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PERMANENT PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGING IN CONCRETE 4568 FM 1187 Burleson, Texas 76028 (817) 561-2001 Larry Vines, President Formerly Intaglio.

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1 PERMANENT PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGING IN CONCRETE 4568 FM 1187 Burleson, Texas 76028 (817) 561-2001 Larry Vines, President Formerly Intaglio Composites

2 As part of the South town Area Street Improvement project, PhotoCrete USA recreated a sidewalk with images significant to the oldest neighborhood in San Antonio, TX. Anne Wallace, an independent artist was selected by the city to consult on artistic and design enhancement features for the various ongoing city improvement projects, and chose to incorporate our photo- engraved process our as part of that enhancement. "I am excited to see the finished work next month as this will be the first official use of this process in Texas. I believe the impact of this process will have far reaching implications for both the design community as well as the historical community." Anne stated.

3 San Antonio Sidewalk Inlays The Pig Stand The Ellison Family Old Black Couple The Fruit Stand Mt. Zion Church

4 PhotoCrete USA delivered four three section pavers for the pedestrian entrance of the historical downtown area in Bellflower, California. The 6’ X 7’ section pavers display early photographic images of the city’s first Western Union Office established in 1930, the L.A. County Fire Department No. 23 established in 1920, and the 1950 Nubel Theatre.

5 The Nubel Theatre 1950 Western Union Office 1930 L.A. County Fire Department No. 23 1920 Bellflower, CA 6’X7’ Section Pavers

6 Bellflower 6’X7’ Three Section Pavers

7 Jeffrey Open Space Trail Our photo-engraved pre-cast panels line a 40 ft. semi-circular seat wall located off the new three-mile Jeffrey Open Space Trail, in Irvine, California. These pre-cast concrete seat backs, designed with historic photos, narrate the Irvine Family history with an imaged timeline of the city’s founders and early influences that shaped the regions development. Project Profile Project Name: Jeffrey Open Space Trail seat wall, Irvine California Owner: City of Irvine, California Landscape Architect: SWA, Laguna Beach California Contractor: Valley Crest Landscape Development, Calabasass, California Pre-Cast Manufacturer: PhotoCrete USA, Burleson, Texas


9 Photographic PhotoCrete Irvine, California

10 Final inspection at manufacturing facility Irvine, California


12 JOST Seat Wall Irvine, California

13 In June, 2004, the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., began a major exhibition on concrete architecture: Liquid Stone: Architecture in Concrete, focusing on concrete’s essential function in architectural expression. At the request of the NBM, PhotoCrete USA and the NYC design firm PURE + APPLIED prepared a special piece for inclusion, “Bricklayer in Motion,” by Edweard Muybridge, who is known for his innovations in sequential photography. Designer Paul Carlos chose this specific print by Mr. Muybridge, “because his is considered one of the founders of scientific photograph, and we wanted to apply one of his works to the relatively new technology of photo-engraved concrete. We chose photography and concrete because they brought about the modern world that we live in and hopefully the audience will make these connections.” Due to an overwhelming response, Liquid Stone: Architecture in Concrete is currently running on its second extension. PhotoCrete Eadweard Muybridge PhotoCrete Bricklayer in Motion

14 PhotoCrete Planter PhotoCrete USA offers a line of benches, pavers, and planters for placement of design(s). PhotoCrete Bench

15 PhotoCrete Planter

16 Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie, Texas Sample PhotoCrete Pavers

17 Original Photo PhotoCrete Composite This Cattle Photo consists of four 16” tiles that create one large image PhotoCrete Demonstrates Use of Tiling

18 PhotoCrete USA’s photographic composites are composed of a high-performance Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) to achieve: *Design Flexibility *Higher Strength *Increased Density *Lower permeability *High quality surface finish And to eliminate the need for surface touch-ups without compromising the concrete’s *Cohesiveness *Compression strength *Durability Our system delays the formation of the cement mold where the image is located. This results is an exposed aggregate surface which becomes the image. The quality of the photographic transfer depends on the *Contrast *Clarity *Quality of the submitted image(s). Although nothing is required, we do recommend the use of high-performance fully penetrating siloxanes for maximum weathering and protection.

19 Lantana, Texas

20 BlueBonnet Park Ennis, Texas

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