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Bill O’Mara W4RM Jack O’Mara W4NF

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1 Bill O’Mara W4RM Jack O’Mara W4NF
W4RM M2 Station Bill O’Mara W4RM Jack O’Mara W4NF

2 Overview W4RM Station (Tower and Stations)
Planed Future Station Enhancements Last Years Contest Results Contest Operating Plans

3 W4RM Station Location and Tower
The W4RM M2 Station is built on 10 acres in Nokesville, Va. (35 Miles SW of DC) and 1 air mile north Quantico Marine base on the west side of I95. Currently, the Station has a single 110ft Rohn 55G tower using Phillystrain guy wires located 500ft from the house. Antennas and placement: 125 ft 7ele 6M Force12 Beam 119ft 70ft 80M Force12 rotatable dipole with relay switching for CW and SSB 112ft 3ele 40M (MAG340N) Force12 Beam 104ft C31XR Tribander on a 1032D Tic-Ring rotor 72ft C31XR Tribander on a 1022D Tic-Ring Rotor 40ft C31XR Tribander fix mounted on EU


5 W4RM Station Tower and antennas
The C31XRs are connect to an Array Solutions Stack Match for stacking control Second Feed Line Option allows split of stack All Antennas are feed at the bottom of the tower into an Array Solutions Six Pack antenna controller 160M antenna is a single wire inverted L (80ft vertical) with 32 ground radials and 6000ft of wire 160M receive: A single 580ft NE beverage Top rotor is an M2 Orion RC-2800P The tower is connect to the shack by ft 7/8” hardline runs and one ½” 500 ft hardline run

6 K7SV and W4NF

7 40M, 80M, 6M

8 Two Stack of C31XRs

9 W4RM Tower

10 W4RM Stations The M2 Shack is designed with Two Run stations, One Multiplier Station, one Master computer station The two run stations are identical and consist of the following equipment Yaesu FT-1000MP Alpha 99 Amplifier Pentium Computer running Writelog Six Pack antenna controller MFJ-434 DVK Top Ten Band Decoder Dunestar 600 Band Pass Filter 2 CW paddles (right and left side) LogiKey Keyer Heil Proset

11 W4RM Stations The Mulipler station consists of the following equipment
Yaesu FT-920 Alpha 374A Amplifier Pentium Computer running Writelog Single ½” hardline run to crank-up tower (AB 577) with Force12 C4E Top Ten Band Decoder ICE Band Pass Filter CW paddle, Heil Proset The Master Computer is feed by a Comcast highspeed cable modem, router and 8 port switch This master computer runs VE7CC and connects to K4JA packcluster, filters and feeds all three stations This Master Computer also runs Writelog and acts as the master control point for monitoring band conditions for band changes and monitoring for new multipliers

12 Three Stations for M2

13 W4RM M2 Station

14 Run Station #1

15 Multiplier Station

16 Run Station #2

17 Master Computer

18 Planed Future Station Enhancements
Add third ring rotor to 40ft C31XR Add Second tower (Spring/Summer 2005) 100ft Rohn On Mast - WARC-7 (12,17,30M) Force12 Beam 115ft Two Stack of 15M OWA 6ele 36 foot boom and 67ft fixed on EU Add second and third 160M Inverted L’s to the Triangular array (first one complete) Add 4 four additional 580ft beverages and switching Shack Changes Change out 17” monitors with 19” flat panel monitors mounted on adjustable arms Add roofing filters to FT-1000MP’s

19 Last Years Contest Results
First full year of contest operation from W4RM Operated: Four M2 (CQWW SSB, ARRL RTTY RU, ARRL DX CW, ARRL DX SSB) One Multi Op (Nov SS CW) One SOA, W4NF (Nov SS SSB) W4RM – Operators W4NF, W4RM, K5OF, K1SE, K4VV, AC5RR, W7IY, K5VG, W4DC, WA4TK, KA4RRU, W4DAV, KE4BUS, N8CIA, KG4HTL Bold Calls are new PVRC Members

20 Last Years Contest Results
So, how did we do? All contests combined from Oct 2003 to May 2004 we work over 17,000 QSO !!!! Worked 5 Band DXCC Five band worked all Continents Worked 90 Countries on 160M Worked WAS on CW Worked WAS on SSB And had a lot of FUN!!!!!

21 Last Years Contest Results
W4RM for Contest Season Contest Class Place Standing/logs submitted Score CQ WW SSB M th NA M Top Five in NA K4JA, N3RS, K1KI, N2NT, W4RM ARRL CW SS M th NA, 1st VA, 1st Roanoke 87/ K Only contest outside of the top ten ARRL SSB SS U th NA, 1st VA, 1st Roanoke / K Top Five in NA KP2A, K6LL, K7RL, W4RM 244,800 Points Qs and 80 Sections

22 Last Years Contest Results
W4RM for Contest Season Contest Class Place Standing/logs submitted Score ARRL RU MS nd NA, 1st VA, 1st Roanoke 5/ K (New Div Roanoke record) Top Five in Contest KI1G, AA5AU, K9NS,W1ZT, W4RM ARRL DX CW M th NA / M Top Ten in NA K4JA, K1KI, N3RS, K8AZ, N4RV, W4RM ARRL DX SSB M rd NA / M Top Five in NA K4JA, N3RS, W4RM

23 W4RM vs. K4JA ARRL DX SSB March 2004

24 2004 -2005 Contest Operating Plans
The W4RM Contest Team plans to operate the following contests this contest season: CQWW SSB (M2) ARRL CW SS (Multi-op) ARRL SSB SS (SOHP W4NF) ARRL DX 160M (SO or Multi?) ARRL 10M (Limited effort) ARRL RTTY RU (Multi) ARRL DX CW (M2) ARRL DX SSB (from the Islands, VP2V?) WPX SSB (WM4RM) M2

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