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FERPA & PARENTS The Great Divide Simplified

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1 FERPA & PARENTS The Great Divide Simplified
Hello. welcome to our presentation. I am MBC from Auburn University and this is my partner in crime, LAF. Today we hope to inform and entertain you about a product that is making our life easier and we think it could do the same for you. First we’ll discuss the what all the fuss is about, then we’ll review the program we implemented, then we’ll walk you through the paces of the program as if you were a student and then a parent. Mary Brownlee Couch, Assistant Registrar Laura Ann Forest, Registrar Joe Carlson, Technical Guru Auburn University

2 What’s This All About? Helicopter Parents
Current Archaic Practices Paper the Registrar’s Office Paper the College Level Paper the Department Level Paper releases scanned into Extender Helicopter Parents Advisor Time Instructor Time Our Time  First of all What is all the fuss about? How many of you have experienced the onslaught of parents that insist on knowing their children’s (students) grades? And you know what they say, “FERPA BE danged…I pay the bill!” No matter what kind of explanation you give them they resoundingly dig in their heels. And what do we really we want to say to them? If your student won’t talk to you about his grades – stop paying the bill!” But alas this would be politically incorrect. So MB went to SACRAO a couple years ago, saw a great presentation about an on-line records release form that was FERPA compliant.

3 Where Did We Get the Idea? We stole it, of course!
Thank you Eastern Kentucky University! At SACRAO 2011. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology presented information at Banner Summit in 2010. Everyone was willing to share the basic code and scripts – home grown and modified the code for our specific needs. BUT NOW – A BANNER product if you have the current version of BANNER General 8.5, Self-Service General 8.5 and Web Tailor 8.5 Why Reinvent the Wheel? With that said and in an effort to show magnanimity – give credit where credit is due - we openly admit that we stole the idea. We contacted Eastern Kentucky and as usual, our peers were willing to share scripts and codes. They had created a “home grown” on- line record release form that is FERPA complaint and we were eager to “borrow it”.

4 What Do We Want To Accomplish?
Reduce Paper! Squelch redundant forms. Let’s make it “one stop shop”. Redirect parent inquiries about their student’s academic information – primarily grades Stop calling advisors Stop calling instructors Reduce the number of inquires into the Registrar’s office Reduce the number of students giving direct access to their student account to parents – where they can see everything. First we brainstormed. What results did we want from this initiative? Who would benefit? Would it be efficient?, user friendly?, fairly easy to maintain?, Who would complain? What obstructions would we face? These were all questions we needed answers to before proceeding. Don’t know about you but when we are going to utilize, consume, exploit any IT time on our campus – we need full up justification and be prepared to argue. Particularly if you want it to be a priority. This is what we came up with: Reduce Paper! Redirect parents Reduce calls to advisors, departments, instructors, US. Currently students give their parents access to what we call their Tigeri – it gives them access to everything – grades, schedule, blackboard, canvas, s….just too much. Students felt like it was a severe invasion of their privacy and we whole heartily agreed.

5 Gateway To Grades Provides 3rd party view-only web access to a student’s information. Student controls what can be viewed and when Provides parents 24/7 access to student’s data FERPA compliant: Student provides electronic permission to create account Student retains control over release of their information With this in mind we created Gateway To Grades…Catchy, huh? Eastern Kentucky is called Web4Parents.

6 What Does It Look Like? Let’s run through it from both sides: Student Actions Parent Actions

7 Collaborating Areas Who is involved?
Registrar Information Technology Team BANNER TEAM Legal Parent Organizations First Year Experience Camp War Eagle - Freshman Orientation SOS – Our Transfer Student Orientation Even with codes and scripts in hand (remember we stole them) Our IT guys were not has happy as we were. We required tweaks and fine tuning to deliver it the “Auburn Way”. With a little research, Sungard informed us that they were going to include this type of package in their latest and greatest upgrade. BANNER General Version. Our delighted IT team put us HOLD. We upgraded AGAIIN at Thanksgiving and started implementation of what Sungard calls “Proxy Access”.

8 Public Relations Specific & easy links from Gateway To Grades ICON.
Summer Orientations: Presentation to parents. Presentations students. Flush paper forms! Specific & easy links from Gateway To Grades ICON. Specific & easy step by step instructions. FAQ’s are located on the Registrar’s web-site. Attend Advisors Meeting – spread the word! Attend & Present Academic Affairs Meetings. Attend & Present Senate Meetings.

9 Gateway to Grades Access Frequently Asked Questions
What is Gateway to Grades Access? Gateway to Grades Access allows Auburn University students the ability to grant others access to student information. Depending upon the level of access granted, parents/guests may view grades, unofficial transcripts, and class schedules. How do I access the Guest Access system? If you have been granted access by a student, you will receive an from Auburn University supplying a temporary link and password to complete the Gateway to Grades access. Once logged-in to the temporary site you will select and submit a permeneat password.

10 FAQs Continued… I have not yet received a guest access request , even though my student signed me up. What should I do? Please contact your student to verify that he/she sent your correct address. Also, check your spam folder to ensure the was not filtered from your inbox. I am getting a message "unable to log-in due to a Password or Account Name (ID) problem." Is there a problem with the log-in? First, verify that the log-in ID you entered on the sign-on page is the same address you provided when you originally set up your Auburn University. Then, verify that the password you are entering is correct. What if I forget my log-in and password? Help Link with the following message: If encountering problems with Proxy Access, please first consult with your student. They may have discontinued or altered your access. In the event you forget your password, your student will have to initiate a reset. All other concerns please to

11 FAQs Continued… I have two students currently attending Auburn University. Do I need to set up two separate Gateway to Grades Accounts to log in and view data for each student? No, you only need to create one Gateway to Grades Access account. The same log-in ID and password allows you to see information for each student, as long as they have both authorized your address. Click the "Select a Student" button on the Gateway to Grades Access menu and select the student whose information you wish to display. Why must a student grant me access? Your student must grant your access due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which protects the privacy of students and prohibits the University from disclosing any student information, including financial information, without the explicit authorization of the student.

12 Suggestions When first implementing – expect a surge in calls, complaints, and inquiries. It will get WORSE before it gets better. The Phone – have a solid, concise answer for anticipated inquiries. Educate your advisors – give them a script. Review reverse conversations with parents on the phone. Educate administrative support at the department and college levels. They field a lot of calls from parents. Provide them with scripts.

13 Cheat Cards (4 x 6 double sided high gloss cards)
Proxy Access to Student’s Grades & Schedules Parent Access You will receive an with the initial link to Gateway to Grades and a temporary password. Go to this link and change your temporary password to a permanent password. For Future Log-in You will access Gateway to Grades through Parents tab at Click on Gateway To Grades Enter your Enter your password Your Profile will come up – complete the information & Click Save Click on the student name in the top tab Click on an item within the menu that you want to view Student grants access to Grades & Schedules Student must initiate Proxy Access Log into AU Access Click on Tigeri tab Click on Gateway to Grades ICON OR Click on Student Main Menu Click on orange tab Gateway To Grades Click on Proxy Management Click on Continue for electronic agreement concerning confidentiality. Click on ADD PROXY Enter the name and address of your parent Click on Add Proxy Fill out PROFILE – Click Save Fill out AUTHORIZATION – Click Save Click on Return To Menu to log out 

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