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TEFMA – embedding the opportunities for improvement HEFMA Conference October 2010.

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1 TEFMA – embedding the opportunities for improvement HEFMA Conference October 2010


3 Experience. The difference. City East 7 Buildings 2.43 hectares GFA 54,838 (m2) UFA 34,760 (m2) EFTSL 5612 FTE 474 City West 19 Buildings 2.7 hectares GFA 67,993 (m2) UFA 40,244 (m2) EFTSL 7680 FTE 850 Mawson Lakes 40 Buildings 63.24 hectares GFA 92,608 (m2) UFA 62,899 (m2) EFTSL 3152 FTE 713 Magill 31 Buildings 14.48 hectares GFA 27,190 (m2) UFA 18,812 (m2) EFTSL 4527 FTE 275

4 Experience. The difference. 150 year history 23 international partner institutions 91 student exchange partner institutions The University of South Australia is one of Australia’s most modern and progressive education and research institutions.

5 Experience. The difference. 36156 students 13079international students 2 287 staff members 147000 alumni The University of South Australia is the largest university in South Australia and the fifth largest in Australia.

6 City East - Brookman Building

7 City West Campus – Hawke Building

8 City West Campus – Kaurna Building

9 Mawson Lakes

10 Building V – Mawson Institute

11 ATN

12 Emissions

13 Emissions Reduction Target

14 M 2 & Plasso Materials & Minerals Science Learning & Research Hub


16 Experience. The difference.

17 TEFMA  Origins in 1970’s – University Building Officers Group  Formation of Australasian Region of North American Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA)  Became Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA) in 2003  Membership of:  Majority of AUS & NZ Universities  Number of TAFES/Polytechs  Some membership from HK, Fiji, PNG  Strategic Partnerships with :  Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers – APPA (USA)  Association of University Directors of Estate - AUDE (UK)  Higher Education Facilities Management Association HEFMA (Southern Africa)  CAUDIT (Council of Australian University Directors of IT)  ACTS (Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability)  FMA (Facilities Management Association of Australia)

18  Board of Governance – Pres, Pres Elect, VP, Secretary/Treasurer, 5 Directors, Secretariat  Approx 92 voting members (Institutional Reps) (mainly Directors of FM at TE/TAFE/Poly Institutions)  Approx 1000 members, across a range of professions/skill bases  90 Business partners and sponsors – (grown considerably in last 5 years)  Patron – Prof Daryl Le Grew (UTAS) TEFMA Structure

19 Education \ Professional Development Workshops & Conferences

20 Education \ Professional Development Scholarships CURRIE & BROWN Conference Scholarship Programmed Property Services Grounds Scholarship OPUS Leadership Development Program Scholarship PROSYS Security & Emergency Management Scholarship PROSYS PROSYS Zauner Construction Travel Scholarship THE MAURIE PAWSEY / Schneider Electric TAC Scholarship Davis Langdon / TEFMA HEFMA Scholarship

21 Knowledge Sharing – Publications

22 tefmaRUES Room Utilisation & Efficiency Studies Software

23 Benchmarking


25  TEFMA forming closer links to Universities Australia  Federally – increase student enrolments from lower socio- economic areas and 45% Aussies to have an UG degree by 2020/5  International students continue to be a growth area, but recent community incidents having an impact  EIF (less on backlog funding!!)  Australia’s GFC related stimulus package has impacted HE Sector Issues

26  Opportunities to provide sector wide data with some credible basis, e.g.  Environmental performance (energy, water carbon)  Space Management – improve utilisation  Backlog liabilities  Security Incidents  Planning to expand the range of data and further validate methodology used HE Sector Issues

27 GREEN STAR ‘EXISTING BUILDING’S PROJECT Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) Participation in Industry Advisory Panels

28  TEFMA Benchmark  Aust 2 nd after US on CO 2 emission per capita  Buildings will account for 18% of Australia’s greenhouse emissions in 2010- reported by Climate works Australia  Looking to expand on our existing benchmarks, and align with NGERS – 100Tj and 125K t CO 2 -e – sliding scale going forward*  Looking at potential to create a ‘sustainability star rating’ in the Good Universities Guide * NGER - National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Sustainability

29 Campus sustainability is more than the operational activities and services managed by Facilities and Services. Consequently, the proposed scorecard will measure, not only the carbon emissions, water consumption and waste/recycling, it will:  Weigh the governance and policy infrastructure established to support a sustainable approach  Engagement with the community, including collaborations with students and academics.  Funding in environmental programs/initiatives Sustainability Scorecard Objectives

30  Staff and student awareness/education programs/initiatives  Broader environmental management issues, such as ecological protection (bio diversity); landscape design; well being programs promoting alternative transport; “competitions” to promote campus sustainability; engagement in community events (such as Clean up Australia Day and Earth Hour) Sustainability Scorecard Objectives

31  The key focus for the TEFMA board in 2011 will be to embed the opportunities for improvement by: ◦putting in place a place a sustainable administrative & financial support thus allowing the board to get out of the boiler room and focus on the strategic issues facing FM in the sector. ◦improved delivery of services the membership. (building on the new web environment) ◦continuing to strengthen the Benchmark survey with the addition of appropriate sustainability measures. ◦through greater participation in industry advisory panels. ◦enhancing collaboration with our strategic partners.

32 Thank you for Listening Dominic Marafioti TEFMA President Facilities Manager University of South Australia

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