 M4.3 M

13 ViSEvAl: two tools ViSEvAlGUI  Graphical user interface  Visualise detection and ground truth on the images  User can easily select parameters (e.g. distance, threshold,...)  Frame metrics results are computed in live ViSEvAlEvaluation  Generate a.res file containing the results of the metrics  Frame, temporal and event metrics are computed  User can evaluate several experiments Same configuration file for the both tools

14 ViSEvAl: result file (.res) camera: 0 Tracking result file: /user/bboulay/home/work/svnwork/sup/evaluation/ViSEvAl/example/vanaheim/res.xml1.xml Fusion result file: Event result file: Ground truth file: /user/bboulay/home/work/svnwork/sup/evaluation/ViSEvAl/example/vanaheim/Tornelli T07_00_01_groups.xgtf Common frames with ground-truth: Detection results: ***** ==================================================== Metric M1.1.1 ==================================================== Frame;Precision;Sensitivity 0;True Positive;False Positive;False Negative 0;Couples 8004; ; ;1;1;0;(100;170; ) 8005; ; ;1;1;0;(100;170; ) 8006; ; ;1;1;0;(100;170; ) 8007; ; ;1;1;0;(100;170; ) ==================================================== Final Results: Global results: Number of True Positives : 1789 Number of False Positives : 1597 Number of False Negatives 0: 2254 Precision (mean by frame) : Sensitivity 0 (mean by frame) : Precision (global) : Sensitivity 0 (global) : Results for GT Object 2 Number of True Positives : 0 Number of False Positives : 0 Number of False Negatives 0: 0 Precision (global) : Sensitivity 0 (global) :


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