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Friesens Digital Solutions. Friesens Digital B&W.

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1 Friesens Digital Solutions

2 Friesens Digital B&W

3 Digital Black & White Two Nuveras Primarily 4.25x7 to 6x9 Can run up to 8.5x11 50lb Hibulk white & cream 50 & 60lb #2 white offset 55lb natural, 57lb white (100% PCW) Perfect bound / Sewn Typical production 200-1,000

4 Friesens HP w7200 installation

5 HP Indigo W7250 Digital Press Overview 1. Attention lights 2. External blanket heating 3. Charge roller 4. Binary inking developers (BIDs) 5. Rewinder 6. In-line densitometer (ILD) 7. Internal buffering system 8. Buffering Control Unit 9. Touch-screen interface 10. One-shot process 11. Ink cabinet 12. In-line priming unit (ILP) 13. Unwinder 14. Blanket cleaning station 15. Impression cylinder 16. Blanket cylinder 17. High-speed writing head 18. Imaging oil recycling system

6 Digital Color HP w7200 web-fed digital colour and b+w Sizes range from 4.25x7 to 9x12 Paper capability range: 27# text to 130# cover Electrostatic ink generates offset-like quality CMYK & GRACOL 7 certifiable Typical production 100-750 Perfect bound or sewn

7 Digital Color New for 2014 A 2 nd HP w7200 web-fed digital colour and b+w Hunkeler sheeting equipment –Was originally a part of the first HP Indigo –Has been set apart to speed production times –Currently testing to increase the available trim size range





12 “If our customers are successful, then so will we be successful.” - D. W. Friesen

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