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Designed For The American Market BOZZA 08/06/04 C. SALIERNO.

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1 Designed For The American Market BOZZA 08/06/04 C. SALIERNO

2 The new M2 is available in two versions… with our one-step machine, you can produce a cappuccino or latté at the push of a button, while our two-step unit calls for frothing milk separately By offering you options in automatism, you do not need to hire an expert barista in order to prepare an excellent espresso or cappuccino! 1 1 2 1-step 2-step

3 Stainless Steel Finish Available in different finishes in order to satisfy different customer needs, we offer the M2 in polished stainless steel…

4 Machine Performance 200 Shots >11 Gal. 180 Cups The M2 was designed specifically for markets where milk based beverages are heavily consumed, like throughout North America. With enhanced steaming capability, this cappuccino machine is capable of making an authentic Italian espresso! 200 espresso shots per hour, Able to heat over 11 gallons of milk per hour, Hot water tap able to produce 180 cups of hot water per hour

5 M2 Product Description 8 beverage selections 1 stainless steel steam wand - Turbosteam standard on two-step for easy milk frothing 1 hot water faucet A 3-liter Boiler with special software for enhanced steam Adjustable coffee group for different heights - up to 20 ounce cups 2 separate hoppers for different blends of coffee Suitable for use with pre-ground coffee 2 separate grinders

6 A Complete Drink Menu 8 beverage selections will permit you to offer your customers a full range of espresso and milk based dinks, from breakfast beverages to after-dinner cocktails…

7 2 Parts New Automatic Milk Frother Historically, the automatic milk frother has been a primary cause of service calls due to the fact that lack of daily cleaning produces dried milk build-up, thereby clogging the circuit. With the M2, Cimbali introduces: A new design - of only 2 removable parts Very easy to clean and reassemble A new flanged lid A more sanitary solution thanks to an automatic cold water rinse cycle

8 Turbosteam is a unique temperature-sensing steam arm system that simultaneously delivers steam and air, allowing the hands-free frothing of milk without manual intervention. In fact, the delivery of steam and air stops automatically when the programmed milk temperature is achieved, resulting in consistently dense and velvety milk froth at a perfectly consistent temperature. Time consuming Inconsistent results Messy Training required Easy to use & clean Consistent quality Authentic Italian café look & sound Traditional Frothing Turbosteam Temperature Sensor

9 The hot water yield of the M2 is the highest available among competitive machines on the market today, over 7 gallons per hour. By integrating fresh line water with that coming from the boiler, the M2 provides you with a precise water temperature able to meet your specifications, without withdrawing hot steam from the faucet. Hot Water Faucet 180 Cups

10 Never Loose Steam Pressure Again! The M2 will provide you enhanced steam performance with Cimbali’s patented “Smart Boiler” technology. This special software, which keeps the boiler at its maximum steam pressure at all times, ensures no down time during peak business hours. Enhanced Steam Pressure Double walled, copper with nickel plated boiler High wattage heating element

11 The M2 is equipped with two hoppers for two different blends of coffee beans. No longer will beans remain stuck in your hopper, thanks to our new inclined design. This hopper is easy to remove for cleaning, and is equipped with a protection device to prevent from spillage. Prevents Spillage 600 Gr. New and Improved Hopper

12 The M2 is equipped with 2 separate grinders, grinding each single dosage of espresso just before brewing in order to ensure the freshest aroma possible. Dosing is not based on time (which can be inconsistent due to different blends of beans, changes in voltage, etc.), rather controlled by the RPMs of the grinder motor, thereby guaranteeing a consistent amount of grounds used to brew each beverage. Each selection can be programmed to extract both blends of coffee in different percentages: for example you can extract a 50% regular and 50% decaf espresso! Grinding and Dosing

13 Consistently excellent cup quality is dependent on the proper thermal balance of the group, this is why Cimbali chooses groups to produce groups in metal, rather than in plastic By setting the proper group temperature according to your blend of coffee, the M2 is able to extract an excellent espresso! Even in the most improbable and critical of situations it only takes 2 minutes to replace the brew group! Brew Group Consistently Excellent Cup Quality Is Dependent On The Proper Thermal Balance Of The Group

14 Protection From Coffee Grounds Tray Collects Excess Grounds Stainless Panel Around Brew Group Protects Machine From Excess Coffee Grounds By isolating the brew group from other vital machine components with stainless paneling, and making the drip tray easier to remove, excess coffee grounds fall directly into the one-piece reservoir.

15 Electronic Board Completely Isolated From Steam & Water Only one electronic board is used to command the entire machine, making the M2 a very simple and practical solution in superautomatic espresso machines. The electronic board is located under the front panel, making it easily accessible and completely isolated from any steam and water.

16 Programmed Cleaning Cycles The M2 will carry out 5 programmed cleaning cycles: one in the morning, one before closing, and three throughout the day A new addition to our one-step machine, the M2 prevents milk build-up by carrying out a automatic cold rinse cycle, lasting only 12 seconds, and programmed between 10 to 99 minutes after the last milk based beverage is prepared.

17 Available this fall, remote assistance can be provided with your M2. Remote assistance adds value by providing: Immediate reaction: real-time interventions - the machine contacts the Service Agent communicating the exact root cause Cost reduction: reduce fees paid for technician travel time and mileage rates for fine tuning and minor machine adjustments Maintenance: better management of preventative maintenance plans Remote Assistance Program & control the functional parameters: Operating temperature Cleaning cycles On & off time Program each beverage selection: Beverage volume Infusion time

18 Rapid Data Transfer Clearly beneficial for customers with multiple locations, with a smart card you can program most all technical parameters of your machine, and transfer the data from one machine to another… A task which can also be carried out using Cimbali’s remote assistance feature. SmartCard

19 Product Launch Tech. Classes Florida May 10-16 Technical Training NRA Chicago May 22-25 Market Launch Annual Meeting Italy May 3-4 Distributors Initial Launch On test in Europe for over one year, the M2 was officially introduced to our North American Distributor Network during our Annual Meeting in Italy in the beginning of May 2004. Since then, we have conducted three two-day technical training courses certifying nearly 60 technicians and service agents in the United States and Canada. Our machines, already on test in the American market, have recorded several thousand shot cycles, and are proving to be an extreme success!

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